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  1. when you go to edit listing on the right side.... do you get a "Nickname" box like this one?
  2. i like that one. a nice addition to my themes. .......
  3. re:McDonalds bags and such.... sometimes things are not what they seem.
  4. no person in our country can force you to give permission. your permission can be taken out of the equation. under certain circumstances, permission is not necessary. Search incidental to a lawful arrest, inventory and exigent circumstances are a few. plain view items can change the whole situation also. you still have the right to ask why, and what is being sought. chances are at this point the individual usually knows what is being sought. i have recovered guns from autos in plain view, and the operator of the vehicle legitimately did not know they were there... music industry in NYC is very interesting. it has been my experience that many, if not most innocent people offer a search without being asked. that said.. EVERY search that leads to an arrest should, and will be challenged in court. as a police officer i agree that every search should be challenged in court. i make about 100 arrests a year, and they are based on street encounter, and observations. all felony, and most misdemeanor arrests are challenged on validity of the initial stop. i take that as a challenge to do my job properly... i seek a higher standard of evidence to make sure that all my cases are solid. i use video, audio and other means to achieve a solid base for a case. back to the main issue..... we hide items in woods, and city spaces. thank (insert religious icon here) we have law enforcement agents that are aware enough to check it out.
  5. the argument of how to interpret the constitution is older than all of us. that argument dates back to the original document. mopar- the supreme court would be the final factor in that.
  6. if you don't like a law... change it. VOTE. be careful what you wish for.
  7. let us get back to the main post.. the original poster gave great advice. -- mark the container well -- don't have "bad stuff" in your car -- be polite -- i will add.. carry the PDF document i suggested earlier -- be ready to explain in detail what you are doing remember that we are placing packages in the woods, and cities of the USA for our fun in finding them. we leave packages in public space, and walk away. to Geocachers this is normal, but to others it seems a bit odd. i took a quick poll of 10 fellow cops... 3 had heard of Geocaching. that leaves seven cops with a heightened level of suspicion when observing our game. not every person out there knows of this hobby, sport or addiction. approach every stop with diplomacy, and all will work out fine. be smart, but not a smart a**. know your rights, but i don't advise trying to lecture an investigating officer on search and seizure... i would probably hear you out, because i am patient... others may not humor the situation. the person being stopped does not know much of what has brought the officer to the situation. was it an observation, or a radio call. did the caller embellish (oh, and they do!) and say the bad guy putting the box of explosives in the woods has a gun??? i have been a police officer in a major metropolitan area for thirteen years, and i understand the concerns of people being searched. just be careful. from me -- understand your rights. understand the rights of the officer. understand the law.... i cannot tell you whether or not you can do something, or cannot, you have free will. i can tell you the consequences of your actions. choose wisely.
  8. written word is so open to interpretation.... in the spirit of the paranoia i have seen in earlier postings.... it is always in your best interest, anywhere in life to have witnesses. no, all officers don't lie through there teeth. please note... i am actually quite the fair, and honest one. you will have to point out to me where i said... "you can only refuse a search if there are witnesses."
  9. joe- "and that said Mr Z... leave the car, and keys. you can retrieve your auto in whitestone after the warrant is executed." good call though. if it is locked, and no warrant.... gotta have exigent circumstances, or no joy.
  10. by the way... who passes laws? "Love it, or leave it."
  11. you have the right to say "NO" in front of witnesses... it will not hold up if it is illegal. you do not give up your rights... you can say yes, and still beat a search in court... if it is illegal. there are too many circumstances to discuss on a board. you should really take a peek at some court documents on the history of search and seizure, as you may be surprised at what has transpired throughout the last 50 or so years. there are many factors that elevate a LEO from observe - stop - reasonable suspicion - probable cause - arrest. many misconceptions regarding law in the civilian world.
  12. make sure you are fully aware of your rights, as well as the duties of a law enforcement agent. your rights to fourth amendment protection are sacred. probable (edited my spell checker mistake - probably cause. lol) cause, and reasonable suspicion are two things you should familiarize yourself with before you get snippy with a L.E.O. your actions, and many other factors can lead to a legal search. many, many people have spouted amendments while i used my knowledge, the law and my experience to effect a lawful search. half knowledge of a particular subject can really get you in deep do-do. that said... carry the "Let's Go Geocaching!" Brochure from Geocacher U PDF document on Geocaching with you while placing caches. be well versed in the sport, hobby or addiction we call geocaching. be able to articulate what you are doing. don't get snippy. most law enforcement officers are there to help. my $.02
  13. use google earth, and easy or expertgps. look for trail heads on aerial maps, and mark them. 90% of the time this works for me. also search out the area you want in .gpx format. type in a search like yosemite and .gpx you will get some trail data like that. the more people that log .gpx data on their long hike, the more info will be available. not a fan of trails.com.... they want your ca$h.
