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  1. Congrats to all who recieved this amazing mystery coin. May it help you keep your sanity in this crazy world.
  2. Thanks For the advice everyone. It is good to be back. Pastor B I am hoping to get some time to go through your list this weekend. Jack Hoe your also will be looked at this weekend.
  3. How do I buy one of these amazing coins.
  4. Thanks Drneal .......was not sure anyone would remember me. I hated to have to sale but sometime u have to do stuff. I kept a couple mystery coins and a couple of gifted coins and other than that I am pretty much starting from scratch again.
  5. No sweetlife.....she lost her battle, at 52 years old,with cancer on Feb 12 2013.......it has taken me awhile to get back to doing the things we enjoyed together, caching was one of those things. Coins to use went hand in hand with caching.
  6. Thank you Maine Family I got it......Thanks for alloeing me join.
  7. Thanks Redshoesgirl, I will look into that auction site. I like all kinds of coins, but I really like coins with the pirate theme that I have seen.....I did keep three with that theme from my collection before.
  8. Unfortunately Crowesfeat30 I will not be at Geowoodstock.
  9. Thanks for all the help folks but the users wonderful children just bought him a garmin 450 to use strictly for geocaching, now if the user can get sometime off work he will cachimg again after a long absence due to a family members battle with cancer........Thanks again for the help. Tom
  10. Hi all I am back after a long absence. I am looking to restart a collection. I had a nice start at one time but when my wife was diagnosed with cancer I needed to sale off most of them for some extra cash. I only kept a few that were gifted to me a couple years ago. What I was wondering is where is the best place to buy coins. My wife loved looking at the coins and I wpuld like to build a collection that she would have been proud of, any suggestions on where to putchase or the best way to get started again would be great. Thanks in advance for the help.
  11. How do I go about getting on this new list?
  12. Got the 450 I have downloaded 50 caches into it .....now I just need time off from work to go caching.
  13. Thanks for all the responses I ordered 450 dont need the camera of the 550....I always take my dslr everytime I go out I think the 450will fit my needs perfect......Thanks again everyone.
  14. So either the garmin 450 or 550 and I am going to take a look at the exploristgc.
  15. Hi all I am looking for a Gps to be used strictly for geocaching and would like everyones opinion.....I would like to keep it at 300$ or less?
  16. North Fork Seeker

    gps 550t

    I am looking to buy a gps dedicated mainly to geocaching and was wondering what everyones thought were on this unit.......or what unit you guys would recommend?
  17. What do I change the compatiability too......I have no idea how to use pocket queries......what program pits them on to the pn40 then.
  18. I have recently purchased a new computer with windows 8 and when I try to download caches to my gps it says the computer can not find the delorme plugi. I have downloaded it 2 times and still cant transfer to my Gps. any ideas or suggestions would be great.
  19. Now I have recieved the geocoins I bought , next question is should I activate them or leave them unactivated? I know folks will say that is up to the owner but I was looking for pros and cons for or against activating.
  20. Missed the first version but I got the Blue version. I f anyone has an extra green I would love to have one either buy or trade. I am trying to make a list of my collection now it is only about 15 coins strong,so far.
  21. That is a nice looking coin. That would be nice to add to a collection. once I build up some inventory to trade with I would love to have one.
  22. well, don't keep us in suspense...which geocoin did you select as your 1st addictive hit?! Well I am not sure what the first one is i bought one of the bags from Arvoir. but I am going to place an order for the pirates pieces of Eight from the geocoin store and two of the other pirate theme coins they have out. figure that should be good to add to what folks donated to my son when he tried to collect them a couple years ago. i see a pirate theme developing here. cool. you should have quite a few nice pirate and treasure themed geocoins to find and collect. enjoy the madness! I also like the celtic designs so there will be a few of those in my collection I am sure.
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