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  1. We had a great event. Thanks everyone for your coin donations. Jingle Mingle VIII
  2. Coins received. Thanks so much, they will make great prizes.
  3. They'll probably arrive in time, still a few mail days remaining. Sorry to hear about your illness, hope you're feeling better now.
  4. Thanks so much Laval K-9 for supporting the Jingle Mingle. I appreciate it. Address sent.
  5. Thanks so much shep1369, much appreciated. Address sent. did not recieve address. Resent it, thanks again for the donation.
  6. I have coins from the first two in the series. Can't wait to add the third, nice coins.
  7. That's awesome GeocoinGuy, much appreciated. Address sent.
  8. Donation received kini_ont. Thanks very much for your generosity.
  9. Thanks so much steben6 for supporting the Jingle Mingle. I really appreciate it. Address sent.
  10. Howdy Folks I host a Geocaching Christmas event each December. This December will be the eighth year for the event. I was wondering if anyone would like to donate a coin for a door prize. I have been blessed by your generosity the last few years. Thanks. Jingle Mingle VII Jingle Mingle VIII Cheers Allen
  11. Just in case the mystery sender is not part of The Addicted Geocoin Facebook Group, thanks so much for sending me a coin. Greatly appreciated.
  12. Thanks everyone for the wonderful donations. What a whack of coins. I wish I was a dishonest type, I would love to add a bunch of them to my collection. Merry Christmas
  13. Thanks TeamEccs21, coins received. I really appreciate I, they will be great prizes.
  14. I received the coins steben6, I appreciate your generosity. Thank-you. I recognized the address, I sent Oak Island coins that way, twice.
  15. Coins arrived Dofferson, thanks so much for the generous donation. Much appreciated.
  16. It may have, my wife said a package arrived this week. I have been in Montreal this week for business. I'll be home this evening and will post tomorrow.
  17. Folks have been kind and supported my event, I will in return support yours.
  18. More coins in my mailbox today. Donation received kini_ont. Thanks very much for your generosity.
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