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  1. Can I use MapSend Topo 4.20D, or do I have to get the 3D thing? What MapSends will work with the eXplorist XL? The guy on their techsupport line said to get Mapsend Topo 3D, but did not outright say that Topo 4.20D would not work. Thanks!
  2. We are caching in Ireland this summer (Wo-Ho!), and want to buy maps for our eTrex Vista. I was looking on eBay, and there seems to be a product called City Navigator, and another product called MetroGuide. Price doesn't matter much, because I can just sell it again after our trip. Is there anyone here that has a copy of compatible software they would like to sell to other Geocachers?
  3. Hahaha, We got our problem resolved, but thanks for the laughs!
  4. Then yours must be broken becuase the X models will power from either USB or the gigantic round connectors. Same for my Legend C and CX...will run from power cord without batteries. And the Magellan Meridian series will as well. Thanks, I will try calling them tomorrow.
  5. OK. I have already bid on a new one on eBay (We "need" it for Christmas vacation). I did try to put more tension on the battery contacts. There didn't seem like there was much else to play around with in there. Any other ideas? Thanks!
  6. I am thinking about opening up the unit, but because it also does not power on with the power cable, I do not see how this would help. Thanks! Will
  7. I have a magellan meridian that has been acting erratically for the past few months. Every once in a while, it would turn off without any user initiation. We went out Caching today, and the GPS finally wouldn't even turn on! Is there anything we can do, or is our GPS broken? Thanks! Will
  8. I love my VX, but the backlight broke when I dropped it . Other than that, it's extremely durable. Cachemate is more than worth the $7. Get a trial first, though. Google for a link.
  9. Yeah, I saw that thread the day before we looked at the cache from the banks. I wonder if there is a boat rental place anywhere close.
  10. The owner encrypted it. I guess I wasn't supposed to say it was in the middle of the river.
  11. Wow! We tried this one today, but didn't want to get wet. Anyone who is near Spencer with a boat can claim a FTF on this cache that was hid in March of 2005!
  12. I am going camping at Clifty Falls soon, and was wondering why there are so few caches there. There are only two caches in the whole park, both of which were hidden in 2001. Is there a ban on new caches there, or are there just not that many hiders in that area. One of the caches I found was GC242E so you can look at the map. If caches are allowed, I might have to hide a few more there!
  13. We pay around $5 at Broke's Army-Navy in Broadripple near Indy. Let me know if you need the exact address.
  14. I have a magellan meridian, but my serial cable got stolen along with my usb to serial cable. Is there any way to put waypoints on my SD card instead of shelling out 30 bucks for a new cable from Magellan? I have the MapSend Topo software (It's really cheap on eBay now). Thanks!
  15. Sorry to hear about that. We had that happen to us a Niagara Falls last year. Problem is you think you are in a safe lot until it happens then you see how wrong you were. We never leave anything visible in our vehicles regardless of where we are now. Hope you got the vehicle fixed without a lot of hassle for the insurers. JDandDD So far the people at the Farmers Insurance Group are being quite helpful.
  16. Where in Indiana did your trouble take place? Living in Indiana that is where we do most of our caching and backpacking. I feel pretty safe here.
  17. We hope to encourage the authorites through letters and web postings, but fear that they are way understaffed in the Federal Parks. It appears tht the criminals are taking over after dark.
  18. Yes - but very high deductable, and personal property not covered. Worst part was not being able to cache the next few days!
  19. We were parked at Martin's Fork Trailhead. Here is a picture of our car in the parking lot. We did inform the state police, and they were very polite, but acted like it happened all the time. The parking lot should be OK durring the day. We didn't get to do any caching because we were waiting until the next day and we didn't want to drive around with a smashed windshield more than we had to. We did get one at a nearby rest stop the day before that was cool. It was called "Junior's Last Stop." We also logged a DNF at the Drive In Theater, but the cache is probobally still there. The people at the Slade Shell Station are extremely camper friendly. Have fun on your trip.
  20. True enough. At least we got some good caches
  21. We had a week long cache vacation planned out. Last night we backpacked at the Red River Gorge in kentucky, and hiked back to a car that had been broken into. All of the doors had been dented with rocks, and all of our food and much of our property in the car had been stolen. If you are every on an overnight caching trip, try to park in a safer lot than this one!
  22. Bump, anybody have an answer to this?
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