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  1. Seems that three of my long standing and somewhat hard to find caches have gone missing along the Plaisades of N.J.I'm guessing ammo can theft because the caches were secluded and not something that someone would stumble upon.Plus my Tupperware caches have been left alone,Has anyone else have this happen to them?
  2. A cache of mine that I thought went missing due to several DNF's was archived by the reviewer.I never went out to make sure that it was really gone and not misplaced. I know bad form on my part. If I go out and locate it and the log is still with it can I have this cache reactivated with all the stats in place? Turns out after archiving a few people have found this cache.
  3. So If I want to just access the trails where do I park? On previous visits I would park on the other side of the bridge going up the hill,but I do seem to remember more No Parking signs there.
  4. Dozens of golf balls scattered around the trail with no driving range nearby.My only guess is that someone in the nearby development was whacking balls into the woods.
  5. Thanks gof and bacall.Sometimes less is more was my point.Now lets get some more tech savvy people to help Texas grill chef with his problem.
  6. For me I decide where I want to hike, look for caches on the website,write down coordinates in a notebook,leave house. Four easy steps.
  7. Where can I legally download the National Geographic theme? The full two minute and eighteen second version. No luck on Itunes or Amazon. I want to use it for a video.
  8. There does seem to be a spike in the price of ammo cans.I used to be able to go to some military surplus sites and get three 30 cal cans for $15.Now those sites are charging $15 for one or they are sold out. Could be a reason for thefts.
  9. Went after the Boston cache in Harriman park.It was placed in November 2000.That makes it one of the oldest active caches around.I'm wondering how it fits in the overall active caches around the world.I'm guessing its in the top 100.How do I find this out,or does someone know offhand?
  10. After looking at the map again I can see where the Watershed land ends. The different shading shows whats what. I was looking for a clearer line on the map. Its an all clear for no permit hiking for this cache. Thanks Brian.
  11. I was out placing a new cache today off of Clinton rd.Almost all of this land is land that requires a permit to enter.I parked at the Project use center and took the red trail in.After a short while the blazes read Waywayanda on them.Does the red trail start on watershed property then run into Waywayanda property? My concern is letting people know if they need a permit or not to find this cache.
  12. Had a scary encounter today at Ramapo along the Halifax trail. Heading back after placing a new cache and I heard a loud buzzing sound.It was so loud that I thought a bug was buzzing near my ear so I trotted to my left thinking I was getting away froma flying bug but I was actually heading right to a very large and very angry rattlesnake coiled by the side of trail.I guess he saw me coming and wanted to make his presence known.Unfortunatly my ears have been blocked up so it seemed like the sound was coming from my right when it was really on my left so I walked right to him before I saw him and jumped out of my skin and ran.Thats about as close as I ever want to be to one of those. So beware!
  13. Didn't see that coming,well done! Out of respect I watched the whole video.
  14. I'm from Weehawken,I go kayaking in the Hudson. The rash you get really isn't that bad.
  15. Just saw a travel show on New Zealand and was wondering if there any caches along the Milford Track? Planning a trip soon.
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