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  1. Thank you. I've got it opening to GSAK now, but can't seem to get it to stop also saving the file to computer which is something it didn't do before. So I still need to delete the file. In the settings, there doesn't seem to be an option to NOT save it the file. I will keep playing I guess. Wish they didn't fix things that weren't broken. So much for progress.
  2. Windows 10 desktop. Firebox browser. Also same in Edge browser. Previously, when clicking on "Download GPX" on a cache page, you were given option to save file to computer, or for it to open / save in GSAK. Now no dialog box of options and goes only to save in computer. Friends confirmed the same. I have confirmed the GPX files in computer, are still associated with opening GSAK when opening the file. Currently having to save file to computer. Open GPX to save to GSAK. Then go back & delete GPX file from computer as just creating junk files.
  3. I hardly use the website map, but I'm having same problem tonight. I don't know if it was happening before. Win 10 desktop. FireFox 48.0.1 Navigated to map from My Profile page right panel link to map Problem started immediately
  4. Thank you for all the replies. Forgot to mention that we are going to the Mega Event in Quebec City over Labor Day weekend. Several of us from New England (MA, NH & ME mostly) coming to visit. My grandparents & other relatives were from Montreal so I used to hear French when I was little, but not so much now as they are all gone. I gave my husband who is not the least bit french, a sample of Quebec road signs so he won't be in complete shock once we cross the border. It also made me realize I needed to brush up on days of the week & months as some "no parking" signs we found online were for certain days in certain months. This is going to be fun!!!!! We will try to be good tourists & not drive badly as we try to translate the signs. fingers crossed for no tickets. Just stay clear of any license plates from USA with a TB on the back. It might be us. My parents have been thinking of places to tell us to visit. And I was quizzing them on their rusty French with signs & geocaching logs. My mom did well since she didn't need to start speaking English until she was 13 even though she was born in USA. She is 81.
  5. How about words in logs that might be hints for me when I won't have internet access to translate? I can use google translate to translate these, but they might not be accurate Quebec translations. Words like: magnetic nano film canister bison tube key case lock & lock ammo can (others?) (any other cache types unique in Quebec?) park bench lamp post guard rail chain link fence wrought iron fence pile of sticks eye level winter friendly (others?) evil / tricky / devious TNLN / took nothing left nothing SL / signed log TB / travel bug DNF / did not find missing I've already learned found & found easily. Trouvee & trouvee facilement? Can you think of others that may be in logs that might help me when finding the cache? Thanks.
  6. LOL, that one I knew about because we have been around since 2002, but I have never seen it used. Do they actually use it? I don't want to start any international caching wars.
  7. Preparing for trip to Quebec. To save me some translation work, does anyone have a list of common geocaching phrases in French logs? I can only find lists in English. My iPhone will not have an international data plan, so using apps or web to translate will be out of the question. I am translating some caches before I travel, but having some log phrases will help too. thank you.
  8. Glad to see you figured it out. Great detective work. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=3179775
  9. yes, we know about challenge coins. He has MANY. Was hoping to find a geocoin since there is an Iraqi Freedom Geocoin. Don't believe I am barking up the wrong tree for asking if there is such a geocoin and asking here.
  10. Recently discovered someones Iraqi Freedom geocoin. My husband came back earlier this year from a year in Afghanistan. Wondered if there was an Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) geocoin I could buy for him. Googled & I can't seem to find one. All these years we have been in Afghanistan fighting OEF and no one has designed a geocoin yet?
  11. We started in Aug 2002. Still many of us out here in MA. Unfortunately, I didn't buy premium membership until a few months after starting & it was too late to become charter by then. Had I only known. Wanted to give geocaching a good try before committing. We have been a premium member every year since though. No gaps.
  12. Grey. It's a Seattle thing. I miss color. A colorful DNF would be so much better than a grey one.
  13. I am so glad that New England geocachers don't form groups. There might be one or two out there, but they are small. Mainly, we just prefer not to play that way here. We have tons of friends. We do lots of dinner events. We have some groups on Facebook if you want to ask a question or form a get together about a great cache. But we don't take it all so seriously. No group membership fees. No selling of stuff. Just plain old fun. Sure there must be some personality clashes between some people here & there, but just go play the game & stay away from the other people who can't get along.
  14. History has shown it alternates sides of the Mississippi River each year. So, if it follows, 2012 should be west of Mississippi River. 2013, back to the east. Shall see. And it has to be someone while a very well organized group with a fabulous history of fund raising. I really would like a vacation to Utah, Nevada or Colorado. Just saying.
