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  1. MTN-man knows what the regs are as far as caches placed in Mn. Do out of state cache-placers???? If not, don't place them. Mess with Mtn-man.......mess with us .
  2. This is one of mine, and it could not have been more aptly named. 31,772 miles and counting!
  3. Centris has found many of my bugs ( I released a few in florida just to vex her ) and she has done things like attach laminated, more concise info cards to bugs that I could have done a better job on. she has hit a few of my caches several times just to retrieve bugs. she grabs correctly, releases correctly, posts notes, follows, blah, blah, blah. An exemplary cacher, with a great attitude, which is more than I can say for some of the curmudgeons around here.
  4. quote:Originally posted by seneca:Here's Jeremy's last word on the issue. http://ubbx.Groundspeak.com/6/ubb.x?a=tpc&s=5726007311&f=4016058331&m=44660336&r=97160066#9716006 Of course, Seneca gleefully posts this fact, because it fits within his anti-gun and anti-right-to-defend attitude. I find it ironic that this forum is suitable for dialogue about God, radios, garage sales, girls, art, jokes, music, flying, and a myriad of other things of interest to some cachers, but not firearms. Hypocrasy? I suppose. It's a big part of the reason I hardly ever post here anymore. Jeremy, there have been plenty of other hotly debated issues on these forums that never went un-censored. Why this? Golly Seneca, I guess you win....... Minnesota Geocaching Association
  5. So close I can taste it!!! Minnesota Geocaching Association
  6. O.K. I was wondering who and when someone would roll the grenade into the room. If you'll refrain from referring to me as living my life in a paranoid state, I'll refrain from assuming you can't see well due to the rose colored glasses. As far as what to be concerned about when off trail, please bother to consider Meth-labs and drug farmers with controlled perimeters. And the moron Olympic park bomber? His camp site looked like a great place to hide a geo-cache! All alone and off trail can be a s perilous as the south side of Chicago to one who does not know how to keep themselves safe. I know, I've spent just about equal amounts of of my life in both of these places. And remember, the law wasn't written for me, if that's how you want to think. I was written for the divorced mother who's ex beats the snot out of her. We all know how well restraining orders work........... Minnesota Geocaching Association
  7. My job also involves guns and knives every day. I run the hunting department for a Galyans trading company. I also sell plenty of GPSr's and I write down the word "GEOCACHING.COM" for every unit I sell. What better way to learn the device? Minnesota Geocaching Association
  8. It's you I like, It's not the things you wear, It's not the way you do your hair-- But it's you I like The way you are right now, The way down deep inside you-- Not the things that hide you, Not your toys-- They're just beside you. But it's you I like-- Every part of you, Your skin, your eyes, your feelings Whether old or new. I hope that you'll remember Even when you're feeling blue That it's you I like, It's you yourself, It's you, it's you I like. Fred Rogers Quite possibly one of the sweetest sentiments ever put to words. I really wanted my son to grow up knowing Mr. Rogers. /Insert frown-face here/ Minnesota Geocaching Association
  9. Good Lord Oregone!!! I've read some of the posts from your "lame cache" suggestion. Thanks for the fun" "Fun park" Thanks for the cache". The log I missed was "thanks for the public bashing......." It's all relative. I use official Geocache labels on my ammo cans. I put really nice swag in them. And oddly enough, after a half hour of mosquitos and thorns, some people don't like my caches. Oh, the pain of rejection.......... Minnesota Geocaching Association
  10. Finding lost geocachers who bring cell phones?????? Minnesota Geocaching Association
  11. BLACK / WHITE WRONG / RIGHT STOP / GO FOUND / NOT FOUND Pick one and one only. O.K? This world loves to blur lines that one could nor should not. It reminds me of a statement by some obscure group called "Poets for Peace" or something like that. The writer went on a tangent about how they understand that there are various versions on "the truth". Ummmmmm.....no there aren't. Minnesota Geocaching Association
