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I use a bottom of the barrel Etrex, and it gets me where I'm going. No bells and whistles. No cable for downloading. No mapping software. I cache with a friend who has a Garmin Legend, with lots of added goodies, but when we get close, it seems her Legend has a tendancy to bounce alot more than my Etrex.


Q; why is a Meridian an upgrade from Garmin?

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I upgraded from a Venture to a Legend on the day of my 200th find (my year and a half cache-iversary). Since I'm approaching my 400th find quickly, I guess I've earned a new GPS, right?


Eeeeeh...I doubt it would fly with the wife either.





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[quote name=

Why did you leave some of them on? If you don't want your batteries give them to me' date=' Dracula...[/quote]

Actually, most of these things were in use in one way or another. We were working on a particularly hard multi cache, and everyone was trying to solve a puzzle (I'm in the upper left corner using a book.. low tech... while using Google on my PDA, which was tied to my phone).

The table was getting a little crowded, so we told everyone to lay down their hardware for the picture. Gizmos just seemed to pop out of nowhere...

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