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  1. Being of Norwegian Descent I have used Viking for many of things. Used it as a CB Handle back in the 70's and these days on most forums.
  2. Dang, mine was 291 days. First was July 2003 and I am up to a whopping 194 total. Caching for me is usually something I do with family or friends.
  3. It's new so it only makes sense that there would be lots of post. I say give it some time.
  4. Until I bought my Colorado I used a Garmin V and Dell Axim running GPX Sonar. I loved it as it handled everything I wanted including hints when needed. I really like being able to select a cache as a new center and have it reorder the others as to which was closest.
  5. Same here with my 400T. I have the SD City Navigator and in the internal memory I have the entire 24K National Parks West. All the maps work fine when caching.
  6. Which Etrex do you have? If it is one with electronic compass you might try turning it off and see if you see an improvement.
  7. I have had mine for some time now. Once I turned off the electronic compass all has been fine and would not trade it for anything else out there.
  8. Something about the failure to enjoy yourself comes to mind but I just can't put a finger on it right now.
  9. Stop the car. I hope you've contacted your reviewer about this. There is no need for anybody to ever escalate cache issues of any sort to this level. At the very least, place all the cache owner's hides on your ignore list and never seek them out again. Already done, believe me! But he also told us to stay "up north where you belong." This type of situation is not really the reviewer's domain, so we referred it directly to GC. The threats of physical violence stopped, presumably because GC told him to lay off. They advised us to avoid his caches, which we have done, but his demand for us to stay out of the much larger general area is absurd. Sounds to me like a caching adventure is at hand. Call up friends and head south for a great day of caching with friends.
  10. I'll have to admit most of my logs are pretty weak in the log book but better online. I find that I write more when I cache with others and simply have a blast of a day. My logs when I go alone or with my kids vary in length often depending on how much time I spent looking for the darn thing and how cool the hide location was. The long it takes and the better the location the more I tend to write about it.
  11. Again, I have the older "free" version of GSAK (6.6.4). I don't need the new version???? you do not need GSAK. Just drag the GPX to your 400T and you will have hints and past 5 logs.
  12. Just because a vehicle is not marked does not make it a non-authorized vehicle. With my work I have on a couple of times had to check a facility that is accessed by a road through a public park with sign that say authorized vehicle. On these after work occasions I have used my personal vehicle.
  13. My 400t did the same thing. I turned off the electronic compass and have not had the trouble since. Only problem with the pointer these days if I get out of the car with the cache like 20-30 feet away. With that the pointer again does not want to point. If I take a walk for about 50-100 ft away then head back it hooks up and works fine.
  14. - yes, i shut it down many times and re-start the procedures. Same bug. Other ideas? thanks Dang I do not recall if I had trouble loading or not but have found that "run as administrator" has done the job with other programs that I have had in loading.
  15. My GPSV which I used since they first came out gave up the ghost recently. Still turns on but at random times just quites with a single horizontal line through the screen. Replaced it with a 400t. I know there have been lots of people with issues on the 400t but mine has worked fine from day one.
  16. I have City Navigator NT for the entire US loaded on my Colorado 400T which I use caching and while driving. It may not have the voice prompts but it works perfectly fine for my needs.
  17. Are you asking about the "Send to GPS" on the Cache Page itself?
  18. I know it's a real stab in the dark, but did you ever exchange your unit? Always seems odd to me that some folks see this issue all the time and others never see it. Makes me wonder about some weird hardware issue like a bad antenna connection. I keep wondering what I am missing as I have never seen it. I guess mine does not have the problem.
  19. Yup. I was having the same problem described above where the pointer would not point but the distance would show change as you zeroed in. Turned off compass and all works fine so far. Have not messed with barometer as I have not had any need for it.
  20. Not a mystery, gps signals get bounced in a canyon. Can also happen in valleys or on hillsides. Signal seemed to be getting in fine as the distance from cache seemed to be accurate. Just could not get arrow to point towards cache. It was fixed in one direction no matter where I went. First time I had to walk a slow circle to find the distance getting shorter so I would know what way to walk.
  21. Found it and turned it off since I never needed it on my GPS V and have not seen need now. Used the Colorado now on a number of cache outings with no troubles or complaint. That is till this last weekend. Went out and got 18 along a road in a canyon with power lines following it. The first few were not in the canyon and I got them with no trouble. Once in the canyon the distance to cache worked fine but the pointer would not point to the cache. Hard to zero in that way. Not sure if turning off compass will help or if it was the power lines. Do know now back in town it is working fine. Its a mystery.
  22. Is there anything special you have to do for Mapsource to see the card reader as a valid device for sending maps to?
  23. Hmm, it looks as if I am going to have to get a reader and try that approach.
  24. has anyone tried to load the entire US onto a 2 GB SD card? I have tried several times with two different Sandisk Cards. One a regular Sandisk and the other an Ultra. Got farther with the Ultra but still received errors. Just wondering if there is a trick to loading that much information. Also is there a way to load through a card reader and not through the GPS.
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