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  1. Paul, I'd be happy to take over three of them that I can think of including; Lorem, The Precise Career, and the two-stage multi you have on the north side of Massabesic (not a puzzle but I'm guessing that's not important). I've done all three of those so am familiar with them.
  2. Bumping post; still looking for this coin.
  3. Hello all; I am looking for a couple of the Project A.P.E "Admit One" coins. I am interested in an unactivated gold version of course but would consider an unactivated silver one. I am hoping to get a second coin for a friend and this one could be in either finish and activated would be better as he activates all his coins anyway. I'm looking to purchase rather than trade and will pay a fair price but can't afford to send your kids through college. If you have one I can work with please contact me.
  4. I spotted the caches for Sgt. Stevenson and Mikes Memorial and we'll be visiting those for sure. I just booked our rooms at the Little A'Le"inn. I am unexpectedly getting some great feedback on "things to see" while caching. Some of what you have listed I have already pinned in Google Earth but the others I will look into as soon as I post this. Thank you for your help. I've been thinking that when we return, I will post a list of things I learned and points of interest that we visited for future seekers of fame and fortune and gargantuan find numbers. BTW, What do you mean by "grilling"?????????
  5. Never thought about a can opener. I'd attach it to my wrist with a lanyard. Find something soft so that doesn't become a problem itself.I was thinking about what one could wrap around a churchkey can opener as protection, but then thought that perhaps wrapping your thumb (e.g., with the self-grip tape used by blood centers to hold the gauze bandage on your arm) might be more practical and effective. (Personally, I'd just stop opening dozens of film canisters an hour, but...) Just wear a pair of leather gloves. Don't need to overengineer this thing. I awful with gloves, even with my skin tight Mechanic's Wear gloves. I would never be able to get the logs out of the film cans. Excellent point. I hate wearing gloves but was thinking about doing so for this trip but my gloved paws would never be able to manipulate the paper logs out of the film canninsters fast enough.
  6. BBWolf&3pigs: in my experience, the group of people I was with made a good trip great. If I did that PT solo I would definitely not have had the enjoyment from it that I did. But also, there are special memories associated with that trip because we got so many. Part of the fun was trying to find ways to beat the clock. We as a team worked together toward a common goal. Parts of our strategy was as simple as understanding the roads we were traveling, what side of the street each one was on, bringing lunch so we wouldn't have to return to town and interrupt our flow, and changing out players periodically. One of our mistakes was to have two or three of us jump at each cache. Before you knew it everyone was getting tired. We should have alternated and should also have used a stamp. We used a group name but signed each one by hand. Probably took a few seconds extra per cache (we at least did use a group name). Caching through multi-states would be cool to do also and be just as enjoyable in different ways, but in that case you're not trying to emulate some sort of pit crew, you're probably more trying to lay out your best route.
  7. I've done one power trail with a group totalling five cachers and I netted 143 finds over about 12-hours. I can understand some people's apprehension for the concept of PTs and in their thinking that it's not real geocaching, but honestly it was one of my best caching experiences. I am currently at around 2850 finds and have done the long hikes and mountain top thing, I have solved difficult puzzles and I have found containers that were hidden by sadistic hiders. All of these experiences have added something special to my overall caching career. On the day I made 143 finds, we as a group had a GREAT time chatting and "jumping" and When I was done I thought "there is no way you can do more caches than that without sleeping at cache#1. Obviously, you can if you know what to do; hence my original post. After E.T., power trail caches will make upit the majority of my total find count (expecting to get ~2200 during our visit), but it will only be a small part of my overall experience of caching. One of the aspects I found intriguing with the one power trail that I DID do was in trying to shave off time from each cache - a challenge of sorts. Cutting off just 60 seconds from each of 600 caches equates to three hours of saved time over just one day. I am hoping to get helpful feedback on how to make this trip more efficient and more successful. It was not my intent to bring up the question of whether PTs are good or not. I appreciate the additional suggestions of things to do besides the PT caches and will take those to heart but I'd like to have a thread that others could use for finding methods of efficiency to make their own trips more successful. Like one tip I read saying to bring a can opener to open each film cannister, as the covers will tend to dig into your flesh affer doing so many hundreds.
  8. "Mountain Money" - way too funny. Looking forward to introducing that new term to the crew.
  9. I'm known for writing long, detailed logs. Likely won't do that for the ET Trail itslef unless some specific reason warrents, but we've already discussed individual logs for the others and I can't agree more.
  10. Six grown men might make good use of improvised latrines (every couple of miles), great tip. Will bring along the other items listed as well.Thanks for the input.
  11. I'm planning a trip to Nevada's E.T. Highway this spring (April). We've found some helpful advice like having a stamp made to save you from hand-signing each of 2000-3000the logs and some other helpful hints from places like http://www.ETGeocaching.com but does anyone else have any words of wisdom that they would like to share? And does anyone know how many hours to plan to walk the Alien Head and Space Ship? There will be six guys in the group. We're hoping to get 2500-3000 finds over the five day adventure.
  12. Update: Cache was published and has since had a FTF. Congratulations to Solid Rock Seekers on solving the puzzle AND finding the cache by 4:20 AM (cache published about 11:00 PM the night before).
  13. Just submitted Auburn Sea for review. It will be located in New Hampshire, near Lake Massabesic. Spoiler video of final container and how to open this puzzle box: .
