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  1. In my case, The Park Manager wants to actually find each cache to determine if it fits within their guidelines. If he feels that the cache is within guidelines he will affix the permit sticker to the outside of each cache container. I know for sure the first stage of the cache I referenced above has no place to put the permit on the outside. There are some interesting rules on the cache permit....one that bothered me a bit is that the life a cache is no more than two years. My cache has been out over two years now, only 17 finders, I fail to see how that's an impact to anything. I would hope they take the view that my cache brings some revenue into the park. From the permit: "All permits will be valid for two years. Exact starting and ending dates will be recorded on the permit. Upon permit expiration, the owner is responsible for removing the cache and removing its location from the website or other information source as an active cache." I really wonder if they will enforce this or some of the other rules that are clearly ambiguous.
  2. I apologize if this has been covered, I don't visit the forums much. I was contacted today by the Park Manager at Minnewaska State Park about my geocache called Milling About Millbrook. He said I needed to get a permit by 11/18/05 or my cache would be removed, then destroyed after 30 days. I called and talked with him and got the impression that he's willing to work with geocacher's, but he needs to follow the direction he's been given. I immediately jumped in the car and went to the Park Office, met with him and filled out the application. The application does require coordinates, descriptions and acknowledgement of their rules, no fee. Relatively painless actually. He issued two permits of the same number for my two stage multicache and said he would have one of his rangers find the cache and place the permits on my two containers. I doubt the actual permit sticker can fit on the outside of my first stage container, it's covered with indigenous flora, no problem on the second stage. If you have a cache placed in a NYS Park, I suggest you get a permit sometime soon and hope you meet a nice Park Manager that's willing to work with geocacher's. Milling About Millbrook is the first geocache in Minnewaska State Park that has submitted an application for a permit, hopefully approved tomorrow. gunx
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    I agree that extreme caution must be used when ingesting wild fungus. Is Pathmark a store? AFAIK, commercial cultivation of Chanterelle's has met with limited success. The "smooth Chanterelle" that I'm finding here in NY is hard to mistake for anything else. So far I've made a nice cream soup, mushroom/cheese omelette and reduced bergundy sauce over beef tenderloin with them. FYI, restaurants are offering up to $25/lb for them. I guess since this illicited "no thanks" as the only responses, as opposed to other fungi hunters responding, this must be too far removed from caching. I'm sorry, I will flog myself accordingly.
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    The Chanterelle mushrooms are out here in the gunks. Keep your eyes open for the next month for them. Hen of the woods next..... Gunks Chanterelle's:
  5. gunx


    Picked a couple quarts of blueberries near Gertrudes nose in the gunks last Sunday. I've missed the spring blueberries the last couple of years. We opted for blueberry milkshakes.
  6. I was hiking the gunks on 6/11 and ran into both a copperhead and a black snake. I'm clueless what the black one was, other than big. I've hiked these hills nearly twice a week for five years now, these are the first two snakes I've seen. On the plus side, spring blueberries are almost ready and the laurels will be in full bloom this week or next.
  7. For a good long day hike to bag 3 cache's (4 if you want a waterfall virtual), try "Fraggle Rock", "Mouse Hole" and "Milling about Millbrook" in the gunks. Total length will be determined by the order you choose to find them. You'll be over 9 miles by the end of the day.
  8. The Gunks are an interesting area. Whats even more curious is how the name is pronounced, which is nothing like the way its spelled and why people have just decided to call them the "Gunks". In a somewhat phonetic attempt, it's pronounced "Shongums". Although very few locals call it anything but the gunks. I can direct you to local camping and provide sublime coordinates when you come.
  9. I'm hyper-sensitive, needy and have some driving urge to have everyone endorse and understand all the activities I'm insterested in, simply because I'm a geocacher? I'm going to get the diamond island cache today, caching is good therapy. I hear caching is also good therapy for those who make insanely broad generalizations, wanna go?
  10. Either works as a URL, it only matters at a Unix command line.
  11. My thoughts were, convergence, confluence, gaggle and pride. I guess I need to be more original
  12. I too submitted my first cache hide on 10/11 and have heard nothing yet. I see that I'm just being a bit impatient. I guess I'm feeling like someone will hide one close to where mine is sitting now and I won't be approved. Ok, I'll go chill now
  13. I also qualify except for my skin and location... AND it's a yellow Jeep. 02 TJ Sport, Rubicon Express 3.5", 33x12.5 BFG AT KO, custom intake, custom throttle body.... have rocks will crawl
  14. Yes, try a Chicago Hot Dog, Flukey's or Byron's if you can get there, both are pretty far from where you are. Check the hot dog vendor that hangs in front of Shedd and tell him you want a real Chicago dog. As for pizza....I live in NY now and am having a tough time. From your hotel you can call Giordano's and have them bring you one. My personal favorite from Giordano's is a stuffed spinach pizza. Five cheeses including ricotta, spinach and mushrooms in a more flakey crust topped with sauces and spices. Add sausage if you like. Ok, when most people hear of a spinach pizza they cringe, but I've never found a person that didn't like after they tried it
  15. Caution, on-topic newbie: No and I don't see this changing. For me it's the hunt and the places the hunt take me to. I far prefer to hunt a cache that involves a strenuous hike through areas I've never been to before, than to push my find count higher by "pocketing" many quick finds. That's the adventure I seek here. I don't need no stinkin stats, I need mother nature.
  16. I'm glad you at least thought about the fee before placing I logged a DNF at a cache where the cost on weekends and holidays is $8 per person, no matter how many cars. Yesterday we went back and found it.... two trips, two people, $32! I'm glad we did it and I would do it again.
  17. We lost power right about 4pm and were back up at 2am. Could have been much worse.
  18. Al has two finds under is ten year old belt:
  19. quote:Originally posted by DadONine: This begs the question: Has anyone ever actually needed climbing rope while GCing? Let's hear some stories! DadONine This cache: Vertical Limit requires rock climbing skills and rope
  20. quote:Originally posted by IV_Warrior:Oh and Leprechaun, I'll see your 1 month and raise it one. But if there were a two month waiting period, who could substanuate it?
  21. Agreed. That's the funniest thing I've read in ages.... maybe fodder for "The Onion"
  22. Shoot, I thought it was delirium tremors.
  23. ahhh thanks for that. I finally have a solid definition of: Markwelled When a response to a new post in the forums points you to a similar topic in the past. Based on the user Markwell. I feel complete now
  24. Sony DSC-S85 excellent cam with simple USB hook to your PC... appears as a removable disk.
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