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  1. Daisy doesn't log her caches - she has a PA to do that sort of thing.
  2. I'll try to be on S19 at 22:00 Bren. I expect Nigel will be there too.
  3. .... and I diddn't know that was the kind of birds you were interested in.
  4. Does that actually work Bren? From my limited experience of ACARs only a few aircraft actually broadcast their position.
  5. The is a special Magellan owners handshake. You approach each other and walk on past for 100 feet. Then you slow down and slowly come back to meet.
  6. M3POQ, very recently licenced. Currently active on 2m/70cm. I can access GB3NE, GB3RD, GB3TN and GB3WH.
  7. Daisy always gets the credit for our caches. Is that sexist or dogist?
  8. Most GPSs will optionally show your coordinates in OSGB grid references. Are you sure your's doesn't?
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