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  1. I started watching season two of "Dark" on Netflix last night and noticed this poster in the background. No obvious relevance to the story, though the character entering the room just found something like a geocache.
  2. This evening, I came across a container from a cache that was archived in 2009, though the container I found was lost in March of 2007. I know this because of the logbook and the travel bug that was placed in it on 3/18/2007. I originally found this same cache April of 2004. The travel bug number has already been repurposed and re-lost, so hopefully the owner will allow me to let this original version resume its journey.
  3. I'm a former charter member. First paid up in Sept of 2002, I think. I let it lapse for a year or two some time back, then got back into it when Waymarking came along. I haven't done either activity much lately, but I've been keeping the membership up. Anything Groundspeak would like to do to restore my glory and recognize the greatness of me and my one-time-fellows would be welcome. ETA: Oh, yeah. Ironically, while I was an unpaying member, I was still listed as Charter, and I had access to Off Topic. That kind of dis-incentivized renewing for a time.
  4. Klingnau Kamera I launched this one on Feb 2, 2003 with the goal of traveling from Michigan to Switzerland and back. Its route turned out to be fairly direct. Since it started in the early days of geocaching, there were some long stretches of inactivity. Several years ago, it was nearly home when it vanished with a newbie who picked it up then disappeared from the site. I figured it was lost. Then early this year, out of nowhere, it resurfaced in a brand new cache. In just a hop or two, it arrived at a cache 1/4 mile from my house, one day beyond the nine year anniversary of its launch. It's been sitting on a shelf since it returned. I may still relaunch it and see how long it takes this time.
  5. Well, this took a turn. I'm sorry for any offense. I hope it's clear that the humor is only in the homophone and not directed at any person or their death, general or specific.
  6. We should have a "Waymarking puns" category. From a taphophilic/geneologic point of view, it's interesting that while there are a few other "Zink" stones nearby, there are also several "Fink" stones. I'm curious if it's the same family and if so, how that happened.
  7. N42° 30.192' W083° 08.679' Thought about submitting it, just for larfs.
  8. Yeah, that could work. Thanks. It is indeed sunk, which is how the illusion works. Here is a another good example of the illusion. Here is the headstone from the side:
  9. I've been wanting to get pictures/video of this optical illusion headstone for years. I've wondered about a Waymarking category for it for just as long. I finally got my shots today. Now where to post it? Video of the illusion It's about ten feet from this waymark.
  10. Wasn't a scout, but currently leader for Wolf Den 13, Pack 128, for my son -- who wasn't even close to born yet when this thread started .
  11. I've had other bugs disappear for a good length of time, though this is by far the longest. I think one had even been in a cache that went missing. It's frustrating when they're gone, but it's so exciting when out of nowhere, they return.
  12. I used to woodburn my avatar into square pieces of wood and add a pin on the back. I've also occasionally left a version of the Michigan Geocaching Organization logo made out of Perler beads -- plastic beads that you arrange on small peg boards then melt with an iron to make them permanent. I'm kind of surprised there aren't more sig items made from those.
  13. I've been occasionally addicted to geocaching. I've never been addicted to cigarettes. So, I suppose so, yeah.
  14. I don't go by the little faces; I read the log. If it says "Kid was crying so we gave up", I'll probably still go for it. If it says "Found the contents scattered all over the place", I'll skip it.
  15. Years ago, I was planning a cache, but it was a slightly urban woods where a lot of people came to fish in a river, so I wanted to do some recon first. I stowed an empty ammo can in my hiding spot, just to see if it would last a few weeks. When I returned for it, there was a tent under the fallen tree where I had put it, and the ammo can was gone. I didn't hide the cache. Hopefully the homeless person was able to make good use of the can. Another time, I was looking for a cache in a similar semi-urban wood. I gave up the hunt when I was approaching GZ and noticed a tent right where I was headed. When I got home I looked at some logs on the cache page and realized I had been scared off by the cache container.
  16. I don't log events unless there are temporary caches, and then only once, rationale being if there weren't caches, I didn't find anything. But you all just go on bumping up those "finds", I won't say anything! (Seriously, I won't. I don't care what your numbers are.) (Now I'll wait for someone to call me out on the 10th Anniversary event I logged even though there were no temporary caches. How do I live with this hypocrisy?)
  17. ...when you are ignorant of the many reasons for found count ≠ distinct count!
  18. It's here! A team dropped it off in its revised goal cache, right near my house, and I picked it up after work. Released 2/2/2003, returned 2/3/2012. What next? Well, the camera stays, but the tag just might make a second go of it....
  19. Some additional, less hypothetical measures as to whether numbers matter to you: Do you enjoy multis even though you only get one find for them? (my answer: yes) Would you look for a cache that isn't listed on this site? (my answer: yes)
  20. Coming up on my 10th anniversary. Somewhere in the 380s for finds. Brand new cachers today match that number in a few weeks, sometimes less. I'm clearly not a numbers cacher. If the site didn't automatically total my finds, I would still cache and I would still log accurately. It's my online diary of caching history. So I guess it's now Numbers matter: 4 Numbers don't matter: 13
  21. I'm fairly vocal about not spoiling specific puzzles. I think this was perfect example of asking for help without spoiling a cache. Didn't mention the cache and didn't post the entire puzzle, which would let anyone figure out the cache easily.
  22. I might lose my job , but I made an executive decision to add the Hiking and Backpacking forum back to the Related Topics section and just finished doing so. As for the other changes, they were vetted out for several weeks among active cachers and moderators. Some decisions were made for reasons that may not be apparent to those unaware of a given topic's history, etc. We are aware that you cannot please everyone but strive to make changes that please the majority. If you lose your job, we will protest just as loudly. Thanks!
  23. I also wish the hiking/backpacking forum had stayed. I'm not sure we really want trail recipes and tent recommendations in the main forum. Please, Groundspeak?
  24. One, with a few DNFs in between. It may not look like much, but at the time, island caches were rare. The park it was in was kind of out of the way for what local cachers there were in those days, and it required a boat. Except in the winter, which is when it got most of its finds. In those days, even an avid cacher would have taken weeks to find 25.
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