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  1. You are free to decide what caches you do and do not seek. Sometimes a quick roadside cache is great, but if its not your thing there are plenty of out of the way gems to be found. Scare Force One
  2. I belive that the minimum distance between 2 cache's is 1/10 of a mile, but I could be wrong. Scare Force One
  3. My suggestion is play it safe and check it. You would hate to check your luggage, get to the gate, and have it confiscated. It is unlikly, but why risk it. Scare FOrce One
  4. GPS'rs, especially chaper models will not get you on top of the cache. Thy will get you within about 20 or 30 feet and then you will have tgo use your "geosense" to find it. As you do more you will develop your geosense. Just keep at it and soon you will be finsing them like a pro.
  5. Contact the cache owner ASAP and alert him the the issue. Explain to him exactly what happened, where it happened, and when it happened. After that there is not much yoiu can do. Sorry to hear about your expirence, most places are great and this is very unusal. Scare Force One
  6. Welcomne to the addiction. Have fun!!! Scare Force One
  7. it does not necesarilyu refur to a person who has vandilived or stolen a cache, but simply any person who is not a geocacher. As mentioned above it is barrowed from the Harry Potwer series. Scare Force One
  8. To make everybodys lives esier why dont we just make a list of things that tell you what indicates you are NOT addicted... it will be MUCH shorter. Scare Force One
  9. If it is at all possible it is always good to move a TB. Just check its mission to make sure you will be helping it move in the right direction and that you will be able to place it within a week or two of grabing it. Scare Force One
  10. The amount of paper and ink you will use for this project is incredible. Go onto Ebay and buy a used/inexpensive PDA for 15 to 25 dollars. You will save the enviroment and your self a heck of a lot of time. Scare Force One
  11. Im not sure but I belive they also sell them quiet chaply at GC.com, but it isd quiet possible I am wrong. Scare Force One
  12. You definatly should if at all possible. You could alweays go back to it after the FTF is gone and stuff it in there. The reason to do it is so that if someone acidentally stumbles upon it they know what it is and what to do (and not to do) with it. Scare Force One
  13. If you had read all of the posts you would have seen that someone had indeed suggested the use of PQ.
  14. A TB bought thru GC.com will cost about 5 dollar plus tax and shipping (usally about 6 total depending on location). Scare Force One
  15. As you gety more and more expieranced you will develop a "geo sense". This takes time to develop but if you stick with it you will get it. Juist keep trying and remember, what other people say in their logs does not matter. Scare Force One
  16. Just about anything. You will have an esier time trying to find a list of things NOT to use. Almost anything that ios safe and apropriate for children is ok to use. Scare Force One
  17. In truth very few caches are members only so as said before, dont expect to find many. In my area we dont have a single one for 15 miles. Scare Force One
  18. I avoid caches like this becuse if I have the wrong yard it would be an interesting conversation. If you don't mid a reduction in cache visits than hay, it's you yard.
  19. You do not need internet access in order to paperlessly cache. Others can explain how but I know that much. One thing to think about is; PDA's are not meant for outdoor use and the chances of it getting ruined, lost, or damaged are relitivly large. I would suggest buying a very cheap used PDA off ebay or something lioke that for cacheing. That way if you do destroy it your out 20 or 30 bucks, not 200+. I have been caching for 2 years and I have lost 1 destroyed 1 and scrached 1 screen. ~.~Scare Force One
  20. I took something and then compleatly forgot that I had something else in my pocket and that I was supposed to LEAVE it in the cache. Opps. ~.~Scare Force One
  21. Pamphlets are a total waste of time...but what about bisuness cards??? ~.~Scare Force One
  22. I would check it just to be safe. They may not have any problem with it but it would be bad to check your bags and then end up having to leave GPSr behind beacuse you can't carry iton. Better safe than sorry...IMO. ~.~Scare Force One
  23. Beacuse there are no vertual caches anymore the .10 rule does still apply to the 1st stage of a multi...I think ~.~Scare Force One
  24. I thinks DNF's should be left in place. Somne owners like to track DNF's over time ot see if something is wrong and there is no shame in a DNF. ~.~Scare Force One
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