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  1. I would list it at one of the letterboxing sites as well. To me, that's the point of doing a hybrid. There's no reason for it being a hybrid if letterboxers don't know it's there. It's just another Geocache. I prefer a hand made stamp, but I'm not dissapointed when I find a store bought one. A appreciate a plain, or badly done DIY stamp over a brilliant store bought one any day, but I'll take either. If you could affix the stamp to the lid of your container, then you wouldn't have to worry about someone taking it as a trade item. As long as it sticks out past the edge, it should be all good.
  2. I came in here to reply, that yes, I am in my 20's, but then I realized I'm actually 33. WHEN DID I TURN 30?!?!
  3. There are cylindrical tupperware type containers out there designed for holding spaghetti. That would be a quick pre-fab solution.
  4. That's really cool. I've never seen those before. Must try when I get home.
  5. You're basically right about letterboxing. It's the non-tech version of geocaching. Most clues use landmarks and/or compass readings that you need to follow to find the letterbox. Some are extrememly easy, some not so much. You won't find swag in a letterbox either. You will find a rubber stamp and a logbook. What a letterboxer does is imprint the stamp's image into their own personal logbook as a memento of the find. The letterboxer will also have their own personal 'signature' stamp that they carry with them that they will then use to leave an imprint inside the logbook of the letterbox to show that he was there. Most stamps are handmade, but that isn't a neccesity. I have sen some very beutiful homemade stamps, though.
  6. DOn't do anything to it! I live in Victoria and have wanted to get this cache ever since I started, but have never had a good time to get out the canoe and go out there. Wait till I log it and then you can do whatever you want to it.
  7. I guess I think about it once a day. Unless I'm thinking of a new cache, then it's non-stop until I get it out (like now). Sometimes it keeps me up at night. Other than that, I come by the forums several times a day when I'm at work. I check to see if my caches have been found daily. I check other caches that I've already found to see if anyone picked up my trade items, again, daily. Not too bad.
  8. AHHHHH! THe horror!!! *saves picture*
  9. WINNER! I'm going to go burn down a mill so I can use this name.
  10. I would say make it as big or small as you want. As a courtesy, I would note on the cache page if the distance between caches is more than walking distance or otherwise excessive and if it will take a long time to complete.
  11. There's a disabled cache in my area with that theme. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Choose Your Own Adventure. It looks like fun. Ah man! I've been planning one of these for some time now and now it's going to look like I copied someone. One other one I'm working on is a Bookcrossing Puzzle cache. Most of the numbers in the coordinates will corespond to a question. THe questions are book related and the answers will be numerical. I'm just trying to round up enough books with with numbers featured either in the title or prominantly within the story.
  12. I actually prefer to find signature items rather than junk from a dollar store. Something that someone spent a lot of time designing and produciong is far more valueable to me than some Made in China doodad picked out of a clearance bin. I see them as little pieces of folk art- the ones I like anyway. And who says they aren't they tradeable?
  13. My sig item is a Geocaching bindrune. Basically it's a good luck charm created with runes. I used Ansuz, the signal rune; Raido, the journey rune; and Wunjo, the joy rune. These are for good satellite reception, a pleasant trip, and a happy ending. It's made from sculpey and hemp chord. I'm also working on some wooden nickels. One side has my new Monkey logo. I'm not sure what's going on the reverse yet. Maybe, "Good for one beer from MonkeyToes" or something.
  14. Tjose look really great. Is there a template available for that stencil?
  15. I used GOOP brand silicone glues to put them together, and then used the packing tape on the outside. I don't think they'd come apart too easily.
  16. I think they'll all serve you well. I love my 210. I hear it gets better reception under cover than others. I can get a good signal inside my house even. Here's some links to a couple of other discussions on the 210: Here Other owners thoughts Like was said in the first link: Amen, brother. I've been using my 210 for maybe a month now, and I love it as well. In addition to the above, it locks on to those satellites in less than a minute, and once the WAAS kicks in (a few minutes later I've found) it gets me right on top of the cache. I got mine of Amazon for $160 and free shipping. You can find more oppinions in the software forum, where this thread may get moved to, or by using the search feature
  17. I've always thought that CITO was a great concept and wanted to bring it into my other hobby, Letterboxing. It would have been easy to just through in a CITO canister and call it a day, but I wanted something with a little more impact. This is what I came up with... For those of you not familiar with letterboxing, they have what is called a hitchhiker. It's like a smaller traveling letterbox, going from standard letterbox to standard letterbox (like a non-trackable tracking bug). There are no clues to it's location, you just find one as a bonus from time to time. It contains a very small stamp and logbook. It also counts as a find (F-count). Using the trashbag-in-a-filmcanister idea I made a trash collecting hitchhiker. It's basically two film containers attached end to end with a trashbag in one end and the hitchhiker in the other. Find the Hitchhiker, take it with you using the bag to collect refuse, add a new bag, and place in the next letterbox you find. So not only are you cleaning up the environment, you're getting credit for a find! See pictures below.
  18. ...unless your friend writes his name on it. Then it becomes a highly covetted signature item.
  19. Amen, brother. I've been using my 210 for maybe a month now, and I love it as well. In addition to the above, it locks on to those satellites in less than a minute, and once the WAAS kicks in (a few minutes later I've found) it gets me right on top of the cache. I got mine of Amazon for $160 and free shipping.
  20. I pulled out a whole bag of rocks yesterday. Turns out it was ROCKSUSAN's sig item.
  21. You forgot to mention games. I've got ChessTiger and Lemmings as wel as Cachemate on my PalmIIIx.
  22. 41) There can be great treasure in even the smallest places. Amen to that.
  23. This has finally been resolved and I'm posting the solution here for anyone else that has a simlar problem. Dick "RheS" Smith was right. I needed an adapter that would convert the USB port on my computer to a serial port. Nothing from the Palm company would work. I had an Iconcepts adapter and found the outdated software cd. The drivers on the cd would only work for Windows 98 and earlier machines so I had to go online and find an XP version. I did and I can now hot sync at home. Thanks to everyone, specially Dick, for all your help.
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