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I was wondering...............


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Im new to caching and i've been looking around the site at all the different people and was wondering , although we all love to cache we have to do something as far as work to feed our habit. What do you do for a living? Of course if your a stay at home person that's cool to just let me/us know what you do?


I'm a board tech, i sit in a dark room with one other guy (nothing funny going on either) and we run a chemical plant. Been here 28 years......... now how about you.....

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Systems Implementor within the Transpotation Logistics Industry... well sorta, that's what I told GPS World I was... which is true


But that's only 1 of my many roles. Right now I am filling in as a Night Shift Long Haul Dispatcher for a contolled temperature trucking company.


I use GPS technology every night in my job, tracking where our fleet of trucks and trailers are.

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Computer systems administrator for a local Tribal Health program. I get to be paid for playing with computers and networks all day, although when something isn't working right it can get a little stressful. Good job, great benefits & a lot of good people to work with. I've been there for almost 11 years.


"The best way to accelerate a Macintosh is at 9.8m/sec/sec."

-Marcus Dolengo

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Researcher at the Tampere University School of Public Health. I study the health habits of 12-18 year olds, mainly how much they smoke, drink and do drugs. Basically I maintain the health habit survey data and run statistics for other researchers.


I would like to apply for Spzzmoose's job, though.icon_biggrin.gif


- I just got lost in thought. It was unfamiliar territory. -

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Information Technology Specialist with the US Army, currently deployed in Kuwait. The job title is a fancy way of saying that I tell operators of field artillery data systems how to run systems. I get to come home in July and I'm looking forward to doing some caching. Actually, I should get credit for several caches while here in Kuwait. The only way to drive in a sand storm is to follow the arrow on a GPSr towards a waypoint.


Madog "Discover of America, ca 1169"

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It seems that there's a lot of techie types here.


My official title is Network Administrator, but my actual job is a one-man IT dept. I do everything from desktop PC support, product evaluation and even a little web programming for the front-ends of the products we develop.



Random fortune:


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Network Administrator, College Student (AGAIN)!! When I have time...lawn care specialist, plumbing engineer, pest control technician, and couch quality tester.


My latest...cache designer and cache demographics! icon_wink.gif


- GoatSniFFer


"Don't you hate it when the toliet paper rips?"


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Its certain that this hobby/sport attracts the techie type.


I work/run a small Computer Networking company here in MI. I am currently in need of a highly motivated, very personable/outgoing, person with some computer/networking knowledge.


If interested, apply within.




Caching without a clue....

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Daddy Leprechaun: Commercial Finance Attorney for a large bank. I write the fine print on the forms you see when you apply for a business loan.


Little Leprechaun: Retired third grade student. Considering a career transition to fourth grade student. Taking the summer off to evaluate her options, network, etc.



Some mornings, it just doesn't pay to chew through the leather straps. - Emo Phillips

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Dan: Animator on video games. Our latest one is wrapping this week!


Will: Unemployed high school teacher - like many in California right now icon_frown.gif Volunteer at the SF Zoo and master Chef at the Ross/Bourgeois household icon_wink.gif


Team Kender - "The Sun is coming up!" "No, the horizon is going down."

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I'm a poor college student, trying to learn Mandarin (Chineese) better so when I go back to China I can speak more better.. icon_wink.gif {for missions} Also employed by SimplexGrinnell, Fire Sprinkler Company designing Fire Sprinkler Systems for commercial buildings.


-Missionary (we're all called)

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Cartoonist, Writer and Game Designer here. Been doing it fulltime for 12 years. I won't post any pictures here. If anyone is curious they can check out our website below.


2/3rds of my workday is from a home office. The other 1/3 is spent at my desk at the company offices working on various projects.


I have a very flexible schedule (the neighbors all think I'm retired) so it's easy to make time for caching. icon_biggrin.gif


Jolly R. Blackburn


"Never declare war on a man who buys his ink by the gallon."

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Wow, lots of "computer folks" in this sport....lol. Makes sense I guess.


Me, U. S. Army Reserve (Retired with 27.5 years Active & Reserve time), Police officer/Sheriff's Deputy for the past 24 years (8 more years to retirement!!!). Then I plan to have something to do with National Parks, even if I have to volunteer to sweep the real rangers floors...lol. If I could live and work at Yellowstone National Park I'd be in hog heaven.



"Trade up, trade even, or don't trade!!!" My philosophy of life.

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apparently i'm in the minority here.


i am regularly employed as a music teacher. sporadically employed as a storyteller. periodically employed to score mathematics portfolios. the state pays me to do this, even though i know little bout mathematics. i'm a whiz with a scoring rubric however, so it works out.


this probably explains a lot for you.


it doesn't matter if you get to camp at one or at six. dinner is still at six.

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