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  1. Cool, AG. Thanks for keeping us informed so well! I am looking forward to seeing the geocoins when they get here! Maybe Ivan, George and Cleo will even let me keep them T1
  2. Karma, My bronze geocoin was waiting for me when I got back from my worktrip Friday night. All I can say is, WOW!!! Great geocoin! Thank you so much for doing this one! T1
  3. Got my geocoin today and figured it out - great job on the coin and a lot of fun! Now to see how many of the different Enigma caches I can muddle my way through - even if I may never get to find them T1
  4. Did you ever find this one? If not drop me an email T1
  5. You, Tank and the kids are in our thoughts and prayers, Tracy. We're believing in a miracle for you all. T1 and Family
  6. double post - hopefully that means the prayers got doubled, too T1
  7. Our prayers and thoughts are with Tank and Traci and the family. We wish you all the best and a speedy recovery! T1
  8. Awesome - well, I've been both naughty and nice. Hopefully the nice outweighs the naughty for the list. Looking forward to the stories and pics here! T1
  9. Very cool! For those of us who said "save me a such and such coin" like I did will you bill us or how do we need to take care of it? Thanks! T1
  10. Hmmm - I reckon at the top of my wish I had gotten one list would be the Pug Geocoin - I had a pug years ago and I still miss him T1
  11. These did indeed come out very nice! I can't wait to get it, great job! T1
  12. I definately want a copper of this one, too. Thanks for the cool series! T1
  13. Great pumpkin, JayBee, I love the mustache! T1
  14. Congrats to all the finders - great stories and pics I believe! T1
  15. Wow! When I was grabbing the geocoins and travelbugs that were left over from my breakfast event this morning I found Creepy Crawly Cachers Geocoin #206 in the pile. Awesome geocoin and a total surprise since this wasn't a costume breakfast event Seriously, thank you very much, CCC, for the gift of the geocoin and the spirit in which it was given. Y'all rock the house and are part of what makes geocaching and geocoining great for myself and so many others! T1
  16. Too funny, Creacher!!! I believe! Oh yes, I believe! T1
  17. Congrats, Jen, on y'all finding one and a big "Happy Birthday" to Bella! T1
  18. Congrats to all the finders of this very cool geocoin! Pssst! Atlanta is over this way, please T1
  19. Congrats Team Chelmo on your find! I wouldn't hold him very long though - He may pull a switcheroo on you and turn it into Fairy Gold! T1
  20. That is a great coin! Congrats to all the finders and I'm headed to the nearest punkin' patch now!!! "Oh punkin' patch, oh punkin' patch, how pretty art thy geocoins!" T1
  21. I would like to find a Crystal Fairy Geocoin. My trade list is in my signature but is not totally up to date - email me and let's see if we can make a deal. T1
  22. Thank you very much - it was indeed a great one after all! Joefrog, you and me both, buddy! You and me both T1
  23. Still looking for this geocoin to trade for. T1
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