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  1. No I don't see anything that says "unverified" Thanks and I will email HQ for some help. I tried to post a picture twice and get this message " Cache settings.jpg 2.5 mb · Upload Failed"
  2. Please help Would anyone know why I am not getting any emails when a cacher finds one of my caches. Also my pocket queries do not get emailed to me after I run them. I do get some emails like the " Dads'grads'plaids...and frogs! " on 5-26-21
  3. I'll pick the Pittsburgh Penguins.
  4. legolaws PM sent and couple coins bought Hope you get your new lens soon. Thanks
  5. The second one has some of the older cachers and the newer ones. If you still do coins you might want to be on the list. If you send me your email address I can send the invite and you can decide. Could I have an invite also please ? I am on the old list
  6. I am in will start it off in a TB hotel in WV
  7. I was just looking for this yearly event to post my can't attend for this year as I am not going to make it to MWGB this year due to health problems I hope you feel better very soon Neal. Gona miss seeing everyone and trading coins always a fun time as part of MWGB.
  8. Not going to make it to your get together this year as I am not attending the Bash this year I hope that everyone has a great time,see you all at next years bash.
  9. So I get back from GWIII and I start unpacking my coins and pathtags and then I find a Super coin mixed in my bag with my trades Thanks so much for the great looking coin to add to my collection You made my day Thanks Again !
  10. Same problem for me I can not get PQ's to open or download.
  11. I would activate it (since it is lost )
  12. What a nice coin to get and CONGRATS ! !
  13. Sure I'll be there had fin at last years event
  14. I have an extra one email sent
  15. Great I'll be there as it is right next to my daughter she lives in Martinsburg WV and I make the trip every other month to visit her and her husband.
  16. I also found a black bubble mailer in my mailbox and it made my day Thanks so much for an other great mystery coin for my collection ! I am always amazed with the kindness of the mystery coiners Thanks again for a nice looking coin !
  17. I would like to add the Obey 2012 Geocoin from the New Zealand Obey event to my collection I have lots of trade coins and lots of older coins to trade. Send me your seeking list so I can make an offer to you !
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