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  1. Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, & British Columbia.
  2. Just curious who's taking your picture at all the caches? Humm... . Varies, in the last batch my grown daughter was the photographer, various other people who were with me at other times took others, and a bunch I took myself with the timer and remote control on my camera. Creating Nudecacher has added a lot of fun to geocaching. I'm the webmaster for the nudist club that we belong to and there are a lot of pictures from club events in the photo album there, so we are used to taking pictures. You can follow the link from my profile. We're going to be at the club this weekend, and I could arrange free passes for first time nudists if anyone is interested. Just ask at the office. Nudecacher Now aren't you glad you asked leatherman? You've been invited!
  3. From what I've read, Sadaam actually moved a large convoy of trucks to this location days before we started our current campaign in Iraq. One could speculate that the convoy had WMDs that needed to be removed from Iraq. I'll refrain from turning this thread into a political soapbox. This info was only posted on "right wing" websites that I frequent. Hope springs eternal.
  4. Yeah, but her hair always has that crumpled, just-woke-up look. OH YEAH! That's so hot. Thinking in terms of cause and effect, it is very hot, or was hot. Hence the hair. BTW, as long as we're touching on NW weather gals, I just saw Shannon O'Donnell last week doing the morning weather down in the Bay Area on the NBC affiliate.
  5. Yeah, but her hair always has that crumpled, just-woke-up look.
  6. Well at least they pump your gas for you in Oregon. Still, I'd rather do it myself.
  7. The Corolla is just about the best dang car ever made. I have an '89 with 185K for my work commute (about 50 miles RT). I expect at least another 100K out of it. Got 35 mpg on a recent trip down to Portland plus three casual caches. The FWD got me around some stuck traffic at Snoqualmie Pass this last winter when a sudden snow squall iced the road up a bit. Clearance underneath is a bit lacking, though.
  8. Well, this is not the rockhound forum. But if you find a good collecting spot you can always landmark the coordinates with your GPSr. Here's a few websites that will get you started: Geology Adventures Geological Society of the Oregon Country Northwest Geological Society And for books and maps and other stuff ... Nature of the Northwest Good hunting! WA LG
  9. Couldn't make it. I had to build this carnival thing (kick a ball into a hole in a sheet of plywood) for the YMCA Adventure Guides carnival coming up this Saturday at Shorewood High School. You got a rain check leatherman. I'll fill your glass at the next one.
  10. Its probably a good thing the government (we the people) pays the cops to go after and arrest drunk drivers. I don't mind flippin' the government a few bucks for that and a little trail maintenance.
  11. You must check the selection from Island Slipper These are the only brand that I'll wear. They are extremely well made with great attention to detail. They last forever. I've had the flip-flops last for 10 years before finally blowing out at the toe.
  12. I never had any trouble crossing the border into Canada or coming back. I've heard that having a DUI on your record can be troublesome for getting into Canada. I find the Canadian border officials are usually a bit more polite. The Americans tend to be a bit more abrubt and totally lacking humor. Although, the last time I came back from Canada, the American border guy called me a "cradle robber" when he noticed on our papers that my wife was 10 years younger than me. We all got a laugh at that one. So sometimes they're OK. Traveling with children gets you a bit more scrutiny either way. They asked our kids one time what they call us. I was afraid they were going to say dumb and dumber, but they came through with mommy and daddy. Then there's Mexico where they just wave you in. And $20 handles most minor traffic infractions, real or otherwise. But the Mexican police have to buy their own bullets and his kids need shoes more than yours do.
  13. Your passive aggressive condescension is refreshing. Thanks for the links. I love it when you use them $9 college words.
  14. Cost isn't the issue. Many here are also environment conscious.... Those 48 batteries head right into a landfill when you're done. I can recharge my nmh's over 1000 times. Gutwrench Alkalines have never been considered Toxic waste. You can never send your's to the landfill. blah, blah.... Its so refreshing, leatherman, when every once in awhile you are absolutely correct. I commend you. Alakaline Battery Disposal Fact Sheet Your state and local regulations may vary, so its wise to check. Here's the scoop for King Co., WA: King County And from a manufacturer: Duracell
  15. Good luck on the Rally. I'll be helping to move my parents up from Gardnerville to the great Northwest in April. I'll sure miss those trips down to the Carson Valley and surrounding areas.
  16. There's not one person running for political office who doesn't benefit from and is beholden to special interests. That goes for Bush as well as Kerry. Bush got that big war chest of dollars from somewhere. Just pick which special interest you want represented and cast your vote from there.
  17. Yeah we all know being popular is more important then being safe. And to think we won't be prom queen now. Don't worry, we're safe. Its only a Yellow Alert.
  18. Cache contents: one soggy cigar and a stained blue dress (Sorry Bill, still luv ya)
  19. Anybody remember that scene from "The Wild Bunch" with the kids and the scorpions?
  20. Liberals don't think. It's all about Bleeding Heart feelings. I get it now. Its a picture of Bush compassionately thinking.
  21. I thought it was Bush reading the newspaper or looking for his WMD.
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