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  1. These turtles are absolutely beautiful! And the hoppers are pretty darn cute too, lol. Very well done, Steph
  2. These are a must have for me! Well done
  3. Well, first we could ... no wait, that's been done. Hmmm. Oh! I know! I can, um, er... well, uh... Ah, never mind. I don't have a solution so I'll shaddap arready Tsun, you as well as others make some great coins - pieces of art, as far as I'm concerned. Thank you all for that you do. There, that's my .02 worth
  4. My guess is that unless the coin is permanently attached to the container, and the cotainer chained to a tree or boulder, the coin will disappear Yup, that's my bet
  5. Great looking coin! Especially in antique gold
  6. These are really looking good, Krystal! I'm looking forward to seeing the samples
  7. Yet another Tsun design for which I'm waiting patiently <sigh> LOL
  8. I'll try to remember to do this in the next couple of days. Two great cats adopted my house and still let me live there LOL
  9. Tsun, these look great! I can't wait to them in my hot little hands, LOL. Great job!
  10. I'm really looking forward to seeing this one. Great job!
  11. Another piece of art, Tsun I'm looking forward to this one
  12. Nice! I look forward to seeing more on this one
  13. I hope you're out of jail and feeling better soon
  14. 1. Participating email sent 27 January 2009 2. Received Name 30 January 2009 3. Mission Complete sent 7 February 2009 4. Cupid Arrived! Got it! Thanks for the great mission and the fantastic coins!
  15. 1. Participating email sent 27 January 2009 2. Received Name received 30 January 2009 3. Mission Complete 4. Cupid Arrived!
  16. 1. Participating email sent 27 January 2009 2. Received Name 3. Mission Complete 4. Cupid Arrived!
  17. Great information, folks! Between you all I have answers to some things I've wondered about for a while. I'm going to check out that blog as well as look for more info here Thanks!
  18. Great thread! As do a few others, loll, I love me some dragons! I'll be following this thread as well for the information. I've been kicking around a couple of coin ideas for a while now. Thanks for this, Stephanie!
  19. I still put them out there because I know there are more cachers who enjoy the coins than there are those who steal them. I'll leave the others to Karma
  20. Early on I released coins with nothing. But ai later began drilling a hole and attaching a laminated tag with the mission as well as an explanation about moving it along and not keeping the coin. With those drilled coins, so far, I haven't had any problems.
  21. Invoice received and payment sent
  22. Fantastic design! I'm looking forward to seeing/getting this one
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