  14. bear with me on this one...... yesterday we just did a 5.5 mile hike around 4 cache loop. day before we did a 3 mile loop for 4 caches over easy terrain. On Thanksgiving day we did a 3+ mile loop 1 multi (3 stops.) the multi was an elevation change from 400ft to 650ft back down to 200ft up to 400ft. here are my caching partners. Meredith -30+, Heather - 9, Zakk - 7. don't underestimate your kids. they will amaze you. look for some shorter hikes, and work into the longer more difficult ones. do your searches via query after you sign up for the premium membership. use the query to look for 1/1 difficulty, then try some 2/2, 3/3 etc. this search allows for less than or equal to 1 difficulty, and terrain. we are just in it for the fun, but we document all of our hikes.
  15. Sorry for your loss. You are in our thoughts and prayers!
  16. check this LINK to .gpx software The following Web sites allow you to plot your GPX data on a Web map: GPS - GPX Interactive Map (View GPX files on Google Maps) GPX Loader for Google Maps (View GPX files on Google Maps) GPS Visualizer (Convert GPX to SVG maps and elevation profiles) GMapToGPX (View GPX files on Google Maps) Online GPX Viewer (View GPX files on Google Maps)
  17. expert gps allows you to upload, and download with the computer. you can view, edit and manipulate the trails. it has an aerial map view, and topo view. sometimes the aerial view is helpful in finding existing trails and landmarks. this page will give you an idea of plotting points. here is a pic with some route data on it. it is a lake shot, but works the same with land routes. if i go into ExpertGPS and mark an intersection, then load it into my SporTrak or MeriPlat it brings me right to the center of the intersection. soooo much more accurate than magellan software... in my opinion.
  18. 1. alot of those type of parks have trail maps on their site. there are pay sites available, but i don't care for them. a little research on the actual park will usually yield a map or two. an email to the contact us link on most sites works also. what area are you in? any parks in particular? 2. i currently dump all waypoints, and track / route data into expertGPS. from there i split route data into individual trail data. not hard to do at all. i have a few parks that i really have plotted nicely.
  19. glad it worked. can be frustrating to have a $$ paperweight. anything for a fellow Jeeper... even if it is one of those small ones. lol.
  20. when you hear the beep or see the flash... press enter. see if you get past that point. topo does that to mine sometimes. is your GPSr software updated to 5.xx??
  21. no offense, but that is a tactical drill. reality is another story. one of my partners... 18+ years in law enforcement, 20 years military (active and reserve), a member of an Army shooting team, well trained in the use of firearms and a tactical genius was involved in an on duty shooting several years ago in NYC. the officer stumbled upon a shooting in progress where several people were being shot in an automobile at point blank range. taking cover, and returning fire at several yards... several... like 3 yards... maybe 9 to 10 feet away... he fired five shots... one spiraled up the shooters extended arm, and one removed the shooters nose... 3 shots were unaccounted for on the shooter. he missed three times at 9 feet. the officer is one of the best shooters i have ever encountered. his blood pressure read normal and stable after the shooting. keep practicing, because that is how you avoid missing 5 times. most police related shootings occur at extremely close range, and both the cops and perps miss frequently. (edit) at the scenes of shootings i have seen cars, buses, windows, walls, innocent bystanders, dogs, baby carriages, lights, garbage bags and even a priest hit by stray bullets. BRASS. (Breathe, Relax, Aim, Slack and Squeeze) is a great drill.(edit) i have been to the scene of MANY shootings. MANY. I have never seen a tight group in the 13 years i have been a police officer. i do carry a weapon everywhere... it is actually a condition of my employment that i be armed on and off duty in NYC. i am well trained, and well versed in tactics. i pray to GOD that i never have to face a firearm from the business end. by all means i do not want you to stop practicing, but be a little more realistic. targets have never fired a weapon at me that i know of. targets are predictable.
  22. "We love to overlook the boundaries which we do not intend to pass" funny - the real quote is "We love to overlook the boundaries which we do not wish to pass." my partner at work likes to use the saying. quoted from Samuel Johnson (edited laugh - i had jackson.) when people ask "Why is this... Why is that..?" questions. he hits them with that line as a response , and says "That is a boundry you do not wish to pass." he's the philosipher ... i am more of a realist. interesting cooinky dink, or good placement of a misquote??? read original use HERE.
  23. Police Officer, 13 years, NY City. It really is a safe place
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