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  1. Just tried again and it seems to be working now.
  2. Wouldn't you know it, I log on for the first time in years to see if there are any caches around where I'm at and I'm having the same problem. I'll try from home later to see if that makes a difference.
  3. Have you checked to see if any spam filters are picking them off?
  4. RUSTY Can't stand the guy but I'll vote for him anyway. J/K Rusty, you know I love you.
  5. I kind of forgot what caching is like but I do remember that a coffee can makes a bad cache as they leak. However I do remember the addiction, bad stuff.
  6. Ok I guess you only have one cache send me a pm on what you want edited and I'll try it. I can click on edit and don't get an error so I'm assuming it's when you try and publish the changes.
  7. try again in a little bit. Also, send me the link to the page in a pm and I'll give it a try and see if I get the same thing.
  8. Perhaps you aren't aware that caches are supposed to be permanent, not temporary. 12 weeks isn't much of a long life for a cache, and chances are it wouldn't get approved if that's all the longer you planned to keep it active. Not sure there's a specific guideline on cache permanence, but if I were an approver and you threw 51 caches at me to review, you darn well better have that one in place a V E R Y long time. From the guidelines: Cache Permanence When you report a cache on the Geocaching.com web site, geocachers should (and will) expect the cache to be there for a realistic and extended period of time. Therefore, caches that have the goal to move (“traveling caches”), or temporary caches (caches hidden for less than 3 months or for events) most likely will not be listed. If you wish to hide caches for an event, bring printouts to the event and hand them out there. We realize that it is possible that a planned long-term cache occasionally becomes finite because of concerns with the environment, missing or plundered caches, or the owner’s decision to remove the cache for other valid reasons. Please do your best to research fully, hide wisely, and maintain properly for a long cache life.
  9. Should be the post office of that zip code.
  10. Correct!! I would leave it and see what happens myself, if they come up missing a couple times then disable em. Usually cachers are pretty good about making thousands of tracks in the general area of the cache as to throw off a muggle.
  11. Oh boy, here is a tough one...... All joking aside lets keep it as close to on topic as possible. I already closed his last thread because of everyone making fun and carrying on and I will do the same to this one shortly if things don't 'straighten' up which is unfair to the OP. Thanks.
  12. Wow, I thought I was made a mod of the OT forum all of a sudden when I got a report on this and saw all of the craziness. After checking I was relieved to see that wasn't the case and this is in Geocaching Topics. Thing is that this thread didn't really go anywhere but off topic so I'm going to close it. Thanks to all of those who have participated.
  13. Link to OP's Cache (Click Me) That is a cool little note. I've had one similar on one of my caches but they didn't log online, just in the log book in the cache. It was a nice thing that they logged it, liked it and then put it pack unlike an other that stole that same cache. Oh well.
  14. Yeah I don't blame him with a rag like that. Interesting interview, thanks for posting.
  15. I've done some night caching in parks but they were probably city park where there wasn't a timline you had to worry about, or there weren't gate where they could keep you out. Keep an eye out for those signs that you suggested. Also as an idea you could do something in the public streets of a city, you would just have to be creative so people didn't draw too much attention to themselves when hunting for it.
  16. Yes, submit the cache like you would any other for re-approval. That would be the easiest way. Or if it's archived you could email the original approver and let them know the situation and that you want to use the same cache page but with different coordinates and let them know the situation.
  17. Wow, what a negative attitude, there is no reason for your rude comments. If you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all!!!
  18. found this in a search for "event games" on all forums for a year. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...&hl=event+games
  19. Ok fine, I'll pay you twenty bucks for your geocoin.
  20. That's what I need to do, how many weeks of cutting out the beer did it take to drop that 20#s? Back on topic, I've been around the same weight forever now but there is a cacher here Team CoyChev that has lost about 50/60 lbs since he and his wife started caching a little more than a year ago. I should also add that they've hit over a thousand caches in that time frame too. So if you're going to drop big pounds I think you'll need to do a lot of caches in a short period of time.
  21. Team FISUR, I just checked your collection and it doesn't seem to have a MiGO geocoin, care to trade?
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