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  1. I'm with you on this CV. The "power trail" is an epidemic here in Northern Nevada!! Absolute garbage!!
  2. Very well said!!!! Here in the Reno, NV area, we have what they call "power trails". No thought went into these at all, just put out a bunch of micros along any trail or highway. Some go as far as placing hundreds just so it makes a outline of an animal or some kind of symbol. Complete waste of my time and very unimaginative and not clever at all. Some cachers have a thousand or more caches placed!!! How can they possibly maintain that many?
  3. The gold is a great first unit, especially if you get it for cheap. Make sure you look on ebay to check what they are selling for before you buy it locally. Don't forget, it has an SD slot for more memory and maps.
  4. In your "hypothetical", I sure hope it was a micro.
  5. I thought I had seen it all when I saw people hamster caching, then I went to San Francisco and I saw gerbil caching. It is all the rage there.
  6. I think I figured it out. I just changed my email address in my profile yesterday. Does it send out a email to your new address for you to validate? that is the only thing I can think of.
  7. I just recieved an email from geocaching.com about validating my account. Go to this link and put in your user name and password and your account will be active. The problem is, my account is active and the renewal date is Dec. 17th. I have had no problems with my account and was wondering if this is a phishing attempt using the geocaching.com name? Anyone else get this email?
  8. Of those two I would definitely go with the Meridian color. I have never had a Sportrak color but I have had a Sportrak. I use the Meridian Gold now and like the Meridian's over the Sportraks because of the size. That comes in handy in the car because it is a little easier to what is on the screen because the screen is bigger on the Meridians. So, that will be helpful when driving. You can also find a vent holder on ebay for the Meridians or the Sportrak if you go that way as well. The vent holder is nice because it hangs on your air conditioning vent where you can just glance at it and see what you want for the most part. The Meridian Color has an SD slot I am pretty sure. My Gold has it. You will want to get the expandable memory if you plan to put on maps. I dont think the Sportrak color has that.
  9. I like the program as well. I have a small problem though. I went back and put an FTF at the beginning of each log entry which I got the FTF. When I get my stats it only shows eleven FTFs and not the eighteen that I actually have. Am I doing something wrong?
  10. Here is one up North near Yuba City, but I see that wont help you since you are in So. Cal. GCJPF5 Waterfall Jump(2006 is a go!) If you are near Long Beach, I think there is one in Alamitos Bay, possibly near mother's beach.
  11. If you dont complain a bit in the log when you do a lame one, others coming behind you will not know that it might be garbage. People will say, if its lame dont hunt for it. You dont know its lame until you find it. I recently did a real lame one, in my opinion. The description stated that it was hidden in a ravine and was a nice place to go when the weather changed. Ok, doesnt sound bad. I find it and it is a large prescription bottle hidden in the rock wash that leads to a flood zone overflow area. The rock wash led up to three drainage pipes that went under the road. This is not a nice place to go when the weather changes and it was not a ravine. There were houses on each side of the overflow area and the hider lived in one. Had someone brought up these issues in earlier posts I probably would not have gone looking for it. Instead people write, tfth, tnlnsl. I now know when a cache has mostly acronyms in the logs, it more than likely stinks. People need to be more honest with their logs. If your feelings get hurt by someone slamming your cache, then dont hide one and really pump it up. Tell it like it is. I also found another one under a drainage cover in the gutter. Again, had someone said it was in the gutter I wouldnt have gone looking for it. So, anyways, I slammed them when I logged them and got beat up in return. I later apologized for what I had done and explained why I did what I did. I dont think any of the explanation sunk in. If the cache stinks, you should be able to say so without being attacked. If we were more honest in the logs, then those who still want to find it will, and they more than likely will log a positive experience. Just my opinion, and it should be yours.
  12. I think I heard Alex say she was from Hawaii.
  13. If you really liked where you hid it, go out and re-hide a new one at the spot. I dont know why its gone, but maybe re-hide better than before.
  14. I dont hate all micros but I like most hate lame micros. I dont mind a lame regular cache as long as the tupperware, ammo can jar etc.. is appropriate for the area. Here in Reno, Nv. we have an epidemic of lame micros on our hands. I found a 35 mm film canister out in the desert with nothing but sagebrush all around for miles. Why? Why not a can of some kind way out there. Magnetic key holders are a problem as well. I found one stuck up under a gutter drain. You have to kneel in the street and reach up under and get it. Why? It was titled "Anudder Micro". I wrote in the log "anudder stinker" "great view of the gutter and drain. I have found many more like these and they stink. No reason for them except to try and populate an area with caches. I have placed only one cache and it was a micro. But, it had great cammo and was not a film canister. If you read the logs you can see from the logs that people actually liked it. They liked that it was clever, had some originality and thought put into it. I will never place another micro as far as I can see and will try not to hunt them as well unless I know it had some thought put into it. Just my opinion and it should be yours.
  15. I dont see how a gps could interfere with Ezpass since it is a receiver and not transmitting.
  16. I think one thing you do is rough up the plastic before painting.
  17. Dont know, but I am just replying to check out my new avatar. Thanks
  18. Yes, then I discovered that the owner didnt actually hide the cache yet. They got it approved and then decided to go hide it.
  19. the goto function doesnt necessarily get you to the coordinates. Once you have a goto on your gps you can use the compass screen to help point the way. The goto gives you info. like how far it is to the cache and draws a straight line from the point where you initiated the goto and the cache.
  20. I think there is one at the top of Mammoth Mountain, in California.
  21. blocko1000


    I am sure someone will close this very soon. Thanks for letting me get in.
  22. I sure a 512 is fine. I use a 128 sd card in my magellan meridians. There are some other postings in the forums on this subject. I think some people have even use a 1 gig card.
  23. TFTH= Thanks For The Hunt or Hide. Micro= Micro cache, a small cache such as one hidden in a film canister.
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