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  1. I started out with a GPS III, then joined Geocaching here, then went on to buy GPS IIIplus, GPS V, Etrex Vista, and Meridian Platium. Really like the Platinum, because it was so accurate, to get to the cache. Had more GPS unts after that, like the 60 series. I do like the Montana, for being able to plug into my battery bricks to charge up, then unplug for next cache. GPS units pretty much get turned on, then in my carry case, and used only for tracking on the trail, and I use the iPhone with Google satellite imagery to zero in on the spot. I bought an eTrex Vista back in 2011, just for a flight from Michigan to Hawaii trip (9 days), and the eTrex, I would turn it on while at the window seat, then put it on sort of a blank page, like the route screen, with no routes, or any Goto's, then place into canvas carry case. I would then, place it on the armrest against the bottom of the window, never to be touched until I get to the next gate. So the GPS units I have, are just for collecting tracklogs now, and the iPhone takes over for much. I have used both iPad and iPhone while on cache hunts. I find that like PC's where we still are on Intel i7's, technology has stagnated. Also the phone basically has cut the cable for me. No having to plug a GPS unit in to a desktop anymore, except only to download tracklogs once in a while. I do miss when Mapsource was front and center. Another reason for me getting away from using GPS units out of their carry cases, is that I have gotten into trouble with GPS units, walking around with them in my hand. So I have lost interest in them. I used to watch the GPS screens on occation during hikes, now they stay in the carry cases.
  2. When I encounter an error like this, I like to use another cable in a different USB port, plug in the GPS, then power on the Map60CSx. Try all the USB ports on the computer, and other Mini-USB cables. No problems with Windows 7. Big problem with my 60CSx, is the lose connection on the GPS, but I have other cables. Some reason the cable connected to the back of the PC is loose in the 60CSx but tight in the Montana, so I think it is that the 60CSx is 5 years old.
  3. looks like things are working here. The Montana 650t is a big step up from Map60CSx, and I got Birdseye, and pocket queries working. Remembered, all I needed to do was mount the Montana650t as an external drive, and drop the *.GPX file into the GPX folder. This GPS is so much better than the Colorado 400t that failed me, that got returned. So used to Mapsource but at least Basecamp is working now.
  4. After buying the Montana 650t, I bought Garmin Birdseye, but now I can not do anything, waypoints even, because I can not log into Basecamp. I have a myGarmin account, but Basecamp takes me right back to garmin.com, when I try to create a new account. How do I use Basecamp? Stuck, can do nothing.
  5. Guess I will stick with my iPhone 4 and Map60CSx. Kinda pricey.
  6. 10 hours at the least when tracklogging car, bike, or foot mode, during the day's activities. For Tracklogging I use a Garmin, that is on a non-active screen, like a blank Routes screen, and leave it in a canvas holster on the belt, and refer to it occationally to see if it is still ON. - For this GPS it has to run all day, so I use Eneloop long lasting NiMH batts. I use the iPhone during the day, and I just use it occationally, and keep it in sleep mode, also I have a plug-in external battery to bump up the charge when needed. I don't like energizer regular NiMH, can't trust them in my 60CSx, for they like to shut off too early at times.
  7. I have the iPhone 4, and the Garmin 60CSx, and I find if a cache is near an identifiable objects in the aerial photos, that I have more luck just walking toward where the Dot is on the aerial photo, without any GPS aid. I have done this for years, trying to match the aerial photo to where I am walking, except areas, where caches are deep in woods, then a handheld GPS is better. I had a cache find this summer, where the 60CSx, and my sister's GPS were leading us to the wrong place, but I used the map on the iPhone 3G, with the Geocaching App, and the location of the DOT on the aerial photo sent us right to the right spot.
  8. I have a Google link to it: http://www.google.com/search?q=dual+gps+na...;rlz=1I7ADBF_en
  9. The Serial Number of my Nuvi 260w is on their list of recalls.
  10. If you know of any camcorders/cameras, that work with GPS units, post what you know here, and if they are Bluetooth, or hook up via cable, also if they are High Definiton or Standard Def. I do have a Sony HDR-XR500v that has built-in GPS but it has no Time-Lapse function, but the Canons have Time Lapse, but I don't know if they hook up to GPS in some way. I am into High Definition Camcorders, like the above Sony, but they removed the Interval Time Record for making Time-lapse videos, when they went to High Def camcorders. Would be interesting if I could somehow have High Def, GPS, and Time-lapse in one unit. Is there some way to connect a GPS to a High Definition Canon Camcorder?
