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  1. If you're doing the Pickled Pepper series (38-40) you can get the Pickled Pepper Series Finale which is just a bit further up the same road. (You'll need to get info from the other 3 caches first.)
  2. Couple found dead in national forest committed suicide
  3. Thank you so much for letting us know!
  4. The forums have been removed for now, but the COWWS website is still up.
  5. Yes, for GW VIII it was a committee of 4 that decided. Each year has been different, I am sure. We started off with a "you design" the GW VIII coin right here in the forums. We got quite a few great designs, but in the end, it ended up being a TSun and I (Joey) design. We had a look we wanted to go with for the whole Pacific NW theme and the two of us came up with what you see. I think the part that was the hardest was coming up with a design that the general public would appreciate.
  6. Most Cachekinz share the same icon. There are some that have their own, like the Geowoodstock VIII Salmon and Ravens (no longer available) and the WSGA's APE Cachekinz. (still available, I think)
  7. Give LACKEY a try. (just a guess)
  8. corrected profile link TripCyclone's Profile Page
  9. Would picking up at Geowoodstock be an option? I'm fairly sure I'll be there ALL day.
  10. jholly has a bookmarks of the caches, AWFCM and ACM. If you're a premium member, you can download a pocket query for them at the bottom of the bookmark list.
  11. Hey there! We are still looking for Volunteers! For all information on the different stations we are needing help with, just click on the link. Click Here
  12. I saw a picture of this on facebook and had to come find out more. Very nice, congrats to the new owners!
  13. We have 2 of these and love them. Easily portable, not expensive and great for calm water areas. Ours has 5 different air chambers to fill up so if you get a hole in one area, you'll still float. http://www.coleman.com/coleman/colemancom/...ategoryid=10085
  14. It happens to me also on the pc using Chrome. http://blog.geocaching.com/
  15. Hey all! If any of you are interested in volunteering, please send an email to cowws.net@gmail.com and let us know! THANKS!
  16. The Groundspeak store has some
  17. They are working on an Android app and are currently doing beta testing. There's a thread in the iPhone forum about it here, http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...t&p=4345193 "We were originally working with an outside development company to port our iPhone application to the Android platform. For a variety of reasons, we made the decision to bring the final stages of refinement and pre-launch development exclusively in-house approximately two weeks ago. We have one mobile development team and they are currently focused on the Android release and the iPhone V4.0 release. Although we are planning to work on an iPad version, it is not our focus at this time and geocaching application resources are solely being allocated to iPhone and Android."
  18. Not in Astoria, but across the river is Room With A View and what a view from that room. Definitely worth the side trip. One of our favorites!
  19. The game for the gold poker geocoins is on the 12th of June, so they should be put up for sale that night or the day after.
  20. Hey there, I copied and pasted what I wrote in the GW Forums: Hi Robdogg, As in all GeoWoodstocks in the past, this is a VERY big meet and greet! And, yes, that will still be the case this year, but we will definintely have other activities through out the day at Remlingers. There will be a ton of kids activities, bounce houses, games, possibly face painters, etc. As for the adults, we will have some form of GPS games, a bingo style "get to know geocachers" game, there will be seminars, a Texas Holdem poker event is already in the works and if you want to play poker, check out the poker thread and get signed up. Its a lottery and the organizers will be drawing names to determine the 40 players. Don't forget we will have quite a few vendors selling coins, tshirts, and geobling of all sorts. So, basically, you will never be bored!! Hope this helps answer your questions!
  21. I just did my first Wherigo cache this weekend using my Moto Droid and OpenWig. Can't wait to give this a try!
  22. Hey there! Yes, there are now two different styles! The Salmon Tag and Raven Tag. Just click HERE and order. Thanks!
  23. Put me down for 5! I was just telling someone about your coins when we saw you at the event. A geocoin that looks like a quarter.....brilliant!
  24. A lot of people have been asking about the red geocoin from the first game. There's one now available on ebay! http://item.ebay.com/160430043905
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