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  1. Congrats Lep but we really know who did all the footwork in those 500 finds.
  2. Wish i could come but thats an awful long drive for after work on a friday just to turn aroudn and come back home.
  3. What you have shown is degrees and decimal minutes. minutes and seconds of that would be 54' 06.30"
  4. We found this cache in the summer. But I'm sure the top of the mountain overliiking miles of the river valley will be beautiful in fall coloring. Riverview Cache by Barefoot One and Wench
  5. Congratulations VaxCave! [This message was edited by Eeyore and Shadow on September 23, 2003 at 04:56 PM.]
  6. This has to be the hottest topic ever its reached three pages in five hours! I am toning it down!
  7. Gallant is the perfect geocacher,polite, courteous, and well Gallant. Goofus lays in wait at a cache to beat the snot out of Gallant because he is a little goody two-shoes. But he tells the arresting officer that the silly part in Gallant's hair drove him insane. I am moving along!
  8. AHHH the joys of electricity, after half a week witout it you really learn to appreciate it. And your favorite website. But I did have a lot of time to think about a cache in honor of my favorite HHGTTG character. Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged. What better to find in a cache than a personal insult? Maybe laminated so your insult will last longer than you. Eeyore I am moving along!
  9. I'm atill without power from the tornadao, I've been missing everything thats going on but for trips out of town to recharge batteries so i can see at night and to check my email. I can't wait to get back in the game! HA! Hopefully I'll have power again soon. cold showers suck and I won't even mention the annoyance of not being online. Yeah I'm a computer junkie. But look at how much I have missed here in the past few days! LOL Eeyore I am moving along!
  10. Well manager doesn't seem too terribly concerned about it, he hasn't once responded to the thread in 16 hours. Eeyore I am moving along!
  11. Why not use muggle we are magical aren't we... or is that special? No matter, maybe we should start calling them muggils?? I am moving along!
  12. In Pennsylvania there are various common hiding styles, but rest assured that it is hidden on the other side of the poison ivy. Eeyore I am moving along!
  13. quote:Originally posted by cachew nut:Stop posting threads with just one or two words in the subject line. It really gets irritating to click on the thread to have to see what it's about, and then find out it doesn't interest you. Kinda like this one, see? You're a nut! I am moving along!
  14. Figures, I find an interesting thread and it up and dies. Maybe I shall go wash my head. I am moving along!
  15. IF its not activated its not associated with you at all. It isn't recognized by the site until it is activated. Eeyore I am moving along!
  16. OK, My logic warped as it is says that you need one sub-meter reciever for locations of new placements,(for increased accuracy) and for finding any valves with no visible marking. But after placement, and for looking for known valves a hand held would suffice. I am sure you can get away with only ever needing one sub-meter accurate reciever. I am moving along!
  17. SkyeMaloney, are these valves burried? or obscured from sight in some way? if so a sub meter accuracy reciever or line tracing equipment woudl be necessary. If there is any visual indication of what you are lookgin for a comercial grade reciever will be more than acceptable. I am moving along!
  18. I think interpretation of the rules of a race should be made by the person officiating the race. They are the ones that make the rules and have the power to disqualify anyoen they feel has cheated. Eeyore I am moving along!
  19. quote:Originally posted by garrettmaster1:I might be the only one with this view, but advertising a lot about geocaching could invite a large response, but then could also invite people that try it out...place a cache and then later quit. Again..its a thought huh????????? This the same day everyone is having all sort of fits about staying on topic? I don't think garrettmaster1 even looked at the thread Eeyore I am moving along!
  20. ETE Is the estimated time it will take to arrive at the waypoint you are graveling to at the speed you are currently traveling. Eeyore
  21. It figures a thread like this would only exist in the T-bug forum wich I never look at! Guess I'm not a hoopy frood. But I'll have to keep an eye on it now. I have had a few H2G2 ideas. Maybe someone can help since I so despise life. I am moving along!
  22. Then I am going to sue Quest Master because I hurt myself when I fell off my chair laughing so hard. I am moving along!
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