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  1. Over the years, I have met several cachers this way.
  2. I have cached mostly alone since '03 and rarely take or leave any swag. To me the search or hunt for the cache is what it is all about. So a TFTC is my standard response. Because of this, I don't mind a short log on one of my dozen hides.
  3. Not sure about must do, but you will want to visit the squares in Savannah. This one will get you close GC26ZCN
  4. JDSavannah If you ever make it down a little south of Savannah, we can try and find some "Island" caches here on St. Simons.
  5. Nearest unfound is 16.6 miles away as the crow flies on an Island that is at least 25 miles by boat.
  6. That is great. I lived in williamsville back in the 60's
  7. The follwing is a central location in the historic district of Savannah. N32.08094 W81.09120 There are a dozen caches within walking distance.
  8. My furthest is 1488 miles from home, GC614F, The Other Lighthouse on Aruba. The furthest from home I have found a cache in USA is by Motorcycle, 1202 miles, GC11G4Z, Great Western in Levenworth KS.
  9. My furthest is 1488 miles from home, GC614F, The Other Lighthouse on Aruba. The furthest from home I have found a cache in USA is by Motorcycle, 1202 miles, GC11G4Z, Great Western in Levenworth KS.
  10. I too enjoy caching by bike. So much so that I hid an entire series of caches designed to be done by bike.
  11. You might try the "tour" series on St. Simons. I think they are pretty good, but then I placed them.
  12. I am a Lighthouse Keeper and Professional Geek, ie. Electrical Engineer
  13. Not all who wander are lost. Believe your GPS, Trust your instincts.
  14. Welcome! I am from about 50 miles East of Waycross. There are many good caches in SE GA.
  15. Hello! We are geocachers in SE Georgia. When the opportunity presents itsself, we enjoy caching all over Georgia. If we ever get to Warner Robbins, I just might be able to find that larger than normal Amno can.
  16. I use the RAM mounts on the bike, motorcycle and in the Jeep. Practical and dependable. My GPSr has never fallen out of the mount. The RAM GPS mount for my 60cs just failed after years of flexing and hundreds of operations. Not bad for $8. You might be interested in this: http://www.cycoactive.com/gps/gps_mounts.html
  17. infomative article. These new satellites will make civilian GPS use quite a bit different different than today. Having sub meter accuracy might take some of the challenge out of caching. But I do not think it will be any more help to me finding my way through a town I have never visited before. However my battery might last a little longer. I am guessing that due to the change in frequency, current models will not be of much use in a few years. I'll keep my 60cs as long as it still does the job.
  18. Are there receivers on the civilian/consumer market available today that can take advantage of these new improved signals?
  19. I've got gray hair and beard, so that makes me an old timer of sorts. 'Round these parts I guess I'm just a newbee.
  20. There are 81 caches within 17 miles of home. 9 of which are mine. I have found the other 72. The next unfound cache for me is 24 miles away as the crow flies and 35 miles by road.
  21. I use a Garmin 60CS on a RAM mount on my Motorcycle and various Jeeps and Bicycles for several years now. It has proven to be a reliable, waterproof aide to navigation that just happens to have the Geocache mode. While it does not have a voice, A change of course brings up a new screen that gets my attention.
  22. Run a PQ on GCQED3 as the center. There are about 50 caches within a 10 mile radius. The caches are about evenly split between Brunswick, Jekyl and St. Simons Island. The ones on Jekyl will offer more of a hike. Spend a day on each. Good Luck
  23. I agree that the Garmin Tech Support is EXCELLENT!. My 18 month old 60CS USB connector had worked loose. I did all of this via email. They repaired mine for $80 by supplying a brand new unit in one week. It came with a new Unlock Code for my City Navigator.
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