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  1. Congrats Fairyhoney! I ran across one of these today as well!!! Was about to leave work for the day and noticed that The Cache Reaper had hit a cache in my neck of the woods located in this really creepy pine forest area. I rode by it on the way home and WooHoo!!! his coin was still there! Thank you Cache Reaper!!!
  2. WOW! I arrived at home today, checked the mail as usual and was totally shocked to find a black padded mailer - W00T!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Geo-Bandit, you totally made my day!!!
  3. I am looking for a 2005 NCGO geocoin. These are non-trackable. Have many coins to offer as a trade, even willing to purchase. If you have one available, please send me an email or PM.
  4. I have a complete set of Dragonfly Talisman coins for trade. If you are interested in any/all, shoot me an email. No PM's please.
  5. Wow, not sure how I forgot to post here, but I actually found one of these while doing some night caching at Geobash. Neat coin and cool hiding spot, had something not caught my eye I would have never noticed it... Thank you Coin Dropping Fairy.
  6. Seeking the 2005 Groundspeak Volunteer coin. Please contact me via email if you have one available for trade. I have many coins I can offer, but trader list is not up to date.
  7. I have this coin available for trade, if interested, contact me via email:
  8. Lot's of great advice here, especially that of Wimseyguy. Creacher's are notoriously grouchy cachers. (and apparently I need to change up my hide methods!) Seriously though, some great advice has been offered. If I walk up on another cacher already in the hunt, I usually just introduce myself and ask if they mind me joining the hunt. Like others mentioned above, I have met some awesome people this way!
  9. Coins are all sold! Thank you folks!!!
  10. Clearing out some coins... All coins are trackable and unactivated. $2 S/H for first coin, $0.50 S/H for each additional coin. Please email me through profile, no PMs. $5 WMA Hunting Vest CoinFest MultiEvent (Aotearoa) CoinFest MultiEvent (Northern California) $6 TN Spinner 2007 (silver) CacheHunter42 (round coin) Geoset Team FishEagle (gold) Cito Around the World (silver) Albertosaurus Artic Nomad (first version) Crikey (Bronze) $7 GCPC 06/07 (Outta this World (alien on coin)) GBES 2007 Team 9er (jeep/silver) Noel Jeep (Burgundy) DNF Duo XLE (copper) Signal Bouncer XLE (copper) Packman5 (bronze) Redneck Riviera $25 Twin Peaks LE (gold)
  11. Same here for the most part. Have done as many as 8:8 before and have no problem trading or receiving multiples for HTF or VHTF.
  12. Oooh, all those discovery logs that drove me nuts are paying off! Thanks for all your HARD work Dan - you did a GREAT job!
  13. Now that's just wrong to tease folks like that.
  14. I am seeking the RED version of the Beaver Dude Goes to GWVI geocoin. Trade list is not completely up-to-date, if you have one available shoot me an email so we can hopefully work something out.
  15. FREE to good home: 1 - Free Die Side coin from Oakcoins Good through 12/31/08 If you can use it, just shoot me an email.
  16. I agree that pre-orders seem to be taking longer and longer and that as customers we seem to receive less and less information regarding these delays. Is it too much to ask from the companies selling these coins to send out email broadcasts (or put up info on their site) explaining the delays, the nature of them, the expected time of the delay, etc? Maybe it is just me, but I like to know these things and when it comes to delays, there is no such thing as "too much information" in my book. Correct me if I am wrong, but when order delays occur, an informed customer is almost always a much happier customer.
  17. Beverly, I hope you enjoy that beautiful coin. I received it over a year ago and had the pleasure of enjoying it while it was in my possession. After the first couple of months of having it upon my computer desk it found it's way into my binder for safe keeping.It seemed like a crime to stay hidden away and it beckoned to roll onward. You have been a steadfast friend ever since I have entered the geocaching world through some very hard times amongst the good, Thank you for always being there. Sincerely, Glenn Bev - congrats on the coin! I have no doubt that you will be on Cloud 9 for several days. Glenn - Welcome back my friend! Your presence here has really been missed.
  18. I have an available Free Die Side coin from Oakcoins. It is good through 12/31/08. Email me if interested.
  19. Congrats DFlye!!! And thanks for sharing the story! I am sure the both of you are still smiling quite a bit after a find like that!
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