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  1. I have not changed my password, ever. I am suddenly having this issue as well. There is still no fix for this?
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    I am sorry. I actually thought I posted a note last night. Icons are put up two days a week by Groundspeak. Sometimes we miss the date. Other times we are waiting on icon art from the artist. And yet other times we simply have to dream one up. I am sorry for the delay. I know there are a couple more that have been submitted. I am sure they will be up on Friday. Others are we are still waiting for the art. We appreciate your patience. I sounds like part of the issue was lack of communicational. I apologize for that and hope we will do better in the future. We really do appreciate our customers and want to be sure they are all happy. If it happens you do not get a response try the info@hogwildstuff.org. That will go to be and I will do the best I can.
  3. OH MY! Perhaps green is the new brown and Magenta is the new black in China? I am so sorry about this. I do not get the coins when they arrive and I did not know this was happening. It is Steve's Sabbath and we will not be able to answer this issue until Tomorrow. I just wanted you all to know I am now aware of it and not ignoring the situation. Thanks so much for your patience.
  4. how absolutely adorable! how big are they? rsg They are about 1.75 or 2 in long - not completely sure. I meant to have a coin or pathtag in the picture but I forgot in my excitement. CF30 The gun is 2 inches and the holster is roughly 1.75" I beleive.
  5. I dont see the back here or on the website. Does it have text? Or just an engraving spot? How do you personalize these? Thanks for the information!
  6. I got these in the mail and they are so beautiful in person. The LE was a great vision, Danean. We look at the art day in and day out.. but sometimes when those coins arrive they pop even more than you could imagine. GREAT JOB!!
  7. Hogwild Stuff is down due to a hardware break down on the server providers side. They are working on the issue and we will have us up and running soon. If you are trying to purchase coins or get codes, please keep checking the site. Thanks for everyones patience. The techinical age is wonderful until it fails us!
  8. It's a great looking coin, but I see what you mean and I agree. Why wouldn't the mint do a full run? I was thinking the same thing...If you can do 20 which is more work, I would think they could do 500.
  9. The coins are here and they are beautiful! They can be purchased at Hogwildstuff They come in gold land nickel and are a nice 2" Great job Lori!
  10. Well I have to start out by apologizing to the wonderful Grodan, for taking so long to open my box! Had I known how long it would take to get through all the wrapped goodies I would have started weeks ago! LOL! I was late getting my mission out and I refused to open my arrived mission until I got mine out of the house. Finally, I was able to open the box. My kids have been asking for a couple weeks how long I was waiting "to open that box from Sweden" WOW! It was one full box! All kinds of decorations of snowmen and Santa's! Swedish Chocolate! You can bet we are fighting over that! My daughter insisted on helping me open each goodie. It didn't take long before I noticed she had a little pile to open and I had none! LOL! She had a blast...Said it gave her great practice for the big day. I got so many great coins. The grodan frog, their cat, a big bean, a golden horn and geovan. Not to mention the cool pin and tag. Talk about spoiled! Collette with the Christmas Booty We like Pigs! Thank you so much for great fun! Great gifts and precious time with my daughter!
  11. I would love to see a photo of the new ones.
  12. There is no perfect way to do it. If there was someone would have figured it out by now. LOL! You just do the best you can. Though at the times things happen we all vent and are frustrated I think once we calm ourselves down, we know that there is just only so much you can do. Guessing demand is not easy. Easy for us to tell you what to do.... we don't absorbe the loss!
  13. This is the first we are hearing of the problem.... Hogwild Stuff will of course work with our customer to take care of this issue. My coin is in my purse and gets banged around daily and is doing fine. Hopefully it is just a small few that are having this issue.
  14. I was so wrong - I RETRIEVED THE COIN from Castle on the River (GC1CWYW) The coin had been dropped and then picked up by someone but never recorded. After not finding the coin in this cache and it having not been retrieved, I was extremely disappointed that I missed my chance to see this coin. But since it had been several days and no one had retrieved it, I sent out a few e-mails and located the coin. Sure enough, it had been picked up by a little cacher as a swag. I got an email back that “The Mommy” was going to return it to the cache. So I met her in the parking lot Saturday morning as she returned the coin. In order to give them a chance to retrieve the coin and collect the icon, I waited 24 hours to record the find. I HAVE THE COIN. It is fantastic. One of the pins holding the globe is broken but still this is truly an amazing coin. I never really dreamed that I would even get to see one but now I have it. I was so afraid that it had been so close and then lost. This is such an AWESOME coin even in 2 parts. I will be hanging onto it for a while to show it off to anyone that wants to discover it. THANKS for sending them into the wild. WOW! I find this troubling. That "little cacher" should have bee allowed to keep that coin. I hope you told them that it was an option. I would hate to think you just stole candy from a baby.
  15. The Nutcracker Ballet is on of the greatest Christmas traditions. It is timeless music and a timeless story. This coin was conceived by The World’s Worst Cacher and turned into reality by Jamie of www.madhattersneverland.com. The coin is a very tall 2 inches. They are offered in Black nickel Nickel Gold Imitation hard enamel Find them at Hogwild Stuff While supplies last.
  16. Just wanted to let everyone know that you can now purchase the nickel version of this coin on the Hogwildstuff website. It is a lovely coin. We are not profiting from this sale of the coins. We are just helping our wonderful minting customers at TRIGO get them out to all that would like to help this family. Thank you in advance for being the wonderful people that cachers are.
  17. Witch hunt - I hardly think so. I used to be paranoid, now I'm sure everyone thinks I am In my experience when logs get edited, particularly someone other than the creator of a log, the reason is given. In this case it was not and gives just cause to wonder exactly what had been edited. Eartha has given a perfectly understandable explanation - had a wee note been added to the log to say that this was edited to remove the tracking number the question would never have come up. Now back to checking Team DeLorme's trackables list to see where these beauties are popping up, witch is the only hunting going on here I guess the best thing to do in the future is to check out the thread to see if there are answers to our pondering and questions. If there is one, like in this case. I (like many others ) do not state why a log was edited when I do that. It would just bring attention to my terrible typing and spelling skills! It appears to me the best way to get one of these coins is to go the DeLorme Earthmate Demo's. They seem to be going to all the big outdoor recreation stores. They are great people and love to meet you. Perhaps you can say "Are you glad to see me? Or is that eartha in your pocket?"
  18. I am afraid my only contribution was telling LD to get moving! She really is the creative one. Great job Lori!
  19. I am hoping you will be visiting our REI's in Texas. I really want to see that new machine. :-)
  20. Melissa, I have never met you! How did you know? I got a Posion Ivy at a geobreakfast in winter! I am still trying to figure that one out!
  21. You are the worlds worst cacher??? The one that came to Rhodes island in Greece???? I am asking because I think a geocacher with that codename came in a cache very close to my house (In the cache in Monte smith...in the Antennas...) and left a Hogwildstuff pin which is now in my hands!!! I couldn't find any info about this pin (it is gold in color, round and as a design has the seal of Hogwildstuff)!!!! You are probably not this geocacher, but what a coincidence!!!! BTW...I love your T-shirt! I am a imposter. This is the real Worlds worst cacher. The real WWC is hairier and taller and has better legs. Do not vote for this photo, though scary it is NOT a costume!
  22. Love the jug of milk. Nice touch. What kind of bunny are you, with ONLY two kids?
  23. I am the Worlds Worst Cacher! Also known as Mr Hogwild stuff, the boss and other names we shall not mention.
  24. The satin looks very pretty on this coin. The photo does not do it justice.
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