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  1. Heeeey, everything's cool. Oops, wrong thread. <Scoob slides out the door and begins looking for the "It's all groovy" thread.>
  2. Still being an advocate of forgivness, as long as the offending party was not threatening the other cacher, I'm still for second chances. However, at first we were talking about someone who commited geocide, people who get Das Boot for creating a situation where someone else felt threatened......that's a duck with a different quack. I also think it's an interesting idea to consult the offended party prior to reinstatement. There are way to many different case scenario's here to lay down a cut and dry rule. Scoob
  3. Second chances are encouraged and forgivness is a must. However, compliance with the rules and guidelines by the geocider is a very strict requirement during round two. No time frame, no double secret probation, no sackcloth and crawling. Just the chance to prove otherwise. Third chances are frowned upon. Scoob
  4. For anyone still watching this thread, how are the Shawnee caches holding up? Scoob
  5. Was my picture in it? Hmmmm........as a matter of fact, it was. However, without the squid it just wasn't the Brian that I've come to know. Scoob
  6. Not to mention, my daughter received honorable mention for this masterpiece in the first issue. Scoob
  7. I received my two copies last Saturday, kudos to the entire TC crew. Scoob
  8. Snapped this one right before I found this cache. Great smile. Scoob
  9. When your cache is approved, the first map to appear is a cheesy, basic drawing of the area. In a day or two, the map will get cleaned up and it will look like all the others. I don't know why it takes a few days to complete this process but it will take care of itself. Congrats on placing your first cache! Scoob
  10. Something else to do with your GPS......I guess. Scoob
  11. I've probably introduced 7 or 8 people to the game who actually took it up. My favorite convert was Duncan Idaho. After telling him about how much I enjoyed caching, he informed me that I need to get......well, I actually can't tell you what he thought I needed. However, a couple-o-months later he calles me up and says, "So, what kind of GPS do I need to get?". His first find got him hook, line and sinker. He's now the author of some of my favorite caches including: oozy rat in a sanitary zoo and Duncan Idaho Written All Over It Scoobie
  12. Several months ago I found an adult...umm....."toy" left in a cache that has a 1/1 rating therefore attracting cachers with kids. Way bad form. Scoob
  13. My employees got me this sign for my birthday: Scoob
  14. My very first find was done without a GPS. It's strange how well I remember that day. Since then, I've done several without my GPS. There have to be a few elements present to be sucessful such as knowing the area well, maybe a clue, knowing what kind of container you're searching for, that sort of thing. I've found using QuakeMaps is a big help. I pull up the photo and have very good idea of where the cache is. Granted, it's not much help with a cache in the middle of the woods, but it will show you exactly which tree it's in in a cemetery. I suppose if you really wanted to get right down to it, QuakeMap could also get you pretty close even if you were hunting a cache in the woods. By using the grid marks and proper measurments, you just might be able to pinpoint a search area. Then, if someone left a hint like "under the fallen tree" you would probably stand a pretty good chance of finding it. I used that exact method to find this cache.....although, I wasn't given much choice in the matter. As it turned out, my measuring skills were pretty good that day and I came within 8 feet of the cache. Scoob
  15. Frogstik, welcome to the game! Learning there were treasures located at many of the places I frequent was an eye-opener for me too. The real fun comes when you go to places you didn't even know existed 10 minutes away from your house. Congrats on the Garmin 60, like Brian, I have it's older brother too and love it. Tips for getting started; Read the guidlines and FAQ, there's a ton of information there. Find 20-30 caches before you place your first one. It will give you an idea of how to do a good job with your first placement. Also, the name Frogstik.......is that like Frog gig? lol.....if so, you've chosen a very interesting name for this particular website! Scoob
  16. If you're talking about leaving a clue, I would say no you don't. If the cache owner does not want to give a clue, the decison has been made and others should not provide more information even if encrypted without discussing it with the owner. Finders could always email and suggest a clue be added or a clairfication be made but I don't think Joe Blow should take it upon himself to add more information. I'm sure someone will suggest there are circumstances where this could be questioned, but in general I think it's sound thinking. Scoob
  17. Not knowing the details of the situation, if you don't want the clue listed in his log I suggest that you email the cacher that listed the clue and ask him to remove it. Cachers leaving clues for future finders like "check under the bush" are in bad form. However, if the coords are off by 75 feet, people will usually note that in their log if not actually leave new coordinates. This is generally an accepted practice. Scoob
  18. As stated, let your GPS hang out for a bit. However once you've taken the reading, walk 50-75 feet away and then see if your coords take you back to where you want to be. I usually do this in a couple of different directions. If each time I return to the cache location and am within 8-10 feet, I'll keep the reading. Scoob
  19. When it's no longer a concept and goes in to production, I will have one of these: Ain't she a beauty
  20. That is such a bummer. I've been planning a hiking trip to Garden of the Gods along the River to Tiver Trail, then making a cache run. Seems like that might change now. Based on the history of the Shawnee cache thief, I'm guessing that we're dealing with someone who uses to gc.com to locate caches then takes them in the name of saving the forest from the evils of geocaching. It's really sad.
  21. I'm getting all kinds of server errors today.
  22. Consider using something that reflects you or something you enjoy. Along with my cache card, I always leave a DQ Coin which can be exchanged for a treat at your local Dairy Queen. I do this because I own a DQ. Another cacher I know leaves a certificate for a free pizza since he owns a pizza joint. Scoob
  23. Well, if you don't plan on staying and living in Honduras I'm pretty sure it would be considered a vacation cache and would not be approved. Scoobie
  24. I go through one of those every few months. You gotta love Ray. Tell me about it. A couple of months ago I picked up Genius Loves Company. He and Norah Jones were made to sing together and the tune he does with Van Morrison......amazing. To quote Ray talking about a song he liked; "It sends me man....it just sends me." Scoob
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