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  1. I vote for keeping it at .1 miles, but reviewers should have the authority to approve a cache that creates a cool new experience within that radius, so long as the two caches don't conflict otherwise. Two beautiful vistas may be within 500 feet of each other that you might not ever know the other one existed without the second geocache. I'd bypass hundreds of park and grabs or metro micros for one or two really cool experiences any day. It's the memories that make geocaching worth savoring to me.
  2. I've been very impressed by the cemetery caches that I've found. One of them, I found with my wife on our 15th anniversary...and it turned out to be a very special occasion for us. It was a tiny 100+ year-old cemetery that would have forever vanished from notice without the geocache...and one of the grave markers was for a 1-year old child, and another for a set of twin infants. It really touched us, since we lost an infant years ago. There was one cache that I found with my nieces and nephews just off the road in Alabama that was in an area completely overgrown. You felt like you were in the woods until you found, here and there, an occasional ancient headstone (mostly illegible). It was getting really close to dusk and a little creepy. Although it wasn't actually IN the cemetery, the cache container bordered (okay, maybe crossed) the line...it was a styrofoam skull with a pill bottle in it. As dark as it was, it wasn't very well appreciated by my 6-9 year old nieces/nephew (they DID talk a lot about it later, though). So...Yes to the first, NO to the second.
  3. I've got 3 caches in the Woodbridge, VA area that are sorely in need of adoption, since I will be moving to Alabama the second week of July. All three caches are in good shape and have been visited regularly in the last few weeks. Because of all of the good comments, I want to leave them in place rather than archiving them and taking the containers to Alabama, but I want to make sure they'll be properly cared for. The caches are all fairly easy to find: Gold & Iron (a cache that's actually a hollowed-out library book); Deep in the Hundred Acre Woods; and Natural Twins. I'd be much obliged if someone would be willing to adopt any or all of these caches. Deep in the Hundred Acre Woods and Natural Twins are pretty close together and Gold & Iron is only a few miles north of them (off Opitz Blvd). Please e-mail me if you're willing to take any or all of them. I'd really appreciate it! Oh...make sure you indicate something about geocaching in the title of your e-mail so that I don't think it's SPAM...you know how that goes! CalvinRTVP
  4. Wow! Dogs, cats, crabs, turtles, gators...and a PUSH-ME-PULL-U (Dr. Doolittle would have been so proud!)
  5. There have been quite a few Library Caches mentioned in the forums...
  6. So....did you count it as a "Find"? I love remembering the caches I've found. I think the reason it's so easy to remember them is because each one is an *EXPERIENCE (including sights, sounds, colors, smells, emotions, THE WORKS). Since most of us are "auditory" or "visual" or "sensual" rememberers, at least ONE of those areas will trigger our memory. Names...unfortunately...don't necessarily have so many "triggers" to remind us. That's why I can remember most people's faces, but forget so many names. (*It also could be the fact that I've only been geocaching for 5 months now...LOL)
  7. I agree...except that there would be NO possible way of dividing out everyone's histories for those that keep track. Personally, I'm not a fan of micros, since I usually prefer the deep in the woods types and I don't like investing an hour-long hike for a DNF. But if I was downtown, looking for a bunch of micros might be worth it.
  8. Gold & Iron I can't wait to go find this one. It comes highly recommended from another cacher. Yeah, I read about it in another thread about cool cache containers. Would have tried it after the NoVA event but didn't have time. Will make it on another day though. Good luck with it! Wow...thanks. This one actually happens to be mine. The neat thing about the Dewey Decimal number is that the book actually WAS a deactivated library book with the DD number still on the spine. The librarian was extremely nice about letting me place the cache and even offered the book for me to use. Since it's deactivated, it can't be searched in the library catalog (sorry to all you "shortcutters"!), but it fits perfectly among the other books of its genre. Even going down the aisles, unless you know what to look for, it blends in well enough to miss without the DD number. The feedback has been so positive that I'm tempted to make another one with a similar trail and then make each of the first two caches an "Easter Egg" hunt for a third cache. You'd have to visit both caches to find the third one. Okay, now for the question...if both caches STARTED in different locations (using GPS), then could they (and presumably the third) FINISH in the same location (using Dewey Decimal numbers) in the library? Since the intent of the 500 foot rule seems to me to be to prevent confusion of GPS readings, I'd say yes, but I'd be curious to hear everyone else's feedback. Question #2...I've got this listed as a multicache, but should it actually be listed as a Mystery Cache? Thanks for any feedback in advance.
