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  1. Thanks, TOMTECH. I'll end you an adoption request. Roger
  2. Greeting, fellow cachers. I spent years placing caches in Near North Ontario, but moved away and became a Southerner over 4 years ago. Since I only get up North about once a year now, I would like for someone to adopt the ones I have not been able to maintain. I'll start off with Petrified Snowman (GC165FR) which I published on 9/23/2007. It's a fantastic location and I would hate to just archive it.
  3. Thanks for the mention, but this is not my cache. Looking at the co-ords, this is placed in the location of another, now archived cache. It is a great location, and deserves one placed there. Perhaps it was placed during the archiving period, and didn't get published. I know the spot well, so will check it out over the holidays.
  4. Umm, YUP! Almaguin Highlands is 'the' in place to be. We have to have the absolute best D5/T1 cache around, and even the lamp in the woods is incredible. OK, snow up the wazzoo for 6 months per year, and rain for the other six months, but that makes up for not having to go out every 3 minutes for another FTF at all odd hours of the night.
  5. Do you use a bear bell? I tried to talk Beth into getting bear bells, but she insisted that the bears were reluctant to let her place them around their necks, she gave up the idea. On a serious note, however, the large 600 lb. bear sow that used to frequent the trail to 3 of my cache hides has passed on to another world, and only some of her offspring weighing about 2 to 300 lbs now reside in the vicinity. I have made every attempt to convince them that bells are in vogue and they should wear the symbol with pride, but so far no takers. She was correct about the wolf prints on the trail today. Judging from the track, it was a large timber wolf I have seen in the area, and although the thought is scary, wolves are just as afraid of hikers as the bears are. In all seriousness, a woman alone on a bush trail is no more likely to be attacked by wildlife than a lone male. In some of your urban area south of 49, I would be absolutely petrified walking alone.
  6. Short answer is no! If you are using Mapsource to upload maps, they must all be done in one sitting. That means you put in your topo, street maps, and trail maps on the card at the same time, or each upload overwrites the previous one.
  7. Sorry, I don't see your post! Are you asking how to do it? If so, I can explain, but otherwise my browser is messing up.
  8. Hee hee! If you want to spend a week in a delapitated trailer house, in the middle of nowhere, with only 300 caches within a 100 km radius, feel free to contact me. (Edited by moderator to remove potty language.)
  9. Juicepig's response is dramatic, and as I know 4 Bands, probably extremely true! Native reserves are sovereign territory to them, and should be approached with the dignity that anyone would give any private landholder. Go to the band council and ask for permission to place a cache. You may be surprised at the welcome reception you get, just because you had the gonads to do so. I have not tried to get a cache on Ontario native reserves as of yet, but am so tempted because of the potential. Be honest, explain your motives, and go for it, after going to council and getting permission. As a sideline, when approaching council, do not refer to the land as Indian, but rather, Native. Things have changed in the last few years (decades) since I was raised on an Indian Reserve.
  10. My old blues are still working strong, after doing the (Garmin Web updater) software update about 2 years ago. Both units had all the typical shut down, vertical line, horizontal line problems until I did the update. Neither has had a single problem since.
  11. Hee hee! How do they make beer? Or wine? They ferment sugar to make alcohol, creating CO2 in the process! Same thing happens in your digestive system.
  12. I am looking for the owner of Signal geocoin , with a travel bug plate engraved, and a TB # as a tracking #. I came across this coin today, and it seems to have no owner, and is untrackable from my end. It is not logged into the cache I retrieved it from, and punching in the tag # brought me to an activation page. This coin is marked as Australia World Geocaching Series, Australia, 2006, Sept 1 - Sept 30. In an hour of searching the net,n I have come up with zip for answers. Any insights?
  13. Fact! Mosquitoes are attracted to CO2 emissions given off by the exhalation of breath by mammalian creatures. A mosquito can detect CO2 at 2 ppm, and hone in on that vapour trail from at least 300 meters. We poor beer drinkers are at a serious disadvantage because of the beer burps, and carbon dioxide emissions through the skin. If you want a real proven deterrent, for bug and human combined, consume at least 4 cloves of garlic per day. It works.
  14. Are you kidding? Just the fact you took less than a millisecond to find an almost impossible, invisible, ammo can under a bridge last summer tells me your stats are pretty close to true.
  15. When a person lives in the vast desolate wasteland north of 9, the fact that I have achieved just over 500 finds, in 3 years, becomes a very real insight that numbers are not what this is about! I prefer to count numbers in how many I have placed, that bring visitors and locals into the caching world, and let them have some excitement, too. Oh, sure, I could spend time south of 9 and log 30 or 40 per day, but that's not why I entered this game. I prefer seeing the wild country that I have never visited before. Heck! One of my finds was an LPC in the middle of the bush, on a semi mountain, just off a 4 wheeling road. That was absolutely precious! That's the way I started, and that's the way I still cache.
  16. Wow! I got the coins in the mail, a day before I got the e-mail saying they had been sent. All I can say, is that these are one of the nicest coins that I have had the pleasure of owning. Thanks, ELTADA. The coin and the service are outstanding. I will be bringing one to Spring Fling for discovery, and the other to my Apres event as a door prize, unactivated.
  17. The coin is showing as in The Brook, but in the coin log as retrieved from Conklin. It's time to e-mail the owner for the proper logging ID so you can make the retrieve and drop again.
  18. I've never tried B1, although it has been touted for years as a repellent. The fact that skitters hone in on CO2 emissions from your breath and skin means that smokers are more likely to get attacked, as well as CO2 produced by most perfumes and other scents on your body, is good enough for me. We northerners do not use scented soaps, nor spray on deodorants when out in the bush. If B1 can block even more of the emissions, I'm willing to try.
  19. Easy, Brenda! Make sure that the PFD is inflated, the exposure suit is fully zipped up, and float on the waves, until we reach land.
  20. For starters, Ontario trespass laws are convoluted, basically unreadable, except by a Bay Street Lawyer or a judge, and are difficult to enforce. To stay on the safe side, I always refer to Alberta laws, which state that encroaching on lands which are fenced or occupied, is trespass. OK, I have a cache on my property, and have stated in the listing, that the owner is aware, and invites visitors. If, however, the trespasser is not seeking the cache, or otherwise invited, I refer to the age old and upheld law, of "shoot and shovel". I'm positive that many other landowners have the same solution in mind, so it's best to be on the safe side?
  21. Just to back off a few steps, are your PQ's for caches not found? If so, then found caches will not be included in the new PQ, and will not show. Check the last GPX column in GSAK to see if any dates in that column are out of today's range. I keep a few different databases in GSAK, and schedule PQ's for each. Other than that, make sure your geocaching.com ID is correct, which BTW, is 2062853.
  22. I like the paint job but would like to know why the choice of EzOff oven cleaner over something like alcohol? EZ Off is caustic, and etches the plastic as much as it cleans. Smaller items and crevices will be etched far easier than sanding the whole thing.
  23. I love this idea. The only downside I could see is that most date locations are very high muggle potential. Well, that is, if you are thinking about the lookout sunset idea, or secluded picnic spots. As a single guy, many of my dates involve introducing others to the wonderful world of geocaching. Some caches at favourite haunts could be on the plus side.
  24. Uh, YUP! As soon as I get a black silicone O-ring the right size, it will be on the container. In the case of this first one, the hidey hole will conceal the slight red. gof1, U got some 7/8 black silicone rings? I'll take a handful.
  25. Sorry, posted in the wrong forum, under the wrong title.
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