  11. So, how exactly did you "wear out" this 60CSx? Been dropped a few times on hard ground, also the unit is forgetting the date/time, and taking forever to aquire the sats. The rubber armor, is all torn up. Got a newer 60CSx on the 30th of May, and it is much better. Ah, so it was USED and didn't just "wear out". Fixed. Thanks, That GPS is well used compared to the others, in that I have not gotten my Money's worth out of the others(Like New). Screen in excellent shape though. My sister has a PN-40, but I have not really had a chance to use it, but in her case, it's always plugged in, while in the car, except when she does a cache, then turns it off, after each Find. I probably would have gotten the PN-40, if my vision, did not get bad.
  12. Unless your using a map and compass, I would use True North for the setting. Welcome aboard
  13. So, how exactly did you "wear out" this 60CSx? Been dropped a few times on hard ground, also the unit is forgetting the date/time, and taking forever to aquire the sats. The rubber armor, is all torn up. Got a newer 60CSx on the 30th of May, and it is much better.
  14. I am finding with my Map60CSx units, that I should power down before unplugging. When my GPS is mounted as a drive, I hit the power button, to unmount it as a drive, also I sometimes remember to power off before unplugging. There have been times, I would unplug before powering off, and the GPS makes sounds, like it is being killed, with the awfull beeps. Electronics do wear out over time, and especially faster when not turned off before plugging/unplugging.
  15. When I first saw that, it looked like a Glucose meter. Can't find anything close to that shape, when searching.
  16. I was looking at the Map62s, and Map78s, but got the $199 Map60CSx at REI on Monday the 31st. I thought about the Oregon 450 non-t, or the Map78s. With gloved hands, I would avoid the Map62s. I find the Map78s, better than then 62s.
  17. I like the PN-40 for this reason, of having multiple choices, like having a battery pack or two, and a couple AA batteries, and lithiums AA's for cold weather. I wonder if anybody ever bought an external battery pack that plugs into the PN-40, to charge up the rCR-V3 ? I like the idea of not having to open up a GPS, but to plug in an external pack on occation. This way you are not having to open up the GPS, in messy weather, to change batteries. Right now I got the Map60CSx and iPhone 3G, but am looking for a replacement of the worn out Map60CSx.
  18. Re: Advanced Cache Search Page In Detroit Michigan, I can not exclude My Finds, and My Caches, from the searches, but at least I can exclud all but Traditionals. Since Traditionals, are what I need. I have tried Firefox, Google Crome, and IE8, and I keep getting all my FINDs, in the list. I wonder if it is possible to put the [GO] button bellow, or to the side of: "[] Exclude your owned or found items from results." entry ??? That Exclude function just does not work anymore, this puts a hamper in any cache searches.
  19. There is suposed to be matching Serial Number stickers, one in the battery compartment, and one on the cover of the box, tiny little stickers. Do the Serial numbers on the box, and in the GPS match? You may need to do an exchange.
  20. Did you buy this GPS at a local store, or Online? when I was looking at this thread, I figured you probably ended up with a Demo model, and not a regular GPS. What type of store was it, and did you buy the one that was on display, that had to be boxed up? You may need to exchange the GPS at the store, or call up Garmin on Monday. I have heard of Garmin producing Demo Only units in the past for Display Only, and not for sale.
  21. Haiti just had a big earthquake, and I am wondering if there are any Mapsource files of Earthquake faults, and also, of where the plates of the Earth meet. I know Google Earth would have the info, but I am looking for links to Mapsource files, on the net. THANKS, - Geoff
  22. I am giving up my caches for adoption except Rotary Tree Keeping Rotary Tree cache.
  23. Same problem here I plugged my device in the USB, and got that screen, then went ahead, with windows checking the device, then it found no errors. Any USB mass storage device, whether GPS or like my 120GB camcorder, if it's unplugged, without clicking "Safely Remove", it sets up an error condition in Windows. Windows seems to remember the premature unplugging when the device is plugged in again, bringing up that screen again.
  24. Thats funny, this happened to me just the last couple days, I did a google search. Now it's fixed.
  25. I have had problems with my Map60CSx, with glare, and had to use backlight, when in indirect lighting, but I admit that the Colorado 400t was worse. I turn on the backlight on the Map60CSx in the daytime, when I am getting too much glare. The backlight does eat batteries though. With my older eyes, I admit that any reflection off of the plastic window of the GPS units, is more of an issue now, than just 4 or 5 years ago, when my eyes were not as bad. Now I depend more on backlights to cut through glare, to see the screens. Seems like a glossy screen like the 550t would be better in sunlight than the matte screen of the older Oregons.
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