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  1. Hmmm, oh, just a find a different place or is the planet not big enough for both caches?
  2. Are you within a reasonable distance of Paducah, KY. I enjoy geocaching and often bring my wife and 3 year old daughter so mainly do city caches or light wooded area's. Maybe we could do something informal at bob noble park. Thoughts?
  3. I should be caching on the 29th in Paducah, KY. City only caches, ticks and bugs don't go well with my 3 year old yet. I save the outdoor ones for cold days thanks to our large chigger populations(boy the itch).
  4. Since you were in Germany you may not have had the proper papers to present to the reviewers(aka authorities). But given your demeanor, I would intentionally write down your screen name and notify other reviewers to, by email, not to approve anything by you. Your blacklisted and would never have known it. Have you considered starting your own website of say geoharrasers.com where you insult and offend everyone you interact with? PS. Germany does not have police brutatilty laws. They use repeater sticks that do the hitting for them. Be careful whom you piss off once you leave this country.
  5. Geocaching and Gospel Tracts Here's a tasteful video I created for geocaching and gospel tracts. Hope someone finds this helpful.
  6. Was wondering what ways you all bring others to geocaching ? I've tell people at work it's a fun family activity great for the family to get outdoors and do things with the kids other then stare at the idiot box aka tv, it doesn't cost much either! I've taken people caching with me and that seems to work best. Saw another thread about more people joining geocaching. I've only been doing this since July of this year and don't imagine stopping. How do you get people involved ?
  7. steve638


    Ft. Riley KS, I've noticed there aren't to many cachers in KS in general many of the caches in my area haven't been touched in month and I saw one that has not been found since Feb 07. I've started going for those that haven't been done in a long time.
  8. How do you know how many are watching it, I was searching around and couldn't find that information. Thanks!
  9. I found a little LED Flash Light for reading at night. It's a great item that will get plenty of use.
  10. Thanks for the clarification. I sort of thought that maybe you were kinda saying that in a round about backwards long winded way... Military Swag, Church Swag, PETA Swag. It takes all kinds to make up the world. You don't have to like the philosophy or message to show a little respect for the simple fact that others have different ideas and beliefs. The world could use a little more of that. is that PETA = People Eating Tasty Animals swag or People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals swag, just so no one is unsure
  11. Congratulations, some kids are born with a football or a baseball others with a GPS and some Coordinates.
  12. So of my favorite lines from this thread are: Everyone has had great replies keep them coming. Everyone has a valid point! Maybe we can all agree to dis agree so at least we have agreed upon something ?
  13. I had a good experience with the reviewer in my area and no hard feelings he was just following the guidelines. He recommended I take it up with Groundspeak. Mainly because the cache falls in that gray area. It's at a public place on post that anyone can drive by and it's at a place of little to no foot traffic but still a cool historical spot here on Ft. Riley. Everyone has provided a lot of good feed back. I'm going to contact that Military Association of Geocachers (MAGC) see what help they can provide. Also I just checked out the Terracaching.com and am going to bookmark that website, seems challenging. Thanks for the quality feedback!
  14. Better yet, to log the cache you have to upload a picture of your signed enlistment papers. Now there's a virtual cache that will truly better the community. Worth FAR more than a CITO. That is so funny, signed enlistment papers that's awesome. What other ridiculous caches could we create ? How about a cache leading to picture of yourself at a voting booth casting your ballet on election day ? So not to offended others I will leave a plain gray piece of paper with nothing on it and take something out. How about other non offensive items to leave in caches ?
  15. Well the majority of the items are military related. Although the dog tags have a religious verse on them and a American Flag so that one could go either way. But the idea is people being offended by religious, military or any other possibly offensive theme, determined by the cacher. I had a person tell me off because I was wearing a Pro Army T Shirt and Baseball cap walking downtown with friends, it didn't catch me off guard because we were warned at work about anti war activist being around. It's happened more then once though. When I used to do a lot of funeral details a battle buddy of mine was insulted for being in uniform by a specific religious group. Ironic since I go to church. So just like religious items are people bothered by military themed items ? After reading previous threads, would a violation of terms be having a virtual cache that's ends in a recruiters office with the answer being what's the recruiters name and rank ? How about a multi cache that goes through each branch of service recruitment office and ends at the MEPS station ? Most people I believe are reasonable and aren't offended by some military, religious and other group specific stuff. Although I'm looking for to the day I find a cache with a box of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies! Solicitations are off-limits. For example, caches perceived to be posted for religious, political, charitable or social agendas are not permitted. Geocaching is supposed to be a light, fun activity, not a platform for an agenda So while I have a bunch of military items I'm not a recruiter nor is my intent for you to join the military as a result of finding my cache. Just stirring the pot and curious what other stuff people have to say.
