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  1. Hey, Ambrosia! yeah, it was pretty cool!
  2. I've been caching for several years now, But haven't been too active lately. I just got this log on one of my caches, and it made my day-- had to share! Location: Arizona, United States Junior860 found Mother and Child Reunion (Traditional Cache) at 4/9/2010 Log Date: 4/9/2010 Note: This log was Rot13 encrypted on the web site. Because you are the owner we have converted it for you. Today my going rate was about 1 find for every 2 misses.. needless to say, on my 7th cache, (this one !) I was in need of a find to keep my moral up. So I came to the point.. and booted up my pc to check the hint. While it was booting up, all that tensesness and frusteration just sort of melted away.. all the walking in the sun, the acheing of my feet, the disruption of spending about 6 hours for only three finds.. (I'm trying to pass my friend before she comes out west, you see.) It all just melted away. It only made me more at ease to find out I was sitting on top of it !! But not in the way I would have been releaved to have found the previous ones.. a relief born in discomfort and mental strain.. this relief was much more.. natural. What a spot, indeed. Thanks so much for this oasis.. it stood out amongs each and every cache, and in the end, will probably be the only one I remember when I'm old.
  3. Hi, I'm the Cache owner for "It's a duck's Life"... as far as I'm concerned, you can log this as a find if you want. I will try to get to it and replace it soon.
  4. I have a cache (the first one I placed) that got muggled fairly quickly. it might have been within a month or two. and after that it seemed to get muggled every 10 months or so. it's either kids or maintenance crews, has to be, from where it is placed.
  5. Don't forget all them black helicopters flying around. You mean I didn't HAVE to get that tattoo on my forehead? oh, man. now you tell me..
  6. Get a battery operated weedwacker next time. Easier to carry! I like to use a rototiller to get to the cache. it "aerates the soil" and exposes grubs and worm for the wildlife to eat.
  7. I noticed one of his campaign platforms is to end exports of wood, to "keep jobs at home" which must mean he is pro-logging industry. How does he let the loggers trample the land but not geocachers?
  8. I learned I can get along pretty well without reading or posting on the regular forums for a week. However, I read and posted incessantly on the OT forum. so my behavior didn't really change... if anything, I posted MORE in OT. I'm a hopeless addict. I need to join El Diablo's 12-step program.
  9. I just bought some of these Lock 'n' locks! what grade sandpaper do you use to rough them or does it matter?
  10. I read it that Jerry is personally biased toward GC.com but his magazine, while supporting GC.com, is not. That's what I thought he was saying. I admit I may not know all the facts involved in this----I have not yet read the terracaching thread--however, it is a little disturbing that they would reject an article outright about another listing site without giving them a chance or suggestions on changing content. was such a chance given? an editor can reject an article for whatever reason, but it seems like this would be an interesting thing for geocachers in general to know about. If the tone or slant is an issue, maybe it could just be re-written. I like Today's Cacher. --later-- I just read the terracaching thread. I'm not sure what happened. it seems that concerns were expressed over the advertising tone of the article, but I'm not sure an offer was made to change it. I could be wrong. it was hard to tell with all the mud flying around. and then El Diablo said he would not print it. I'm not sure if it can be re-submitted in another form for next issue or not. I write a lot for my job, maybe I could take a look at it and rework it so it's acceptable.
  11. Here's my twisted contribution to this thread: Maybe, sometimes you can have fun BECAUSE the cache is lame, if you have enough of a sense of humor. Anyone remember on Saturday night live, Dan Ackroyd had a character that reviewed "Bad Theater" and would say things like, "that was deliciously BAD." or, "so putrid I had to leave the theater and vomit." So maybe you can think of it like that and just have fun with it. or not.
  12. There are not usually that many critters in the Walmart parking lot. I'm gonna have to disagree with you on that one. I've seen beasts AND critters. I have a cache that uses an altoids breath strip container. I used it because it was a perfect fit for where I placed it and hard to spot. you DO have to kind of make sure it's protected somwhat from the elements or be ready to do maintenece often. I had a cache where I used a Nitro pill cylinder, but it was too much of a hassle. it kept disappearing from the cache location. AND you really have to change the paper pretty often... the paper is hard to get out and people rip it trying to get it out... not worth it, IMHO. But it was fun to try it for several months. I got a lot of comments from people who said it was the smallest cache they had ever seen... I have a different, larger cache container in the same place now...it is in a cool area so it is worth it.
  13. when I first started caching, one of the first ones I did turned out to be a lamppost micro in a parking lot of a movie rental place. It had a theme where you recommended a favorite movie to the next cacher... it took me a couple of tries to find it and it was fun and challenging for me because I had never seen one before. Some people would probably classify it as lame, but I thought it was really clever. it also required much stealth to retrieve, which gave me valuable stealth experience. so, maybe lame is in the eye of the beholder.
  14. geocaching is play. play= happiness. you get to play spy, mountain climber, detective... we all need more play in our lives! makes me happy.
  15. I've never read that from anyone, but then I haven't read every thread there is. that whole reasoning is just wierd... geocaching is geocaching and posting is posting, and the two meet ... a lot, but your posts should not be run through a filter of how many finds you've had or how long you've been caching to determine value, accuracy or authenticity of the post itself. But I think somebody said that already. oh, well.
  16. oops. I didn't get that it was originally tongue in cheek. I thought it WAS serious.
  17. .32 ppd for me... I think it could be an interesting experiment. a week seems like a long time. but a day seems too short. How about 5 business days?
  18. I lurked for awhile before I ever posted, and I never got the impression that the regular posters were intimidating. I learned a lot from them, they answered many of my questions... I've only been snapped at once, I think, and even then it was hardly anything, not enough to start a flame war over. The one time some regs seem to attack is when a newby starts complaining about something or telling others what they should do or what would make the game better. That seems to really get some hackles up. A LOT of it depends on HOW you say what you say in your post. BUT... I think It is naturally a little intimidating to join in an organization/club/sport/forum where you are new to things and there are people who have been around for a long time and know each other, etc... you may feel like you don't know what's going on, how to act, what to say. So that whole experience, whether it is geocaching.com or joining some other club or group in your hometown, it's difficult for awhile until you get the lingo, behavioral norms, and all that stuff down. my (hopefully non-intimidating) two cents.
  19. In my opinion, you did great! Somebody did the exact same thing for me once on one of my high-traffic high-stealth caches and I was very appreciative.
  20. What do you look for in a cache? Is the hunt more important than the cache itself? Are they equal? Would you prefer fewer high quality caches, or a high number of caches with a few gems thrown in? Is there anyone who really isn't hoping to find that special schwag item in a cache? I care very little about what's in the cache... I don't care about the "prizes".... The hunt is important, but more important to me is the place the cache takes me to. I like caches in quality locations, or clever hides, I don't care what's in them. I also like "Cleaver Hides", but that's a whole 'nother subject. (Beaver? Wally? Ward-- June?)
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