  15. Using GSAK to work from, I emailed a ton of cachers in our area to delete the logs. A lot of these people haven't even logged onto GC.com in over a week. I can bet those logs aren't going to be deleted by the CO.
  16. I send an email to the person asking why they didn't sign the logbook and to give me a detailed description of what they found & what the area looked like. I also mention that GC.coms requirement to log a find is to have signed the logbook. If they cannot provide enough info, their log will be deleted. Responses I receive back are: delete the log. I'll go back another time. One particular cacher has done this on all of our caches & his name does not appear on any of the logs. His found logs are vague!!! Our caches are UNIQUE & hand crafted. No reason he can't describe what he found to me......ummm, unless he hasn't been there of course. Many people around here finding same with him & getting same responses. Dude was "logging" 10 caches every day and not visiting any of them. When got called out on it, that practice stopped. Not sure who he was trying to impress with numbers so quickly. I'm more impressed if someone gets out of the house and enjoys the location I wanted to show you.
  17. Another thought, is it possible for Groundspeak to send an email to all account holders asking them to delete logs of this type -- providing more info to them of course.
  18. Is Groundspeak able to / or will they be deleting the logs? Not just banning the accounts? I emailed as many cachers as I could this morning since most people do not come to these forums, read Facebook, or even communicate with other cachers. Many of them were newer cachers or new caches. If the link is possibly infected with a virus (as I've read) then I think it would be best for them to get the logs off their website. Don't need others clicking on the links or reading the BS.
  19. SOLD. Sorry folks. Thanks for all the interest though. Will let mods know to close this thread.
  20. Sorry, I wasn't checking forums. Yes, it is. I'll PM you incase you don't check back here either.
  21. Back in the earlier days before paperless & so many gadgets, we would find a local library. Stop & use their free internet. And pay a few cents to print off what we needed. Worked for use. Now, I spend way too much time preparing before the trip. I can also vouch for the Verizon MiFi or for satellite cards from cell companies as hubby has used & tested those for work while we travel. Those cost money however of course. Since I've purchased an iPod Touch, I've been finding all kinds of free wifi. Hospitals/Medical centers or large doctors buildings. A motel while I was across the street getting an oil change. Airports - as far away as their Cell Parking Lots. McD & Panera bread. Small garage that does my car inspection sticker. My neighbors who have unsecured routers. And sometimes have even found it on the highway, following some truckers or trailer trucks. There are more, but those are the ones I remember.
  22. FOR SALE: Garmin GPSmap 60cs (not 60csx) 2 extra screen protectors wrist strap belt clip Geocaching.com (white) lanyard USB cable car power adaptor beanbag dashboard mount MapSource City Select North America ver7 DVD (road maps for auto routing) & unlock codes manual beginners training DVD GPS has been set up with the custom geocaching icons from this website. (I love this feature!) http://www.thepropers.com/geocaching/60Ser...stomSymbols.htm So if you load geocaches to your GPS from GSAK, you will now have icons that match the geocaching website, instead of Garmin's default open & closed treasure chest. We had 2 of these & used them from about 2005-2008, when we upgraded to the 60csx model. We were not heavy cachers during those years, so used it to find only about 500 caches? Good condition. Screen always had a screen protector on it. We have ONE (1) unit for sale. Other unit already sold. Reason for selling: You only need so many unused GPS units for 2 people. lol Asking $125. That includes shipping to anywhere in the USA. We accept PayPal. Any questions, please ask. I ended up taking some pictures. http://wandering4cache.smugmug.com/Other/F...009591576_4Gynb
  23. I'm sooooo glad I haven't gotten around to dipping my trackables yet from GW8. Now with the newest upgrade, I can do it easier. THANK YOU!!! Woohoo!
  24. Just wanted to thank you for the great directions on this old thread. While traveling for 15 days for GeoWoodstock VIII, my 60csx decided to stop acquiring satellites midway through the trip. So glad we had another 60csx with us, as we didn't have the time to sit & try to fix mine. I prepared laptop with every conceivable backup incase of failure or data loss, but never thought of GPS failure. Anyway, home now & had time to look into problem. I too had the Software version 0.00 problem. Turns out Jumpin' Jacks solution of going back to version 2.9, then updating chipset, then updating again to version 4.00 has me back in business. (Also, no trouble on PC running Vista & used Firefox to download.) Since my husband had tried a few things before this, I unfortunately lost all my settings & custom icons, but just had to reinstall all that too. Back in business. THANKS. And for a moment there, we thought me might have to go out and buy the new 62 series. Darn.
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