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  1. This has happened to me twice. Both times when I opened a ticket with Groundspeak I was pretty much told my server must have enacted a filter. The first time I was okay with this since it was my work email address, but the second time it was yahoo, so I find it unlikely that they would have started to filter geocaching emails just to my account. In both cases I had to change my email address on the geocaching web page to a new email account to get it to start working again. This is why I maintain two yahoo email accounts now. If someone figures out why this happens I would like to hear it as well.
  2. The best LEO run in I had was when the LEO asked me what I was doing and I responded with looking for a geocache. All he heard was "cash". It was down hill from there. I spent the next twenty minutes explaining the difference between "cache" and "cash". In the end he told me I was nuts and let me move on.
  3. I found a .22 rifle under a foot bridge in a popular local park yesterday. I could not pull it out because there were so many people around. The police were very happy to come and get it however.
  4. I like the paintball marker at the bottom of the add. That would definitely add a new element to caching.
  5. These have been done before, and I think they are popular. I have not done one because I have not made the time. I did Orienteering in Scouts as well so I would get a kick out of doing it. Here are two in Georgia that I now of: Stone mountain cache CMP Orienteering Challenge If you do a keyword search on orienteering you will get couple pages of them.
  6. The caches I have seen with the coords intentionally soft are usually placed by newer or inexperienced cachers. Cachers who have not been frustrated by a simple cache that is not where it is supposed to be. After you have burned by this a couple times you will grow to hate it.
  7. Typically one of two things can make a cache memorable: a great location, or a creative container. A third thing that can make it memorable is for it to be a challenge or great adventure, but you don't seem to be asking about this. An ammo box or a lock and lock does not make it memorable. Either of these in a great location, or scenic view is memorable. If you don't have a great location handy, then try to come up with a new way to hide it. There are plenty of examples of creative containers in the creative containers thread.
  8. I look at it like this: If you were to recommend to me I climb a mountain because the view is great and climb is great fun, then I were instead to take a helicopter to the top of the mountain, I would be missing out on the journey but I still made it to the top. Who's loss is it that I missed out on the journey? Absolutely my loss. It really should not make much of a difference to you, I did not lesson your experience. I only hurt myself.
  9. My log would be just as minimal, but I would still do the cache.
  10. This cache is located at what appears to be an old mill or maybe a fresh water treatment plant. These ruins are near midtown Atlanta tucked away in a small area of urban forest. There is some really cool graffiti art at these ruins. Some really talented vandals hang out here. More pictures can be seen on the cache page The ruins Here are two pictures I posted while visiting there: Cool thread. Glad to bump it.
  11. I always leave a Lakebum coin for FTF. If I did not have my own coin though I probably would not leave much unless it was a particularly hard cache to find.
  12. I believe that behavior to be extremely irresponsible and rude. I'm in full agreement with Thealambamarambler. If you try to by coy and act un-suspicious folks will certainly notice you and think you are suspicious and up to no good. If you just go ahead look for it in a spot like this they think you are either nuts, or have a purpose that is not suspicious because you are being open about it. And, sometimes because of the amount of people in the location, if you don't just go ahead and look you will never find a good opportunity to look for it.
  13. All three caches seemed like average or below average micro's to me. So in turn they get average logs. Your logs were average and fitting for the caches. Much much better than the standard "TFTC" logs. I reserve this log for below average micro's.
  14. When I got stopped by a cop recently I kept showing him my "GEO" sticker on the back of my Jeep. I didn't work though, he just wanted to know where the "cash" is.
  15. I did a cache a couple of weeks ago while on a white water rafting trip. Since I could not bring my GPS I had to look at the maps, google earth and pre read the logs in order to try and figure out where it was on the river. We found the cache luckily enough and got the smiley. Even though we only found one cache that day, it was the best day of caching I have had in a while.
  16. Okay, I am guilty as charged. I am one the nice schmuks who have sent an unsolicited hint to KBI after a DNF on one of my caches. So from the other side of the coin: 1) your a GGA member with a vote. I am proud of this cache and want you to vote for it. You won't vote for it if you don't find it. By the way, after the hint I have you 6 months ago you still have not been out there to look again. What gives? While you are there I have some other good ones in the area that need votes, so an email with hints is on the way..... 2) More seriously now: We have met, I appreciate your caches, I want you to enjoy mine. So it was a little prod to get you back out there. You have helped me on one of yours I was returning the favor. 3) I think my unsolicited hint was very small, and I did honor your request to not spoil it any further. So hopefully I am not the complete bain of this chain I do give unsolicited hints regularly to new cachers. I try to start out with what I think is a small hint that will entice them to look again and lower their frustration level. I offer to give bigger hints or complete spoilers if they want. Some folks take me up on it and some don't.
  17. My limo driver gets paid to cache. When I am out caching I sit in the back drinking my beverage of choice and point to where the caches probably are. My driver finds the cache and puts my name in the log. I pay him a bonus for every cache he I find.
  18. Another bookmark feature that would be useful to me is if you could watchlist a bookmark. I have several bookmarks of other cachers I like to watch, but I never know when they make a change.
  19. October 15 by Newcacher(10 found) I guess I did find it - since I hid it! [view this log on a separate page] Note: October 15 by Newcacher (10 found) I am launching a travel coin in my very first placed cache. [view this log on a separate page] Published: October 14 by publisher Published [view this log on a separate page] This one cracks me up. I guess I cannot be FTF because the cache owner already beat me to it.
  20. Wow, nice starting setup. I loaded caches by hand in my GPS, and carried paper up to around my 200th find. Around 500 caches I got a Garmin CSX GPS, and now around 1000 I am paperless. You certainly have hit the ground running. Good luck and have fun.
  21. The blue flags are caches that are disabled when the pocket query was run.
  22. A cacher in my area refuses to be first finder. He has had too many experience with coords being off and the cache in unauthorized spots. He lets the FTF hounds work out the kinks first. I have taken his advice. I wait when a new cache comes out for a couple folks to hit it first to make sure everything is in working order. This way I am assured of not wasting my gas and time on it. Gas is a big deal these days in Atlanta too!! This is more fun for me. I understand why the added challenge could be more fun the FTF hounds, but I do not need the added aggravation in my life. Caching is for relaxing time, not frustration time.
  23. Seems like a lot of work to me also. I would simply not play the FTF game with your caches and local cachers. Do not put a FTF prize out, and do not recognize the FTF person on your cache page. You are not obligated to do any of this. Let the annoying folks play the game the way the want, and you put your cache out as a cache instead of a FTF contest. Keep is relaxing for yourself. Enjoy the cache as a cache.
  24. There is electrical wiring inside lamp posts. I have seen Altoid cans touching the wiring inside. This is in fact a dangerous hide. Groundspeak should outlaw lamp post hides.
  25. He has one of my travel bug coins in his unpublished cache. I sent him a PM yesterday asking for it to be released, but I am sure I will not get a reply. If he wanted one of my coins he could have just asked and I would have gladly sent him one. This would have made us both happier. I won't do it now though. I don't want to reward his childish behavior.
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