  12. This one did. This one is poised to do so. I've been lucky so far.......knock on wood. Minnesota Geocaching Association
  13. Regarding the license..... Can the FCC find you? Can they inforce the fine/license? Can they prove you were using GMRS and not FRS? Are they going to knock on my door just because I posted this? Will this stream on conscience ever end? Minnesota Geocaching Association
  14. Leatherman Micra (cache swag) and a Princeton Pulsar mini l.e.d. light. Oh, and six keys..... Minnesota Geocaching Association
  15. This one completed a very excellent mission, and photo's will be posted soon. This guy on the other hand has nearly 15,000 thousand miles. No info tag, no specific mission, just go cat go. Slow and steady wins the race...... Minnesota Geocaching Association
  16. I think Ramsey county imposed the limit. I've hidden 11 caches, and found over fifty. The 11 hidden (a little less than half archived for one reason or another) are a decent contribution to the hobby, but without KB we have almost 1/3rd less caches to find in the Twin City metro area, and that is a bummer! sometimes I wish there were more good places to hide caches, but, I've got a cabin in the woods "up north" and there are plenty of places to hide them up there. Minnesota Geocaching Association
  17. Sochacki Park, also known as "Neglected Park 1" has had a camera in it since I first hid it. This was my first hide. I just developed the pics and posted them today. Are you in one? Let me know. This was great fun. Thanks everyone. Minnesota Geocaching Association
  18. This guy. He's a machine, and he hides a mighty fine cache. Sure, he scares small children , at least until they find one of his caches, and they get to share one of the toys he generously leaves behind. He's made my kid smile more times than I can count. Oh, wait, I can give you an exact total, just look at the number of my finds. Thanks Boreas. You rock! Minnesota Geocaching Association
  19. Here! Whooo-hoooo! My first "Markwell". Minnesota Geocaching Association
  20. Cool, huh? Not only did this bug complete it's mission, someone added a second camera, and all photo's in both cameras were used up. Now I can only hope there won't be any photo's of some pranksters hairy butt-crack. On that note, I hope to have the photo's uploaded by tuesday afternoon. On a side note, I've released 8 bugs, and only one is currently unaccounted for. Minnesota Geocaching Association
  21. quote: I hope you are kidding. Mtn-man and Planet both have similar animals in their avatars, last time I checked. I'm sure there are probably others. Yep. Some of my dogs look pretty run of the mill....lol BTW this one, Frau Boo-Boo, is a German Wirehaired Pointer, and is pretty cute IMHO. [This message was edited by Irvingdog on April 13, 2003 at 02:47 PM.]
  22. quote: It's funny because some people get so uptight around the subject of nudity. You are kidding, right GPSaxophone? Just because you may cache in the company of other adults does not make this game exclusive to adults. And like I said, forcing me to ingage my child in a conversation about genetalia at a time I do not choose is wrong. And offensive. And presumptious. You have your set of morals, and decide how you would raise a child. I have mine. The idea that a person would encroach something I would deem unsuitable into my boys world could be very dangerous indeed...... /papa bear reflexes now turning off/ It's a game folks..........
  23. Being a daddy cacher with kids, I also think it's pretty un-cool. And you'd be a fool to call me prudish. You don't even know me. However, to force me to engage my son in the inevitable genitalia conversation is a rather unfair thing to do. That is the beauty of being a parent, you still have certain freedoms to raise the kind of little boy or girl you choose, at least for a while.Until you run across people who leave this kind of crap in family oreinted, public places like geocaches. I don't suppose the bug owner still has the option of doing the right thing, do they? It's a game folks..........
  24. I have sold over a dozen GPSr's to family of U.S. military who have then sent them on to their spouse/children. I learned all about MGRS or Military Grid Refrence System, and that most good retail available GPSr's have the capability to understand it. It's a game folks..........
  25. Too late everyone. Did it last year. All Alone
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