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We've had that "now all I need is..." happen to us several times. Our GPSr was in danger of being lost in the woods because it's black, and I said we should take the next bright-coloured lanyard we find in a cache, and in the very next cache there was a bright orange lanyard. This weekend I said we should trade for the next tape measure we find in a cache, and there it was in the next cache, right on cue. Last year we hiked to a cache at the top of a windy hill, and I had a bad earache from the cold wind. I was wishing I'd worn a hat, and when we opened the cache, there was a warm knitted hat. Destiny!


You've been indeed very fortunate :yikes:

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The Rosary found in her first cache that gave my wife Teresa her geocaching name - GeoRose


The silver cross I wear on a chain since finding it in my second cache.


The SD memory card reader I found in a cache in LA three years ago that I and my kids still use almost daily.


I have found quite a lot of useful things... maybe the corallary question is "What have you LEFT of useful value?"


Whenever I replace my GPS (six times) or PDA (four times) I leave the old one in a cache.


With the proliferation of micros lately I leave caching-related buttons or foreign coins, but when I find a real cache I try to leave something nice and useful.

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