  9. The other night, I dreamed that I was in a Carol Burnett skit about geocaching gone bad... REALLY! (wierd, huh?)
  10. This cache disappeared within minutes of my hiding it near a police station. *sigh* It probably wouldn't have been approved anyway... Too many issues: "Food in Cache"; "Commercial Cache"; "Non-durable Container" Plus, who needs a GPS when you've got "doughnut radar"?
  11. Pick a spot that's in the middle of a series of caches, then give each person the whole list of caches, with one team being assigned #1, the next being assigned #2, etc. Then send them all off to their cache with the idea being that they'll take off for the next one once they finish their first one. All of the caches have to be visited to get the complete set of hints for the last cache (the "game winner"). If the caches are spread out far enough, they shouldn't have too much trouble running into each other. Better yet, if the initial caches are all virtual caches, then they won't have to spend a lot of time opening, signing, and closing the caches...thus reducing even further the odds of bumping into each other. That way, the truly fast cachers will find the final cache first...and to add a challenge and make it less physical and more mental, make the clues to each preliminary cache have a different style of hint...e.g., make one a riddle, another a math problem, another a picture-based clue, another a treasure map, another one based on dates, etc. You get the picture.
  12. That was fun! Even if I didn't get to go to the cache. I've got some puzzles that are similar, but making a puzzle cache like this would be worth the effort...just for fun. Come to think of it, I may just do that! (Hope you don't mind me "stealing" the idea!)
  13. That's pretty sad, really. My son has really loved some of the bugs but when it has been a little while bugs have to go back in a cache. I don't care if he had a tantrum. I would just put him in his room until he was done with the tantrum. Oh well, I guess not everyone deals with kids in the same way. Letting them keep a TB would be like looking the other way if they stuck a candybar in their pocket at the store IMHO. *sigh* I guess that's what happened to my Snickers TB...and my Hersheys TB...and my Milky Way TB...and my Butterfinger TB...
  14. Heh heh, check out my MicroBug... If it's a success, I may have to make more of these! Oooooooh....is that LEGAL? You don't do that with your "Where's George" Dollars, too, do you?
  15. Free. Cute...*sputter...spit*...I wish I'd had that website a few days ago! (Sorry, Sergeant Stedgewick...I didn't know this was YOUR patrol car!)
  16. This is classic...I clicked on his name for his profile and I got... "CGI Error The specified CGI application misbehaved by not returning a complete set of HTTP headers." What are the odds? (I double checked and everyone else's profiles came up fine!)
  17. Magellan Sportrak Pro (but the plain Sportrak is nice, too, if you don't want TOO many bells and whistles)
  18. You bought my books? Gee, thanks! Of course, Hobbes gets 80% of the royalties...but I got the best of him...I get 100% of the rest! Hah!
  19. I thought the same thing, but even if the words were written on a cue card, he's the one that said them on air. Maybe he needs to take a break from being an anchor and get out and do a little down and dirty news reporting again...(just my recommendation in case anyone at his station is reading this!)
  20. I was going to say the same thing about pacifiers going bad *yuck*. Instead, why don't you use a "baby's first....something (like a Christmas ornament)? The plastic (rather than rubber) pacifier is a good idea, too. Or even a keychain with her name on it? Odds are against someone with the same name finding it, and even if they do, the odds are that they'd pass it on.
  21. Geocachers should be polarized on the Magellan vs. Garmin issue.
  22. I'm interested in helping with this one if anyone wants to get in touch with me. I may/may not be able to attend the "discovery" but I'd love to help with the brainwork. CalvinRTVP
  23. I agree that 395 Overlook was original. If you want a LOT of caches, but don't mind virtuals, the National Mall will give you both history and numbers...but no boxes to open. There's a CamCache at Washington D.C. Live! if you've got somebody that can take your picture over the internet for you. The Occaquan Ramble is a pleasant multi-cache that will give you an opportunity to enjoy an old historic town (make sure and eat lunch/dinner at the Occaquan Inn). And even though I placed it, if the weather gets bad, Gold & Iron has gotten good reviews. Oh, and if you're flying into Reagan National Airport, make sure and hit Origins of Alexandria. It's a quick virtual with a little bit of history. Hope this helps! I wish I could give you more, but I'm fairly new...only 30 found, and not all of those in Virginia, but the ones I've listed are all fun.
  24. I'm a good ol' owl too. SR571 At least on line I don't have to hear you guys burst into song! Ah....but you can IMAGINE it, can't you?? Everybody, now...!!!!
  25. I was "tickled" by the post of one cacher..."took $2 bill...left 2 dollars". Hmmm...
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