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  1. "Yesterday was so beautiful I would have missed my own funeral to be out there! " good one, i know the feeling and I hate being at work and seeing everyone else having so much fun....................
  2. "Yesterday was so beautiful I would have missed my own funeral to be out there! " good one, i know the feeling and I hate being at work and seeing everyone else having so much fun....................
  3. CONGRATULATIONS.... wow, that's awsome!
  4. I like Micros. Everyone would rather be out in the woods hunting ammo boxes. That can't always be done. I think the urban micro has it's place for when we are bored and NEED to find a cache and there isn't enough time to head into the woods. I place them in different areas around my city so that if someone is bored and maybe on their way to do some shopping they could say hey, there's that micro close to this store or that one why not do it? They get to hunt a cache and still get real life stuff done too. Not to mention those of us out here that have chronic knee pain that just can't go for a 2 mile hike every day, a micro is a welcome site for our fix. As for a easy micro in a shopping center somewhere and it being a easy find to run up ones numbers.... does anyone really care about cache numbers? So I look at it as if you like doing micros, do them. If you don't like them then don't do them....................... sidebar: and if someone would have had a made up ammo box instead of just a micro on their trip from another state they would have put it in the woods and not under playground equipment! I know.
  5. Howie57

    Who Won?

    ok, yes I did a search for this question and couldn't find a thing. But can someone tell me who won the Real jeep in the contest? I was wondering why they didn't contact me yet? thanks
  6. Chris, thanks for taking this on. I talked to Mike Ott, who I consider one of the premier cachers in Delaware about this way back when we had our picnic in April. We thought then that we should get a hold of the parks in Delaware and let them know about us and what it is that we do. Not digging holes! would have been a good start. We didn't get with them and finally they put their foot down maybe for some of the wrong reasons but then again ignorance breeds contempt so they say. I'd be willing to help in any way that I can but I couldn't take the lead on this as things in the real world are a mess right now. Please drop me a line if I can help. Bet that guy felt good about himself when he found Hanger57 huh? Thanks again, Howie
  7. Did anyone else get a small driver for their YJTB like I did. Although this one has a broken hand I guess he can still drive...........
  8. ok , it worked...... THANKS!!!! Keep on caching........................... Howie it worked
  9. thanks gang.......... I'll give it a shot and see how it goes....... Howie
  10. I've looked using the search engine and cannot find "how to change backgrounds on cache pages" can anyone please point me in the right direction? I know some html codes but just really need to know where to put the img code? thanks for your help............. Howie
  11. now thatsssssssssssssss an ATV......... but I bet it can't get my mother in law off the sofa!
  12. Personally, I'd just be happy to lay my hands on a YJTB. There are those of us in this little state that wonder if we're getting any of them. I know that there will be those that want to keep them hot babies as keep sakes but I know that most of us will just take a pic and log the # (as proof) and move it along so that others can get all excited when they see that one of them is in a cache near them. (that sound you hear is cacher's knocking over furniture to get out of the house to get to the cache where one has been spotted) I think it's a great idea. New things are great and they create talk and excitment and that is good for the human spirit! Ok, I'd love to get a real jeep just like everyone else but hey I know the odds. Much better odds of getting a TB so enjoy and keep a look out for them. "Can't make everyone happy, but then there are the rest of us!" just my .02.......................... "smile, it makes you look better!"
  13. The purse......... anyone else want to show their cache bags? thanks Brian...it worked
  14. someone please tell me how to add a image to a reply? I want to add a picture of my "purse" but not hip on how to add it here. yes, I did do a search and it turned up nothing. thanks
  15. hey I like grits!!! I've never been to a two day cache event. I'm guessing that there would have to be alot of other things to do other than caching and eating? did I mention I love to eat....... And 2 days would make any trip really worth the distance that we had to travel....
  16. Thanks everyone for your input so far!! It looks like maybe Lancaster or Reading would be the most central areas. Does that sound good to you all? Personally, I dont have much experience at camping and would prefer a cabin or motel to stay at. I'm sure there are avid campers and those like myself that would prefer to stay in a motel. At those two locations we have both options. Opinions please: Saturday event or Sunday event? Hope you all bear with me with all the questions......... Howie
  17. way to go! congrats..... you must be a mailman? Man I wish they still had milkmen, man I'd kill for that job and the perks anyway go get the next 100 and the next and the next...........
  18. <slap> accepted.... Thanks JM , I didn't want to use your name just in case everyone wanted to throw ammo boxes and tupperware at me I didn't want you getting hit lol. Wonder if one of our fellow cachers from SE PA knows of a place that can handle a good many people and is actually a nice park. I trust their opinion on a park like I'd hope they'd trust mine. Next spring would be a good time I think since it wouldn't be the same time that other groups are having theirs this year and that way everyone that might want to attend would have plenty of time to line up vacation or what ever. It would be cool to have people from different states helping out too. Cachers are afterall good people............oh, and cool too
  19. Scott Thanks, you'll be coming back here but just think of all the cool cache's you'll be doing in CO......stay safe, keep in touch and keep caching.................
  20. I asked someone if there ever was a Cache Event in a central location that Cacher's from all the states in our Region went to on one weekend? The answer was he didn't think so. I know I'll kill myself for asking this but would anyone be interested in getting a true "Northeast Geocachers" event set up for Next spring? I'm not sure where the best location for this would be and I know that this would be a massive undertaking by all those involved not to mention the travel and lodging for those attending. But personally I think it would be worth a years worth of work if there were many, many volenteers. After all if everyone works together this could be a really big and fun event. ok, now slap some sense into me and give me your thoughts please......
  21. I know the feeling, I have one traditional cache and two micros(I know, I know most don't like these) in my truck for that very reason. I just have to remember to keep my gpsr in there too.........
  22. You stop trying to convince your friends that geocaching is trendy and all the cool people are doing (even though they are) Yes we ARE!! 16. You stop carrying that oversized backpack with enough supplies and junk that you'll never use to last you 3 days in the wild because you read that's what you need and then you find out those cachers are from out west. Now you carry what my brother-in-law calls my "Purse" with only the essientals....... Howie
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