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  1. OK, I have been caching since 2003 and I have yet to have a real unique avatar. Right now it is just my ugly mug????? Any suggestions
  2. I have found (once) a tube very similar in size to the nitro tube but like a bison in that it had a space in the actual top so a log could be stuck in it but i have not found one yet. I will check out REI.
  3. This is a Bison Tube: This is a Nitro tube, Pics do NOT show scale. Nitro tube is about half as small as a Bison tube. Hope this helps. PS Yep, been there, done that!
  4. Thanks for the help guys but what you are describing are BISON tubes . There is no hole in the cap in a nitro glycerin tube nor is there a small plastic container in there as well.
  5. If anyone has used one as a micro, how the heck did you get a log in there that can be accesable to those who find it? Got a great idea to use a nitroglycerine (sp?) tube but not sure how to make the log sheet??? Thanks for the help.
  6. Tuesday, March 21 at 10AM. I will be there. Those of you who have emailed me, thanks! Hopefully it will be succesful. I have promised an unactivated Alabama Geocoin to the first crew to show up.
  7. I will be attempting a jailbreak on this cache GCG1ZA(Infamous Travel Bug Prison) on March 21st. If anyone is interested please e-mail me via gc.com. This cache has a rather interesting history and seems to be a tough one!!! Hope to have some help as I have 1 DNF on it, LOL!
  8. I got a decision to make. I have a laptop so the new "X" series is really not worth the money to me. I can just download the part of the maps I need as I go. So, I am down to two, the 60CS and the Rino530. Any thoughts from those who own these. I am really looking at CONS unless there is a PRO that isn't well known online. Thanks in advance!
  9. They can be purchased at Walmart for .87 cents! Look for the blinky rings and there is usually some blinky "magnetic" ear rings next to them. Take the battery out and in goes your log and VIOLA!!!!
  10. A worldwide "Meet and Greet" started by the folks in Nashville, namely Nashville Joe. This past event GWIII was held in Jacksonville, FL and from all reports, they pulled off a GREAT one!
  11. This is a night only cache we placed near Manasco. This town is listed on the above link as a "ghost town" in Alabama. Did You Hear That? We even had two cachers who spent the night there!!!!!!!
  12. http://alacache.com/modules.php?name=Conte...showpage&pid=22 Here's a news story my family and I did for a local TV station.
  13. I was with a buddy cacher who hid two caches. I waited about a month or so and then logged the finds. I think a previous poster talked of waiting after the FTF, great advice! I also agree that 1 more find isn't going to really matter so log it!
  14. What's the status? Did you getthe pics? Did the person in Arizona come through?
  15. I sent you an e-mail, I can do it tomm. Check your e-mail and respond back. Thanks Bubba Cache
  16. I need help creating one for Bubba Cache It is me, my wife, and my 3 year old. We live in Alabama and we use a yellow Rhino 110. ny ideas would greatly be appreciated....HELP!
  17. I cache because... I love the outdoors the serach for caches has taken me to places I never knew existed the friends I have meet are some of the finest people the time i spend with my wife and son while looking for caches is priceless!!!!!
  18. This thread is AWESOME! I hav ebeen searching for one myself. Team Bubba Cache Myself, wife and 3 year old. We live in Alabama and hey, you got to go with a name like Bubba, LOL. I teach high school history and law. I use a Garmin Yellow Rhino. Any ideas?
  19. A Man, A GPS, and $12 billion worth of Satillites! A Cache too far! The Incacheables Finding Nemo with a GPS Always a Kid at heart One Man's Tupperware is Another Man's Treasure
  20. Thank you for the post Rambler. I think the AGA is just experiencing "growing pains". This particular incident was from some "newbie" cachers as I understand it and that is going to happen. I am glad that the senior cachers of the AGA have stepped up and said, as the most part, this type of e-mails are unacceptable. I do however agree with briansnat when he stated that people must be able to separate constructive criticism of one's cache and personal attacks. Someone who quits because of a few individuals is most likely the type to quit eventually when something doesn't go their way. I do hope this cacher doesn't quit because they put out caches and I get to find them. Please know this does NOT represent what the AGA stands for.
  21. Just seems like you could be reading into that statement too much. Not sure he meant any offense by that statement, and it seems you might be "jumping the gun", that's all.
  22. Are we going to vote over every cache that offends someone here. I don't think that is the key issue here. The issue in my opinion is if the cache follows the guidelines, then it should be unarchived. Cachers can read cache pages and then CHOOSE if they go find it or not.
  23. Hello Sis, I am Bubba Cache (the one who sang "My little butter cup" at Geowoodstock. Let me know when you are coming in town and we'll (AGA) be happy to give you a guided geocache tour.
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