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  1. I enjoy finding money in my caches when I do maintenance. I use the cash to reswag my hides.
  2. Clear skies with 68 for a high and 40 for the low. N 32.21 W 110.89
  3. Cool. How are you loading cache info on it? I've been using GPSBabel to load into my Garmin. Can you just drag & drop a .GPX file on it? If that's the case I think I need one. Jeff If I may respond, I currently (for roughly the next 30 days) download the GPX to my PC. With the bundled, in the box, DeLorme mapping application, Topo USA 7.0, I import, open the GPX whereby it becomes part of the Topo 7 database. Then, with my PN-20, or -40 connected to a PC USB port, I transfer the Geocache waypoint to the handheld. I don't use a PDA nor any other, third party software. DeLorme is working on a new widget, Cache Register, that will facilitate the download directly to the PN-20, as I understand it. Their goal is to have this available to PN users by Christmas. Thanks for the reply. My main concern is the "via Mac" portion of his post. It appears that Delorme is serious about working on Mac compatibility. I just need to know if I can use it now. I looks like a great gps. Jeff
  4. Cool. How are you loading cache info on it? I've been using GPSBabel to load into my Garmin. Can you just drag & drop a .GPX file on it? If that's the case I think I need one. Jeff
  5. So do I. I leave shot glasses with my team name on them. I don't care if it's traded for or not. I do get mildly annoyed when someone takes as many of them as they can find. It's always nice to give others a chance to collect sig items
  6. I have installed gpsBabel 1.3.5 & it seems you did turn this off . Is there any way to get back the smart icons? I preferred getting the various icons Thanks Jeff OSX 10.5.4 ( no windoze installed ) 2.66 intel core 2 duo GPSmap60Cx
  7. I dropped my 60cx in a creek also. It was about 10" of water for about 10 minutes. It didn't like it too much. I had to take the case apart and let it dry for 3 days. Slapped it back together and it has been working fine.
  8. There are 2 here in Arizona that always give me a chuckle: Inter-Galactic Ice Weasels And finger puppet mafia
  9. Just too much time with the team on that stool I'd suspect!!! The revelation came after some much needed stool time
  10. Patty, Thanks for the reply. The light bulb went off when I read it. I'm I'm setting up a new Mac to replace one that was stolen about a month ago. I soon forgot what utility programs i needed that were installed on the old machine. Textedit was opening what I was downloading from MacCMconvert and it just wasn't right ( DOH! ). After reading your post I realized what a complete moron that I was A little bit of Stuffit expander and all was fine. Please have a great chuckle at my expense. Hiding my head in shame Jeff ( trust me, I'm really smarter than this. )
  11. Thanks but thats the windows version of what I'm after
  12. I'm setting up a new Mac & need to get the files into cachemate. The download @ MacCMconvert isn't working for me. Does anyone know of another site or another program that I can do this within OSX?
  13. I would be very happy to up my premium membership dues to $40.00 if it was incorporated into this site. edit- to make a grammar grinch happy
  14. Been there , Done that The event was on 9/15 2 hours , 2 caches , .6 km loop trail and yes, It was fun!!
  15. I don't know about your California sheep , but Arizona sheep don't seem to be bothered by North Americas largest open pit mine. Here
  16. Make fun all you want. I'm really hoping it's the Newton compatible GPS module that I've been waiting for.
  17. I think the BLM here in Arizona has a very easy to follow policy. Look HERE I think other Land Managers that are concerned could use a policy like this I don't have any caches on BLM land , but I have been told that the local office is very easy to work with
  18. As the Triton models don't use the USB mass storage device protocol, these units will not show up as a disk on a Mac (or Linux or Unixware or Solaris or....) and you thus can not drag/drop/copy files to/from them. No developer specs on this line have been released yet. So you really are at the mercy of Magellan's software which is Windows only. According to "Topo! Hacker!" site. VantagePoint and Topo! work fine on Mac, so there is no need for Windows. http://topohacker.blogspot.com/2007/11/mag...works-with.html It looked to me that it was still windows running on an intel mac. Not quite the same as "works on a mac"
  19. not at this time. garmin has been promising mac compatibility for about a year now
  20. A fine tooth comb. It was labeled as a "cholla removal tool" It's has proved its worth after a couple of cholla encounters
  21. I'm kinda new but my favorite events that I have attended required dirt road travel: fun fun and more fun
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