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  1. Site speed seems OK, but I'm having the map issues mentioned above; finds aren't marked as such on the Google map.
  2. Most of the caches by Linuxxpert in PA are pretty insane. Flip through and see if you find any that appeal to you.
  3. The official Geocaching app for Android is good. It's been improved a great deal since it first came out. It costs about ten bucks to download through the Android marketplace, which you pay once and never have to renew. There are other apps out there, but none of them are Groundspeak-sanctioned.
  4. I ran to up to "Davidson" from the middle of the Ramapo College campus, where I was living at the time. (My actual turnaround point was at the top of Bald Mountain, the Bergen County highpoint, where there used to be another cache.) Taking the fire roads, where the going was easy, it was around four miles each way. Parking in the Reservation lot on 202 will cut some distance off that. The only real closer parking would be in the mountain people's domain, which has been done.
  5. If you're near Blairstown proper and you have some time, have a look at In Search of Jason Voorhees. It's a wonderful and absorbing multi, especially if you've seen the movie 'Friday The 13th'.
  6. I loved that hike! I did it around this time last year, starting with Packanack's "Five Words" caches and taking the trail down along the ridge to Governor Mountain. Took a roadwalk back to the upper lot at Ringwood Manor after; I was pretty beat.
  7. El estimado señor BrianSnat sugiere que examines los caches cerca de Malaga, NJ y mandes un mensaje a alguien que tiene un cache cerca de allá.
  8. I'll guess 23 inches, in Hamilton Twp. of Atlantic County.
  9. I support the recommendation of the ridges above Beacon. Not a long drive for you, very photogenic views in accordance with your preference, good hikes of variable distance and difficulty, and the potential to get a dozen or more caches in a single hike (upwards of twenty if you're in really good shape). This old event page will give you some information about the area and the usual cache-map link. Also check out its gallery. One last bit to get you really salivating over the place: on a single eight-mile hike there, I passed a disused old railroad, the ruins of a summit resort casino, a Revolutionary War monument, a climbable fire tower, and great views of both Storm King Mountain and the Beacon Bridge. It was probably the best single-day hike I've ever done.
  10. Sad to see a virt go under. I'd be willing to adopt 'Regal Eagle' and answer the e-mails if you were going to archive it.
  11. From TM's log on GCTDFG: 110% pure awesome.
  12. Not to speak for the person to whom this question was addressed, but answering for myself, I should say not! It'll just take a bit longer of a walk to get to some emptier areas, and you'll have to be somewhat diligent about mapping out current caches and having them on your GPS when you go hiding. It is super-frustrating to spend the time to make a good hide, only to have to go undo it because you were accidentally within the .1-mile-zone of another one. By all means, place caches to your heart's content, but do your research first so you don't get stymied.
  13. I own three caches up that way: GC12C28 in a Mahwah town park, GC19M6B on the Ramapo College campus, and GC1B3EW in the Ramapo Valley County Reservation. None of those caches were hidden with the knowledge of the land managers. I know that it's always best to get permission, and that spreading the word is a good thing, but deep down at the core of my personal cache-hiding philosophy, I don't want to be told "no" by some under-informed office dweller who makes a snap judgement. Rich as the area is in caches and cachers, I've only ever seen one or two GZs that were clearly damaged by overeager seekers, so I made the honest judgement that one responsibly placed cache will not hurt the area. If you're a smart cache hider, you can put several dozen new caches in the areas you're talking about -- it's quite possible, actually -- without being noticed by muggles at all. It's up to you.
  14. Anything other than that, you give yourself by becoming a premium member, at which time you can edit it to say anything you like.
  15. You mentioned a Nalgene bottle. Yes, I've seen these as submerged caches. They don't leak, but they still get wet inside. How, you may ask? The cooling effect of the water causes ambient humidity inside the container to condense and form liquid droplets or a puddle. (It's the same principle by which a cold glass or soda can "sweats" on a warm day; the "sweat" is water vapor in the air, not your drink.) The upshot: you can't put things that would be damaged by water inside a cache hidden in water, no matter how tightly sealable the container is. Spring for a Rite-in-the-Rain log if you don't want the log to be a mushy mess after a week.
  16. Go back to the main trackable-items page, punch the tracking number in, and virtually pick the bug back up from the cache into which you accidentally dropped it. Deleting logs doesn't make the mileage go away, or move the bug; it just neatens up the log pages.
  17. If you're leaning toward doing it this way, but are concerned about having only one account with PM privileges available, remember that PQ files can be uploaded to multiple GPSr units, and that there is an intentionally-unfixed workaround to allow non-PMs to log members-only caches.
  18. The evil Red Dot strikes again!
  19. Here's the Canada section of the forum.
  20. It snags sometimes, yes. They update it frequently, though, so that's probably why. Usually the slowdowns are spotty and brief.
  21. Oddly, I also just found this out. It's only possible for reviewers (and, I'm guessing, assorted other Higher Powers) to do it, not cache owners. The Retract symbol is the rarely-seen Red Spot, like the teal Publish spot's evil twin.
  22. Never gonna happen. They've said before that they don't want people running off for FTFs without reading the cache pages first. Of course, the notifications do send you the GC #s, so you can get around that little snag by using Textmarks, but caveat emptor, you might be heading blindly into a 5-star-terrain or a mis-marked puzzle with nothing at the posted coords.
  23. Noticed something new: a red-dot log-type icon, similar to the green "Published" log icon. (Specifically, I saw it at GC55A5, which appeared in a thread I read today.) My best guess is that it means "Locked". Is this right?
  24. I found this great link on another thread about old caches; it lists the first 100 caches placed, including links and their active/archived status. 'Boston Cache' isn't on there, but since it was hidden on 11/19/00 and #100 on the list dates to 10/8/00, I would guess that it was around #150. Extrapolating the hexadecimal GC# system places it a bit higher, but they did skip a few.
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