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Okay, we've got a "cheap swag" thread and a "signature swag" thread going so I thought I'd start a "good swag" thread going.


What's the most useful piece of swag you've found in a cache?


Awhile back I was talking to my next door neighbor. He had just bought an old schwinn bicycle and was cleaning it up. He said, "Now all I need is a good bell for it.". I was out caching the next day and what do I find? One of those little thumb activated bicycle bells, still in the original wrapper. One of our local cachers works at a company that makes cables and leaves ethernet cables in some of the caches he finds. I grabbed a 25' cable that I used at my in-laws. They had been using a 15' cable between their cable router and computer and it just wasn't long enough to put the router up on a shelf.


Awhile back I placed a pen light flashlight in a night time only cache.

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We've had that "now all I need is..." happen to us several times. Our GPSr was in danger of being lost in the woods because it's black, and I said we should take the next bright-coloured lanyard we find in a cache, and in the very next cache there was a bright orange lanyard. This weekend I said we should trade for the next tape measure we find in a cache, and there it was in the next cache, right on cue. Last year we hiked to a cache at the top of a windy hill, and I had a bad earache from the cold wind. I was wishing I'd worn a hat, and when we opened the cache, there was a warm knitted hat. Destiny!

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Mosquito Repellent wipes! Very seldom I get caught out caching without a headnet & 100% DEET,

but it happens... like here at the Iditarod Trail TB cache...




It was mid-April with snow still scattered about, and the skeeters were so thick here

that you could kill 'em just by closing the logbook! I got 3 that way...

Good thing the early season skeeters are slow and huge!

I've taken to leaving those wipes as 'sig items' in caches and they get a lot of positive comments

by cachers coming afterwards. I know they've been very helpful to me on occasion as well.

Another favorite piece of swag to leave (especially in kid-friendly caches) is the handwarmer pack...

a real prize for families caching in the wintertime up here!

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A brand-new, full-sized slinky for my son--he earned it!


We had just slogged through the muddy mire to find an island cache. It was recommended as a winter cache, but to the foolhearty, it was available at any time. Here's our log on http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...d3-dbdf85a7fb6c, GCYCKJ: "Thankfully I didn't lose my son in the muddy mire. He says that 'it was very, very, very, very ticklish in the muddy muck.' We giggled as we slogged over there and walked barefoot on the island. (I think it's the ONLY way to travel!) My son, however, says 'it was very hurtful for my feet.' We were able to find a little bit of path but ended up crawling under much of the undergrowth. I told N that we were briar rabbit and that we'd have to read it to him sometime when we got home. N found it first (thankfully one of us did!), and although I wanted to put my travel bug in it, I feared that nobody else would venture out to the island before it froze, so I held onto him for another cache."

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I saw a really nice military-style compass in a cache today. It was hard to pass up as I carry a cheap clip-on compass, but it does what I need, so I left it behind for someone that truly needed it. Today I also found a travel pack of kleenex in a cache, and while my girlfriend said "who would leave that?", I smiled as I pocketed it. I like to keep napkins or tissue in the truck, and had just run out.

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We had to start strapping our pencil sharpeners to our log books in our caches because people were always taking them.


I found a place online recently where we can get customized pencil sharpeners. My husband thought it was a dumb idea. Apparently other cachers don't think a sharpener is a dumb idea. lol

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Picture this. Its july 4th and I'm paddling out to an island with a few friends. We get to the island and start to look for the geocache. What do i find in the geocache.... firecrackers. The most useful and fun swag ever found. While it might be frowned uppon my those who stick to the rules, it made my day.

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A pair of knit gloves. They were the cheap stretchy kind that can be bought for about a dollar, but I was very glad to find them on a day when the weather had suddenly turned rather cold and I hadn't thought to bring gloves. I still use them!

Of course, any day that Moxie finds a dog toy in a cache is a good day for her! She gets lots of use out of them. <_<

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We try to keep a partial roll of toilet paper in the vehicles. It is used for not only its intended use but also for blowing noses and covering ouchies. We had used the last of our roll and what was in the next cache?


<_< A travel size roll of TP in a little resealable clamshell! At the local discount store we found them priced at less than $1.50. We also have traded out tape measures and replaced with pliers and small crescent wrenches.

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The best swag item I've found was a 64 Meg thumb drive. I know it's not big by today's standards but I used it for over a year and then gave it to my son to use at school. He's still using it to this day! Ordinarily I'd worry about viruses before plugging a used thumb drive like this into my computer but I know who left it and was confident that he would scrub and check it before leaving it in his cache.

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In a cache in Scottsbluff, NE a phone (corded) that my son uses in his room and a brand new set of x-mas lights that my daughter uses in her room. Had to empty all our regular (brand new) swag into the ammo can to feel like we were trading fairly. We usually place a mini-mag flashlight in out new ammo can caches as FTF prizes and we have had many emails thanking us.

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I was out caching and while searching for the cache (which was over 40 feet away from the posted coords....so I was there a long, long time) I heard gun shots in the distance. I forgot it was hunting season. Suddenly, that ugly bright orange caching bag that I passed up sounded divine!


When I finally found the cache, I found that exact orange backpack in the cache. :P


No just kidding...that would have been too perfect/creepy...actually I found a single 2 ft strand of neon orange marking tape that I snagged and is tied to my backpack. I was never so happy to find a 2 cent piece of tape in my life. It's still there....til I finally find that bright orange backpack again. Great thing to leave in a cache along with TP and new bandaids....for those life emergencies.

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The most useful thing I got from a cache was a magnifier. One like I used for when I was in high school and college. I thought they didn't make them anymore. I used that one for a few months until I lost it while caching and slipping on ice at a water crossing. it helped me see the gps. I've lost 4 more of them since 2003 either at the cache or on the way to or from it..

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