  16. By a boyscout troop Set by a Boyscout troop Hope this helps you should email the cache owner for more help or to share on the thread since it's another Boyscout Troop. There's for in total check the Zip Code 66441 and move directly south to find the others. Or check their profile for the caches they've hidden. Hope that helps you.
  17. The point is you should be able to put what ever you want in a cache within the geocaching guidelines without people pointlessly attacking each other over what goes into a cache. See Church Swag Well I wouldn't have normally posted this but I just started my Christmas Leave and can't be out caching 24/7 as I'd like to. So I figured I'd come here and stir the pot.
  18. I saw a while a back a pretty heated thread on just church swag. I recently created a cache before reading that thread and it's content were all military and church related, a lapel pin (US Flag), lapel pin(yellow ribbon), US ARMY bumper sticker, Coin SSG type, dog tags with American Flag they have religious quotes on them (I did try to find a set without religious quotes but there aren't any at MCS), some military personal may know what I'm talking about. A bible study notebook small in nature(Thank Chaplin Charlie), a Big Red One Patch, some old sew on rank. Standard notebook and pencil. My cache is still under review, I won't change the contents though because this is my cache not yours. I do serve in the military and I do go to church. If you think I'm going to put a gray piece of paper with nothing on it in a geocache as not to offend anyone, think again. There is no recruiting information and no go to church or go to hell items. Here's my take if you don't like the swag, just log it and don't take anything or just leave your non offensive overly exciting gray piece of paper with nothing on it. "If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn't thinking." - General George Patton Jr This comment is for you military recruiters using geocaching to meet your monthly quota. BAD BAD BAD IDEA! Plus you probably won't meet your quota that way, but hey that's on you not me, your yearly review will reflect your previous actions. And for strictly religious caches: You'll spread religion by your example and giving of yourself, not beating people over the head with your religious rhetoric - that assault. The United States of America was founded by Christian People last time I checked, one nation under god ? I guess that's debatable these days ? Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples' liberty's teeth. George Washington If we desire to avoid insult, we must be able to repel it; if we desire to secure peace, one of the most powerful instruments of our rising prosperity, it must be known, that we are at all times ready for War. George Washington May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won't. - General George Patton Jr "No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country." - Attributed to General George Patton Jr This is for you military recruiters with a sense of humor: Youtube-Military recruiting van Just thought I would exercise my freedom of speech. I know I offended some of you but hey I don't care.
  19. "No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country." - General George Patton Jr Sep 02 till present 1-4 CAV 1-15 CAV 1-13 CAV 5 - 4 CAV very soon. "Just drive down that road, until you get blown up" - General George Patton, about reconnaissance troops
  20. I didn't think this topic would go as far as it did, but then I realized there's a large number of military personal that do this. This topic wasn't meant to have good caches removed just for people to discuss what we do, how it is done, what we do wrong and how we can improve it in the future. In this format we will improve caching for everyone possibly in the future.
  21. Make decoding optional so people don't complain or do it so they do either way it's your cache and you should state that if they don't want that kind of challenge don't do the cache. WIUZJXPPAXGSSPYIPQSFOHWSRBRMQXNZPLFKQCBL Otherwise we should all wear gray and not speak to anyone as to not offend anybody! I think you should make your cache the way you want, the people who do it will determine the success of your cache By the way it's a great IDEA!!! WFBSKAAQDVVJOCWEPIOTEUFRRQSKTSZNEBBNBN
  22. Review the guidlines my first cache was turned down. I tried to persuade the reviewer with no luck he was correct in turning me down but you can try.
  23. As long as it took me to good locations and was fun to do I would give it a try
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