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  1. email sent through your geocaching account. Thanks
  2. Pics would be great. Also, are you able to take paypal?
  3. While its been a while since I've really looked at used prices, that is a pretty friggin good price. I don't know if it came with a cable or not, however many usb cables from digital cameras and cheap MP3 players will work with the GPS. Good luck and enjoy the hobby.
  4. So far, everything is going well. I'm searching by date, selecting caches that "are not on my ignore list" (aka, every cache). Disabled caches are ok, however archived caches obviously won't show up (not a problem). As for software, I'll be using GarminDNR due to its ability to go from GPX to Projected Shapefile (ArcGIS). It's been tedious, but I'm half way there. Also, If i need to get this done quicker, I'll just pay the three dollars for a months' use on a friends account.
  5. I already tried contacting Groundspeak. While they were helpful with some suggestions, they weren't able to help me. I've got the time to start doing it by date. One benefit of the date method; it will allow me to keep this updated. Thanks for the suggestion RussellM
  6. I am attempting to find a "query" of all the geocaches in New York. Technically, I am looking for only physical caches (not virtual or earthcaches, however I'll take anything I can get). The file will be used for a ArcGIS class I'm taking in college. I will be analyzing the data (a few ideas have been tossed around and discussed with the professor, however I still have time to finalize an idea). The file doesn't need to be very current (recent is better, though). Any ideas where I can find the file or how to create one without repeating caches? Thanks Russell
  7. Recently, I managed to smash my gps with a wrench. While it had survived plenty of abuse, this one was the final shot. For sale is the Eastern portion of the United States at 100k level (Pretty much Mississippi River and east). For exact areas covered, give me an email and I'll get back to you pretty quickly. The maps are MapSource, made by Garmin, and have proven to be excellent for both geocaching and hiking. $40 includes shipping anywhere in the US. RussellM
  8. Well, it finally happened. While out caching, I managed to smash my screen. While the LCD portion is ok, the screen is pretty badly cracked. I've already taken it apart, all i need is the screen to replace. I realize that Garmin will replace/repair my unit for $110, however that seems pretty steep for a piece of glass. Is there anywhere where the replacement glass can be bought? Also, does anyone have a dead 60 series GPS with a good screen? Thanks RussellM
  9. Hello, I am looking for Topo U.S. 100k. Please feel free to contact me through my geocaching account or email me directly at sunyesf at gmail.com. Thanks RussellM
  10. PM replied to... Paypal works fine for me. In the event that the purchaser wants to use a MO, that works as well. I would like to stay away from personal checks though.
  11. Alright, $40 including shipping. Between the savings of printing and the convince of having thousands of geocaches at your fingertips, its worth it!
  12. I have a Z22 that I have used for about a year. It is in very good condition with only a small nick in the upper right hand part of the screen. It come with the stylus, charger, sync cable and, of course, the unit. I have photos that can be emailed. Please email sunyesf (at) gmail.com with any question $45 includes shipping to lower 48. Thanks RussellM
  13. As i recall, the triton 200 and 300 are the same, except the 300 comes with a cable in the box... Feel free to correct me
  14. Maybe I wasn't very nice there, but searching for a cache at night is kinda hardcore. Depending on the area, you will be much more suspicious and more likely to run into people/situations that I would normally shy away from. Are night vision goggles really necessary?
  15. Plenty of local caches honor those who served. That being said, I am near a large Military Base and a region supported largely by that base...
  16. It all comes down to the reviewer. They are allowed quite a bit of slack depending on what they view as appropriate. In the "beating the system" spirit, you could post it and then edit the page after it has been approved. If there is an outcry due to the nature of the cache, then it will be removed. If not, rest assured that not everyone in the geocaching world has let the disease of political correctness rule their lives...
  17. My first cache was ripped apart by some large wild animal and strewn across a mountain. This sucked because A) the cache wasn't published, and 2) I had to pick everything up. Keep trying, having caches get stolen builds character...
  18. there are well over 2 million registered users. How many of those actually use their account is anyones guess
  19. I blame Mozilla for the dbl post
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