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Heavenly Father,

please hear our prayers for Tony and for everyone else in need. I know that sometimes your plan for us isn't exactly what we have in mind for ourselves, but I know that you love us, your children. Father, I ask for healing for Tony and for peace, strength and understanding for his family in this difficult time, and let them remember that no matter what, you are there with them. Be with them, please, Father, and hold them in the palm of your hand at this time when they are needing you so very much...


In His name,



*sending hugs, prayers, positive vibes and light*


The 501 Gang hopes things turn out alright and will keep you in our prayers and thoughts. Keep us informed on how everyone is doing.

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I heard this terrible news while out today. I have continued to keep him in my prayers. Is there any news? Better news, I hope.

He is in ICU, is unresponsive, and on a ventilator. Tracy is by his side. Thank you for your prayers.


My Grandma had a severe stroke quite a few years back. She too was in the ICU and unresponsive and the docs didn't have much hope. It took a few months or so, but we soon moved Grandma to a home so she could rehab...she couldn't talk, she couldn't swallow...nothing! We got her back home after LONG LONG days (and days and....) of rehab, she was ALMOST herself again! The docs can only guess what might happen next, this stroke business is tough to call!


She had another stroke almost 2 years to the day that she came back to us, this one took her from us. The docs were wrong though, she DID recover and led a very good life for those precious days! I can still hear her call my name...it's sooo sweet to remember!

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Sorry to hear this.


Tony started writing me when I defended him in the forums when he was getting flamed about making a Geocaching Purple Heart coin for folks injured on a cache hunt.


The forum regular supects were giving him grief about it dishonoring real Purple Heart recipients. I and a few others set them straight on our approval of it and that ended the controversy; he was very grateful and we wrote back and forth several times.


He told me he wanted to meet me at GW5; I met he and Traci there and he gave me one of the coins. It was a nice conversation, a personal effort that touched me, and I will always keep that one. It hangs on my wall on the GW5 necklace.


Wonderful people, I wish them both the best.

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Our deepest thoughts and prayers go out to Tony and his family. Hope to hear you get better soon. To bad things have to happen to anyone this time of year. The Holidays make it even harder. Stay strong our friends. We will Keep praying and keep postitive. Were here if there is anything we can do for you.


Barry and Val



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Several of us were with Tony this past weekend and he acted as positive as ever showing his coins and hiking up a mountain to find a ammo box with his youngest boy. Not one of us would of thought anything like this would ever happen to him. While Tank, Tracy and their boys are at such a terrible point in their lives I pray that our thoughts are with him and his family. God be with you and bless you Tank!

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Sorry to hear this sad news.... I have hope as its so close to xmas that sad news shouldn't be allowed to happen.... am thinking of you both!


Positivity goes a long way...






I met Tony back in October at Dawsets Trails and bought a coin from him. Very nice guy. Thoughts and prayers go out for him, his family and friends.

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Wow, what devastating news. I just pray that Tracy can take comfort in knowing that God is sovereign, He can give her and her boys the grace they need to make it through this trial, that the physicians will be used by Him for His perfect purposes, that He will give the physicians wisdom that is beyond their natural abilities, and that He will heal Tank in a way that can only be described as a miraculous God-thing. That's my prayer for my patients when they're going through such difficult times. Having been on the receiving end of so many of these prayers, I can guarantee that every prayer DOES make a difference.

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Although I do not personally know TnT and family, prayers are being said and will be said in Orrington ME and a candle has been lit. There is a higher power!


A hard time of year to be hit with circumstances of illness. Life sometimes does not seem fair. Friends and family help and the Geocaching community is huge. May we all be sitting in spirit beside this family.


God Bless!

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