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  1. Try going to map setup and turning Lock on Road off
  2. Using the position and clock in your GPS, with a little help from Heavens Above you can amaze your friends by summoning shooting stars (actually Iridium Flares)
  3. When setting your Go To, are you using Navigate On-Road or Off-Road. If you're using On-Road it's locking on to the nearest road to try and get you there. Try Off-Road and you should be fine
  4. You'll find GC92E4 a little bit south, great view from there
  5. Yes I was - thanks. I had done a search but hadn't come across it......
  6. Yeah that map did show the correct home location.....I'll amend my home co-ordinates slightly and try running a new PQ to see if it works. Will let you know how that works. But in the meantime I can use the postal code search and that seems to work.
  7. I just figured out the problem - when I select "from my home co-ordinates" it always returns zero results....even though my home co-ordinates are correct. When I select the postal code option it works fine. Very strange but at least it's working.
  8. still not working.......
  9. I'm only selecting caches that I haven't found......been doing it this way for a long time. But all of a sudden all my PQ requests return 0 results....I'm not the only one reporting this problem. I've sent an email to Groundspeak to look into it
  10. 2nd day in a row and I'm still getting zero results when I run a PQ.......
  11. I'm running them like usual, but get 0 results
  12. So that rules out a bad cable....have you checked your mode settings? Check the manual under the section on communicating with a PC and try the File Transfer setting
  13. When your cousin hooked his up did he use your cable or his cable?
  14. As was stated above, clear your track log at the start point of your run/walk and when you get to the end save your track log right away. You will then have a track saved to memory that can be recalled. You'll need a program that will allow you to download tracks from the GPS to your computer. I use Ozi Explorer which works very well for this. You can also replay your route and see all the info at any track point. Ozi is a great program but it doesn't come with any maps, you need to add, and calibrate those, yourself.
  15. Is there any way to turn off the Go To line on the map screen....the only setting I've found allow you to select either bearing or heading. I'd prefer not to have any line on my map screen, I can use the compass screen for that. My 76S allows me to turn off the line altogether.....I wonder why they took that option away???
  16. What model, and what parts are you looking for?
  17. Don't forget some of the other tools you could use, a laser range finder, and a magnetic locator (pin detector)
  18. 4.8 miles.....not bad considering I live on an island
  19. Garmin Venture Garmin Forerunner 201 Garmin GPS Map 76S Garmin 76CSx Magellan Meri Yellow Magellan Meri Platinum Dell Bluetooth GPS I think I have a problem
  20. Maps go to the card - the card size determines how much you can load. The Garmin stats say up to 512, that assumes you put in a 512 mb card (it would actually be a little less than that because as you've already found out some of the cards memory is used in the formating process.) Other users have reported being able to use bigger cards 1GB and up.
  21. A few questions come to mind: - do you have an active Go To selected? - so you have sat lock? - compass off or on?
  22. The best thing to do is intall an auxilliary fuse block on your firewall. Form there you can hardwire in as many 12v outlets as you need, putting them wherever is the most convenient place. Make sure the auxilliary fuse block is wired to the battery with the proper guage of wire, and an inline fuse...and use a fuse block with fuses on each circuit.
  23. This one is a perfect fit for the Meridian line and the price can't be beat... http://www.ems.com/catalog/product_detail_...534374302865618
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