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  1. Got your email Sarah, have just sent my details....Cheers!!!!!!
  2. Oh dear I haven't been on here for a little while and knew nothing about these beautiful coins until this afternoon. Email sent..... and keeping everything crossed here that I'm not too late!!
  3. Email sent: 29/04/09 Name received: Yep, got my person's name this morning (06/05/09). Thank You! Mission sent: Yep!!!!!! Posted off today! (Saturday 30th May). Apologies for being just about right on the deadline for mailing it off...it's not got too far to go though. Mission received: Yes!!!!! I collected a lovely decorated package from the Post Office depot this morning, (it had actually arrived at the beginning of the week but we were out and she left a card to collect it). I received the most lovely mission package from usyoopers, beautifully decorated and full of lovely things. Such a lot of thought went into putting it all together, and I love everything. Thanks so much folks. Pictures to follow shortly!!
  4. Email sent: 29/04/09 Name received: Yep, got my person's name this morning (06/05/09). Thank You! Mission sent: Mission received:
  5. Trade made for a Tahitian turtle, thanks so much Turlutortue!!!!!!!
  6. That's really sad news......especially after reading a while back that he had been doing not too badly. Our thoughts are with him and his family.
  7. I went and missed it lol........it completely slipped my mind!! It wasn't until I woke up this morning that I remembered. Originally I had planned to stay up and have a go, but I went to bed forgetting all about it! It's not so bad though because I only wanted one of the Tahitian turtles for myself, and I'm sure that Tsun mentioned that there would be a remint of them at some time in the future. So, hopefully all isn't lost. I'll just have to set a stack of alarms next time the sale is on!!!!!!
  8. Hello there GeoCharmer81, welcome to the forums! My Mum is 81 and we sometimes take her along caching too, she can't walk so well these days but just loves to be along for the ride and is fascinated by the whole idea of caching. I have to say that I love that wee ryhme of yours "KEEP SPREADING THE KOI JOY".....brilliant lol!! and......CONGRATULATIONS ELLI!!!!!!! I'm so chuffed for you!!!!!!!! Thanks again to "The Wishing Coin" for brightening up so many folk's days!
  9. I've been playing catch-up up on here this morning and have only just read about Dakota. I'm so sorry to hear that she has had to go through such huge operation ..great to hear that she's pulling through now though. I hope that it's all good news for her from now on Tsun, and that she's back to her old self and playing with Tristan again as soon as possible. Ali
  10. Lorca.nl....thank you (and here's a big hug from Scotland ) Congrats to all the new Koi Keepers too (I still have to pinch myself here!!). "Wishing Coin"....thanks again for spreading all this happiness! There seems to be nothing but doom and gloom on the news these days...and it's a real boost to come on here and read all these messages.
  11. That was such a tragedy to have happened yesterday. Heartfelt condolences to you Geo.Error, and indeed to all the Netherlands members on the forums.
  12. This sounds like a really nice one to join in on....I love flowers. Email sent: 29/04/09 Name received: Mission sent: Mission received:
  13. Yes, I love it. It's the dumpster behind the Gas station!! I foresee a series here, how about the next one being near the toilets/garbages at rest stops? The worst micro we ever looked for was near some toilets.....men's toilets LOL. I felt so embarassed hanging around there and it took ages to find because the co-ords were so off!!!!!!! Great looking coin and one that makes you smile!!
  14. I honestly can't believe that I've received this beautiful coin in the post this morning too!!!!! Ever since I first saw, and read about "The Wishing Coin" on here I've loved it.....but I never, ever thought for a single second that one day I would have one of my very own!! Mine is number 077, and these gorgeous Koi are going to be so treasured here. I absolutely love the words on it too...beautiful. It really does make you feel like you are walking on air when you get a wonderful surprise like this, completely out of the blue. Thank you so much once again "Wishing Coin" for thinking of me!!! Still having to pinch myself to believe this!!!!!!! Such a lovely surprise and a very special wee coin, I'm so touched by your kindness.
  15. Oooh, I like the sound of that!! I love"The Story of the Brownie"....and my gran was born at "Pendreich" farm.
  16. 1. Participating - Email sent 17/02/09 2. Received Name - Yes! Name received 01/03/09, thanks M! 3. Mission Complete - Yep...parcel posted off on Saturday 28th March. 4. Mission Arrived! - Yes! Received an envelope from the Netherlands with "Easter Mission" written on it. Inside were two lovely coins (a Medusa Coin and a Dutch Micro)....thank you very much "mystery sender" from the Netherlands! My parcel was posted off on Saturday (28th March) to another European country so it should get there in plenty of time. My "person" had no wishlist so I really hope that they like the coins I chose to send them . After trekking back through their messages in the forums I did manage to discover that they like chocolate though.....so I hope they still do!!
  17. Congratulations Rob!!!!! I've never seen this HGF coin before.....talk about beginner's luck!!!!!!!! It's beautiful, love the Saltaire on the back!!!! This must surely be a new HGF mystery coin?????? Has anyone else ever seen this one before? This is quite exciting though because you are just along the road from us and this must mean that the HGF has been visiting the "Wee County" again!!!!! I'm so chuffed for you Rob.....that must have given you such a boost with you not feeling too good. I've said it before and I'll say it again....there really must be a little bit of magic involved in the mystery coin givers' timing....they always seem to arrive just when folks need their spirits lifted. Great work yet again HGF!!!!!!!!
  18. 1. Participating - Email sent 17/02/09 (hope it's not too late ) 2. Received Name - Yes! Name received 01/03/09, thanks M! Time for a bit of detective work now! 3. Mission Complete 4. Mission Arrived!
  19. My two glass coins arrived today as well, but the picture I took of them was nowhere near as good as Tooey's one above, so I'll just latch on to your post T!!!!!!!!! Absolutely gorgeous....love them!!!!! Many thanks once again forthferalz & Pabloturtle!!!!!
  20. My coins arrived safe and sound this morning and they are absolutely beautiful. I love the colour, shape and feel (yes......feel!) of them lol! Thanks again forthferalz for all the time and effort that you've put into getting this project off the ground and also to Pabloturtle for posting them out and the shipping notifications etc. They really are very special indeed......excellent work folks!!!!!!!
  21. Team Inc.....none of your caches are on our ignore list, they're on our "caches to do when we're feeling fitter" list!! . I suppose really though.... we should be changing that to "caches to do that would make us fitter" though eh!
  22. Gorgeous pictures here......great thread!!
  23. Great to read that you're feeling better.....and getting back home soon! I hate hospitals, was once told that I'd only be in for 10 days, and ended up being in there for 13 WEEKS... since then I've had "White Coat Phobia". So it's wonderful to read that you're going home!
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