  14. I am putting on a demonstration soon and wanted to find out where the name "bison tube" came from. A Google search led me to this forum thread and I was please to find a link to Bison Designs that sounded like the answer I was searching for, but I can find no bison tube product line on their site. This thread is not some 5-years old so I'm guessing that the product MIGHT have originaly been made by this manufacturer but was copied by some outside vendor and is now no longer made by Bison Designs. Anyone know if this is the case or if there is some other origin for the name? Thanks, Nashuan
  15. Yesterday, New Hampshire was hit by an autobot named "Autojoey" which logged thousands of bogus finds throughout the state before Groundspeak suspended the account. Apparently Vermont was similarly hit the day before. The autobot activity would post "found it" logs with a link that you could click and would then be taken to a Wikipedia page that contained malware which kicks you off web sites where you log onto with a password. This morning I woke up to find that two caches on my watch list has messages (instead of "found it" logs) posted to them by "Autobot named "ETLogEater" posting messages to NH caches today". They were "Musqwash Gas Saver http://coord.info/GC26PBM and on "Know Your Local NH Cacher Challenge" http://coord.info/GC26PNF. I have contacted the CO, but as it is currently 4:26 AM, it may take some time for him to see it. If anyone sees messages from this "ETLogEater", don't click on the associated links. None of my own caches or others from my watchlist have been affected yet, but we might be seeing another wave until Groundspeak can suspend this "user's" account. If the forum moderator could forward these concerns to the appropriate people, I'd appreciate it and maybe we could shut down the account before thousands of additional logs need to be deleted by the cache owners.
  16. Thanks all for reading my post(s) and thanks Out12 for the extra helping of encouragement. Yesterday, I completed this 5/5 cache (as my 1700th find!) with nine other cachers plus the Cache Owner and his son came along to make sure we didn't get into any trouble. It was a great outing with a great goup of cachers. See my log entry here Yes, as it turned out, British Coords were not needed to solve the puzzle, though I am still interested in knowing how to use them. I understand that they are used primarily in England, but Groundspeak provides a set of numbers that are called British coords and they have to have gotten those numbers from somewhere. Some how you have to be able to interpret what they (-5123530 2244639 in this case) mean and how they would bring you to Pepperell, Mass. in the U.S..
  17. I resolved the coords needed for WP1 a short time after posting this message (been working on them for over a year - figures LOL). They had nothing to do with the British Grid, but I wanted to know how to use that system anyway and so posted the question here. If the numbers are available on geocaching.com's site, you would think that they could be used somehow in a common mapping program. Yes, it seemed like the information I was finding online kept pointing to this coordinate system only being useful in the UK. Thanks for the help.
  18. Worsed container I've ever found was off the edge of a cemetary in a Listerine pocket pack like this that dispenses those breath tabs. Not only was the log soaked (incredibly had already been in place for years with several complaints that the container was inappropriate for geocaching) but who would place such a container in a stone wall in a cemetary to begin with? Heck, I love that someone brought me to the really nice old cemetary with headstones going back hundreds of years, but the impression I walked away with was that geocaching = trash. Not the kind of image we should be putting forward.
  19. Great Job! I've been working on something similar but can't get the bugs worked out.
  20. I am working on a puzzle cache Ugly's Cache and as it has a 5/5 rating you can imagine that it is difficult to solve by design. Without giving away too much information on a public forum, I've been able to translate the puzzle on the cache page but this alone does not give you your final answer. effectively, It's a puzzle within a puzzle. I am wondering if the numbers I've come up with from my initial translation correspond to a different type of coord system and where the "posted coords" are located on the cache page, I clicked the "other conversions" button to see if the numbers I came up with were close. In fact, the ones shown under the headding "British Grid" Link to "other conversions" page might be workable. I copied the numbers listed (-5123530 2244639) to my clip board and then pasted them to several programs such as Google Earth, hoping that they would bring me to the posted coords but I always get an error message saying the program does not recognize the format. Does anyone know how to plug these numbers into a mapping program? They should bring you to Pepperell, Massachusetts in the U.S.
  21. The last time I ordered coins was sometime around the AEToys disaster, but having just put out an Alice In Wonderland series of caches in the New Hampshire area (called "Alicetoid" caches as each cache log is located in an Altoid can) I just had to place an order for these beauties. They look great - can't wait to see them up close and personal.
  22. Thank you. I've downloadded both cachesense and blackstar and will try them both.
  23. I just got a Blackberry - my first smart phone. I love that I have access to cache pages in the field now except that when I click "View map" it doesn't load. I get a headder indicating that its retrieving the map and see the circular icon, suggesting that some virtual gopher is hard at work, but the map itself never loads. I've let the phone try to continue loadding the image for 20-minutes and tried choosing the smallest of the three possible map sizes in case that helps, but still no dice. I did load some kind of Google mapping software which now allows the smaller map to the right side of the cache page to show, but that one only shows the one cache in question and not the others around it; plus I am quite limited to how much I can zoom in on that one. Any help?????
  24. I got my first smart phone recently - a Blackberry Bold. When I go to a cache page and click "view map" to see all the caches in that area, the map doesn't load. I get the little title box that says it's loadding the map and the little circular icon that indicates the site is trying to open. It, but it doesn't ever open - no matter how long I wait.
  25. I would like to post my interest in adopting NH#1 - Mine Follies. This cache is located very close to my house in Nashua, NH and is the oldest one in New Hampshire. It is listed as being owned by "Paul Lamere", who has had his email address disabled so I can't contact him directly other that by posting a note to the cache page itself. The C.O. apparently hasn't logged a find under that name since 2002, but it appears that he has checked in on the page on 1/8/10. The cache was muggled recently and I was able to get a new one in place the next day. There are some caches that might be better served if archived, allowing a new owner to step in and perhaps give the cache better attention, but in this case, where we are dealing with one of historic significance (currently 593 finders since 10/29/2000), archiving this one to make room for another destroys the ongoing history.
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