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  1. I'm guessing it was probably this cache: http://coord.info/GC3D9R2
  2. He just logged another one of mine....who do we complain to about this anymore?
  3. A friend contacted me about the same guy. A few minutes later he logged one of my missing travel bugs also: Log Date: 1/1/2013 discovered....normally I didn't log any trackabels anymoore. Now I needed some TB Numbers for a challenge Cache.
  4. Fun idea! Is your daughter a fan of ze Frank? Earth Sandwich
  5. Wow, I guess I should pay attention to the forums more! Thanks for all the comments and views. We do enjoy putting these together. This one had been in the planning stages for months. It's funny, when I click on the "insight" section on my YouTube page I can see what the "Hot Spots" are for my videos. That is, the spots that people stop and rewind and rewatch. The two most popular hot spots in my videos are when Jenn appears and (in another video) when I shine a laser into the camera. So, in my next video, Jenn will be shooting lasers out of her eyes. Thanks for checking the video out! Bret P.S. If you want a much shorter view of another cool cache we did that day, check out, . No lasers, unfortunately, but there is fire!
  6. You might want to check with the CIGA group. Also, there's a breakfast event coming up next month in Champaign, so that'd be a great opportunity to meet a few of the area cachers. And welcome to the game!
  7. Excellent idea...I'm moving this one to the geocaching.com forum.
  8. You might have a better shot with this one in the UK forum. Moving it there. Hope that helps Bret
  9. I'm confused. Is this the original BrianSnat or the new guy who's playing BrianSnat? Cause if it's both then I have to say the voting was rigged.
  10. I understand - my wife has ordered me to replace my worn orange one - now 7 years old. Yeah, so I replaced my worn out, greasy, faded, frayed and misshapen Geocaching.com green cap with...... One of those Real Deal hats! That'll teach em to tell me I need a new hat!
  11. Wow, great to see you back! I see your name on that pinned topic every time I'm here and wonder where you wandered off to. I've got to place an order soon myself. I'm being ordered to replace my beloved bedraggled geocaching hat.
  12. It's been discussed (obviously) and I doubt any requirements will ever be made. I gave myself a "self-imposed" requirement when I started caching to find at least 14 before hiding one. That took a while back then...probably about 14 weeks. However, I've seen a good number of caches hidden by 0/0 hiders (or those with a low find count) that were outstanding. I think some people read about the game, get caught up in the ideals and go out to hide something they'd like to find. They end up taking you to some very unique places. On the other hand, crappy caches beget crappy caches. I've seen cachers who have found nothing but roadside micros who turn around and hide exactly the same thing, apparently thinking that's how the game is played. It's one of those cases were you can't really legislate whether or not someone "gets it." It would be helpful in many cases if the active caching community could provide some support and guidance for new hiders. A short "ata boy" email can go a long way towards encouraging a new hider...along with some well-written constructive criticism.
  13. This topic is already being discussed in this thread. Closing this duplicate topic.
  14. There was no need to make this personal IN the forums. If you can't get along then either ignore each other or if the abuse has gone through the geocaching.com email system then feel free to report it to abuse@. Either way, it doesn't belong here. Closing this thread.
  15. I've found methlabs on three different occasions. Each time they were within 20 feet or so of a cache. It seems that we have something in common when it comes to hiding spots.
  16. Cool. I got a two dollar bill as a FTF once...maybe twice. Sounds like a great idea. Some locals around here also use the dollar coins as FTF prizes. Really, it's not a huge deal, just a nice little extra for the finder.
  17. Why would anyone even bother searching for a puzzle 10 miles away when the final coordinates have to be within 2 miles of the posted coordinates?
  18. Duplicate posting from UK forum. Closing this thread.
  19. Wow, name calling? Really? Here? Take it to private or drop it completely. Either way, it's not happening here. Bret
  20. I was immune for about 40 years. I used to wade through the stuff when hunting and fishing with my dad. When I started caching I was exposed all the time, but it never bothered me. Then two years ago I did several caches in PI in a row. Next thing I knew the little bumps were all over my hands and wrists...and then they started showing up UNDER the skin. It had gotten into my blood, according to the doctor. After a shot and a dose of steroids it cleared up. I'm very cautious now. I use Buji Block before I get into it, wash with Technu after and when I get home I wash with Buji, Zanfel and Fels Naptha Soap. So far no more itchies. I don't know which product is really doing it for me. The Fels Naptha is sort of an old home remedy, but it's the one I use most consistently. More than anything I think it's just me being as cautious as possible around the stuff now. Bret
  21. It's been done before. Sound and fury.
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