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  1. Glad to hear so many are satisfied with the iPhone app. I used to cache with an eTrex Legend in 03 -05 but I stop caching and gave it to my father in law. I got back into it the other day when I found the app and now my 7 year old is hooked. I may ask for my legend back or get a handheld eventually but for now I am anxious to see how the paid app compares to the free app.
  2. I will be visiting Philly from the 10 to teh 15th and was wondering if you can recommend any quick caches near S22nd and Lombard?
  3. Probably the best article I have read so far.
  4. I must say I thought the cache was in Poor taste and offensive...to me. I would simply ignore the cache and let those that feel this is how they like to spend their time do it.
  5. Drove through Mattawa on the weekend and had a giggle because myrts restaurant still has the Welcome Geocachers sign up.
  6. I thought caches weren't supposed to be buried?
  7. It's much easier to check into the forums and post from work than to find a cache in my office It's not that I am burnt out on Caching. I have all intentions of getting cache. I research them, download the waypoints but I either get too busy to go or get distracted along the way.
  8. My Wife comes sometimes, I have taken my 1 yr old son, My Dad got me started, I have taken my wife's 2 little cousins (13 & 11)
  9. When I started caching I was all gung ho and trying to get as much as possible then I hit a lull. I don't know why it happened but it did. I am going to try and get out this weekend. I think it maybe because in teh summer I am more active already Ultimate, hiking etc... that caching got pushed aside. Anyone experience a lull in their Caching once in a while?
  10. As a frequent AS contributer. I see the rationale for making it premium. Unfortunately since I don't need PQs or Premium only caches I am not paying 30$ for an OT forum. Don't get me wrong I am alright with the move and I will keep caching (by which I mean start again) but I will just not post OT.
  11. I am remaining a Conciensous Objector.
  12. They say it's your birthday We're gonna have a good time I'm glad it's your birthday Happy birthday to you.
  13. Looks good Guys. Will the camp still be open or do we have to rent a cabin? Can we participate in activities if we aren't staying there? (my folks live in North Bay I may just come in for the Saturday events)
  14. My Blog Not entirely focused on Caching but I have posted this!
  15. Say it loud: "I'm GEEK and I'm proud!"
  16. Very Good work. Nice to see an editorial I can agree with this month.
  17. Congrats! Mine just turned one and I have never been happier
  18. Seemed pretty hostile from teh get go over there. Too much history between some very vocal people that all wanted to lead.
  19. Look Here! Does that 4 for All logo look familiar to anyone else?
  20. Halden

    Fly The Flag

    Excellent work guys and Gals Keep it up. RJO go ahead.
  21. I have a couple of questions. 1. I could only find Bean bag mounts designed for the III. Will these work for an eTrex as well? 2. What is the opinion of Garmin vs. RAM mount suction cup mounts?
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