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  1. Ya, I really do hope that she didn't break a finger nail or anything. It did seem to be an especially spiritual event though. I guess that that makes up for a few of life's slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, eh? Brought the whole clan together for an important bonding experience.
  2. Taking a little risk here. I have read post #16. I have also checked the local and county tax and deed registrars records....more than once. In different parts of the country even. I guess that that makes me kinda special.
  3. August 18 by SueZQ68 (1 found) As the landowner where this cache is located, and after much prayer and discussion I have collected this cache and am requesting it be archived as the person that placed the cache there in the first place did not acquire proper landowner permission to do so. Thank you.
  4. Oh, I see. You mean the site named Geocaching.com Web Site which is for iphone, android and Geocaching.com related issue communications. I suppose that if they are noobies, they might be wanting to try Getting Started for assistance. And use Get Satisfaction for reporting various site issues. "and post a link to the Get Satisfaction site to submit new ideas, issues and questions"
  5. I seem to be missing a page or two. You are, I hid them.
  6. Could you please provide some context? Thanks.
  7. This move to 'Get Satisfaction' is totally awesome and waaaayyyy cool. And the reason that I feel this way is that I believe that it will encourage more and better input from a much broader group of geocachers. This is a good thing.
  8. "would mean is that permission would then be required from the state roads department." I think that the archiving of around 234,722 geocaches is called for right about now. Too funny. You can't possibly imagine how I wish that I were the owner of this GC1N3T7, geocache.
  9. My guess is simply that the OP may not be well-versed in the language of geocaching. My next guess is that this refers to GC1N3T7. My guess is that we shall see in a couple of weeks. Let's just say that for now, I remain a skeptic.
  10. 150 'groups? What is that? What GC# is this all about? Sumpin fishy in Denmark.
  11. PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 45 seconds exceeded in E:\Inetpub\forums\GC\ips_kernel\class_db_mysql.php on line 457 PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 45 seconds exceeded in E:\Inetpub\forums\GC\sources\ipsclass.php on line 1111
  12. Yes, I think that it is safe to assume that every cache marked "Private Property" has permission. However, if you are searching for something to worry over, try the caches that are on private property that are not marked in any manner.
  13. I'm stuck trying to understand what burring something has to do with a geocache that may or may not be located in a well.
  14. You need to log eight more finds.
  15. I knew a guy once who got fired for using a company gas card to purchase gas for his personal vehicle. People said that he got fired for buying gas. They were just as wrong.
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