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  1. On one of my own hides, where I had visited the page earlier today. This time when I went to log Owner Maintenance, I get this in Google Chrome on Windows 10:
  2. Same here. Windows 10 and Chrome for a browser. If you hit the "back" button, the white space at the bottom goes away, and main menu is restored.
  3. That's because Groundspeak changed links from the profile and dashboard to act like the "new" search. See this thread in the Release Notes forum: Release Notes (Website: Links now point to new search results) - April 20, 2021.
  4. Do Not Like. I thought I had accidentally agreed to a "new" version of something. Not nearly as useful as the older way. When using a map-based view of caches nearby, say, a frustrating DNF or a challenge I can finally claim, it means an extra click to browse instead of being limited by the "new" view. When reviewing my finds, it is useless without pagination, and with the limit of 1000. Luckily, all of my finds are still sorted by date found at https://www.geocaching.com/my/logs.aspx?s=1&lt=2 , but that does not allow me to filter by type except for events ("attended" logs vs. "found" logs). The recently viewed list is similar to the way my "All geocache finds" list used to look, but way too short for seeing who may have found a geocache after me, and what their experience was. Using the new search results for "All geocache finds" from my profile does allow me to sort by the date I found it, but does not let me see if anyone has found a cache after me.
  5. IMNSHO - In My Not So Humble Opinion
  6. They came out about the same time. The 64sx also has routable topo maps. It has a bigger screen but fewer pixels. Neither is touchscreen. Battery life on the 64sx is not advertised to be as long as on the 32x. Have you tried an eTrex model before? Do you have a preference between a joystick and buttons on the side (etrex) or rocker and buttons on the front (GPSmap)? Ultimately, it may come down to which you like more. If you liked the older model GPSMap a lot, perhaps you should go for the GPSMap 64x if you can afford it. That would be better than saving money but not getting something you liked as much.
  7. Adopt or transfer a cache Write to the owner and say you'd like to adopt the caches. You can't take over the caches without the owner's permission. If the caches are archived, you could hide new caches in the same locations.
  8. Chiming in late. I use two approaches to choosing a hiding spot. 1. Sometimes I find an area that I think would be a great place for a cache, if there's not a multicache or puzzle blocking it. That's the location, location, location approach. 2. Other times I have an idea for a container I want to hide, and I go looking for a spot that is suitable for it. For this, experience is valuable. As you find more caches by different hiders, keep an eye out for what containers do or don't keep the log dry. And sometimes when I am looking for a spot for a particular container, I find a location that would be terrific for a different type of hide, so the second approach leads to the first tactic. There are exceptions, but usually you want the container to be protected and not just out in the open. At the least, it should not be likely to be blown away, get washed downstream, or get moved to a different location by an animal. I rarely have a Difficulty or Terrain rating in mind ahead of time. One exception was when I wanted to hide a T1 cache that was not a micro.
  9. With chirp, there's a wireless beacon attribute, which I believe is required. Although it could be NFC. One cache I found actually broadcast a wireless signal. I used my ereader to read the message. And no, it doesn't fit "the original complaint exactly" because geocaching is not fundamentally a smartphone game reliant on a specific app. Geocaching was founded on selective availability being turned off and people using their GPS units to hide and find things.
  10. That's what I'm saying. You can exclude T4.5 or higher caches from a search. You can't exclude only the bonus caches that depend on an Adventure Lab. Nor, in your case, can you search for only the bonus caches that show that a new Adventure Lab popped up in a geographic area that interests you. You'd also get bonus caches that are "collect the codes from this series of caches," if the owner has set the attribute.
  11. You can exclude those. There is no way to know which bonus caches depend on an adventure lab. This is a smartphone game, not geocaching.
  12. It excludes people who use a GPS receiver to geocache. Remember those? To add insult to injury, the map of said users is littered with bonus caches that they can't get tied to "adventures" they can't see.
  13. 57 days of caching and 129 cache finds needed to complete the promotion.
  14. The blog mentions feedback in three steps of the process of harmonizing different versions of pages, but the profile page is being presented as a fait accompli.
  15. Possibly a corrupt PQ. If you have more than one PQ loaded on your Garmin, one could be interfering with the other. I spot-check to see whether caches from each PQ are showing up, after having some caches mysteriously not be vsible on my GPS. I am glad that you found this cache, so the problem is not as pressing.
  16. I don't know that it's "great," but different from the usual. As a finder, not a hider, I've done one where the first stage held several sets of coordinates (four? six? eight?). The geocacher's job was to figure out which of them was the final location. Most were plausible possibilities. If the red herrings take a person to scenic/historic spots, cachers won't be too annoyed at guessing wrong and "wasting" time.
  17. Campgrounds. Took photos in September 2018. Requirements changed in May 2019. I thought it would be good to get some of my backlog posted and did not know or notice the new requirement of a minimum number of photographs. Luckily, I had another picture, although not a good one. It did get posted.
  18. This is still happening, and it is very frustrating. I had a waymark declined because the category requirements had changed long after I took photos and marked coordinates. I wrote a note to reviewer, hit "save changes," and the site told me I hadn't changed anything. I uploaded a photo to meet the new requirements, and the site still told me I hadn't changed anything. And gave me the same message about making whatever changes the reviewer demanded. It took four or five tries. Finally, I put a space in the description, and I was allowed to resubmit. I still do not know whether the reviewer ever saw my note. So, that's two bugs, in my opinion. Adding a note to the category managers does not count as a change. As there is no other way to communicate with them about an issue, this is a problem. Uploading photos does not count as a change.
  19. WGS 84. DDD MM.MMM (Degrees Decimal Minutes)
  20. Took four attempts to get logged in. Went to the cache page of a recent find, searched for nearby caches, and was instantly logged out. And can't get in again.
  21. In my (limited) experience, younger kids are not excited as much by finding something sneaky as by riffling through "treasure." On the other hand, once the local kids find out about the box of toys in the park, it's doomed. Besides counting, you could use colors. Or multiple choice. "If the bench is green, keep going straight ahead. If it is brown, turn left." You could put a simple jigsaw puzzle in the first or second stage. Put the puzzle together to see the coordinates. Or a photo of the final location. Treasure map? Maybe you could make it spy-themed. Talk about spy gadgets and tell them they are looking for something small that is a disguise, and what it can hold (the logbook).
  22. https://www.geocaching.com/hide/createcache.aspx
  23. From the last few caches I have put together: collectible uncirculated coin, so it won't get scratched scrapbooking-type sticker, so the backing won't peel wristband, so it won't get dirty marbles, to give away a set fridge magnet, to prevent tarnishing and/or inhibit sticking to other items The last is rationalizing, I know. So besides paper, I might consider plastic bags for metal or textile items. I also put dog or cat toys in bags because of the ick factor--I want the pet owner to know I didn't find it in the woods somewhere.
  24. Yes, benchmarks are interesting. Not all of them are included in geocaching.com's database. If you can find them in another database, like NGS, or your state's geodetic database, you can document your finds in the U.S. Benchmarks category on Waymarking.com. I could not find either of these marks in the NGS listing for San Juan County, New Mexico. You can look up all the marks in a county here. You might find more help in the Benchmarking forum.
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