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  1. Thanks for the compliments Jomarac5 I'm not going to be able to make it this time. You guys have a great time. Hopefully I can make the geocache trip next time. Thanks for considering me. Dale 3fros
  2. I still don't know if I can go yet, but am thinking about it. Sounds like a great trip. Here's a picture of the kayak I made for my son. We launched it at the wooden sea kayak rendezvous in Port Townsend this weekend.
  3. I must be the only one in the entire US that still doesn't have a cell phone. I'll take it. I could leave it in the car for emergencies. I could also take it with me when I go geocaching, hiking, or kayaking in case of an emergency. Thanks.
  4. Threadman!!! Wow, I thought you gave up geocaching. I haven't heard from you in a long time. Maybe we should meet half way between our places and go geocaching together sometime. I like paint shop pro. I also use Lview 3.1 because it opens really fast, is easy to crop pictures. It doesn't have a lot of features though. I just noticed on the Lview Website that there is a Lview Pro. I might have to check it out.
  5. I had the EXACT same problem a while ago. I mailed The GPSr in and they said they fixed it by uploaded the new 4.06. Works great now. Like I said in the other post you made, I have a copy of 3.12. I saved all of the old copies.
  6. I have a copy of 3.12. If you want a copy, send me your E-mail address and I'll send it to you.
  7. quote:Originally posted by Mr502go: quote:Originally posted by Cape Cod Cacher:Spend the $20 and buy a GPS bag, they float in either 1 foot or 100... just trust me on this. Got a link?? Here's a link. Just don't do like I did. I went kayaking and when I got home I washed off all of my gear. I had the tub water running real fast and stuck the waterproof case under the water to rinse off the outside. Then without thinking I opened it up and rinsed out the inside with my 315 still in it. I immediately dumped the water back out dried off the 315 and opened it up. No water inside. That was a relief.
  8. Aerospace Engineer working on the Boeing 777.
  9. Someone else did this (I can't remember who, and I'm to lazy to go look) and I thought it was a great idea so here's mine. Here's a picture of our new puppy. He's an 8 week old male Rat Terrier. We can't seem to come up with a good name for him. So far I think Oreo is the best one we've come up with. Another one could be Zit because he has a "Blackhead" That would be confusing to the dog when I say "Sit Zit!" Just kidding, we're not naming it Zit. Any ideas.
  10. Because we like it when we get firsties. We're looking for a box to fiddle with. Sometimes you have to jump through a lot of hoops to get to the treasure.
  11. After I got screwed out of an $80 rebate (and I did make a huge stink for quite a while about it) I have never shopped at CompUSA again. They have lost a lot more than the $80 in purchases after that. They seem to be the king of rebates and we all know how bad the rebate BS has gotten.
  12. I agree, I've wanted this feature for quite a while. One time I drove by a cache that was in the back of a kids private school. Yeah right, here's this strange looking guy wandering around in the back of a kids private school. Next thing I know is that I'll find myself in the back of a squad car. No thanks! I would like to just ignore this one and several others I know I'll never want to do.
  13. I'd swear I've looked for some caches hidden without a GPS and it isn't fun. I found one almost 100' off that several others couldn't find (I can't imagine why) and someone else posted the coordinates that were almost exactly the same as mine (within .001' on Lat and the same on Lon). I do have to say that the trees were pretty thick so that might account for some of the error. Why don't you buy a used Mag 315 or a Meridian Green. They're great units and will get you started at not a lot of cost. You could also check the GPS garage sale.
  14. What? You guys don't like my math cache? I didn't even reveal that the coordinates were in Radians for a while until after several people found it without the clue. I thought it was pretty funny when people posted that it was as easy as "PI". I wish I had thought of that as a clue. Math has as much to do with finding a cache as does encryptions that take 4 days of internet searching to find out how to solve, silly stories about whatever, puzzles, looking for dates or whatever to fill in the next coordinates, having to paddle to an Island to find it... People create these caches to provide a little variety, otherwise we might as well all just provide the coordinates directly to the cache (how boring would that be). Better yet, we might as well paint our caches fluorescent orange and tell you where they are. If math is difficult for you, just remember that history is hard for me, and something else is difficult for someone else. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Some caches require that I do some Internet surfing to figure out. If I feel like it, I look at difficult to solve caches as a challenge. If I just don't feel like figuring it out, I can always look for a different cache. Variety is the spice of life!
  15. quote:Originally posted by Moun10Bike:It sounds to me like this is a traveling cache, which are now against the guidelines. This one is probably grandfathered, though. I guess we just have to wait for the last finder to post updated coordinates. I'm guessing it'll probably turn up somewhere around N 35° 00.000', E 38° 30.000'. http://geocachingwa.org Or maybe it went back from whence it came, somewhere around N 48° 53.000', E 2° 26.000.
  16. Don't forget, the Platinum has a help menu on it.
  17. quote:Originally posted by GeoTripper:I've got a Magellan GPS 315 that seems to hold lock fairly well under trees, but it's not a Garmin and doesn't work with my Mac. Yesterday I borrowed a friends eTrex Summit and took it on a bike ride through a local park. When it was out in the open it seemed to do fairly well marking my position on trails but it kept loosing signal as soon as I got under tree cover. Some places that I was sure I'd get a good-okay signal with my M315 were completely zero with the eTrex Summit. (But there was no side by side comparison). No surprise here. I've said it many times that the Etrex isn't as good under tree cover. I got a lot of arguments from people who haven't used them both in dense trees, but I have and it sounds like we've had the same experience. Some say it's the patch, some say it's just that the patch isn't as big on the Etrex. No matter, the fact is that the Etrex just isn't as good in the trees. As far as which Garmin, I haven't used the other models so I can't say, but a lot of people seem to like the V and the 76 series. They should do the job just fine.
  18. Team 360: Sounds like it's time to make new virtual cache of your removed caches. I personally think that the place should be littered with virtuals so they are begging to go back to the 9 real caches. The area is about 20,000 acres, that's 31.25 square miles!! These wacked out environmentalists are way out of control. They think it is their land and that everyone else should just stay out. They want you to keep paying your taxes though so they can keep collecting their salaries, but we better not even think of trying to enjoy the land that WE own. Like 9 geocaches are going to do SO much damage to the land, give me a break. Don't they know that plants grow back. Sounds like it's time to do some re-electing of the Scottsdale city council. I always wonder how these wacko's get voted into offices (we've got plenty of them in Washington state too), and then I remember that the people sitting around with nothing to do have the time to vote, and the ones busy working to pay the taxes for the slackers, hauling the kids to soccer, and whatever else are often busy or too tired to vote. Perhaps a Geocacher or two should run for the Scottsdale city council. Look at that, now you got me all worked up and I was having such a relaxing day.
  19. I'm not a fan of members only caches, but if you're going to battle, then make them members only. That way they will have to buy a membership to find them. Also, they should be multi-caches so they can't just walk up to them and get them.
  20. Putting a nail in a tree is no big deal. We used to nail boards to trees as kids to climb up into forts. We nailed up boards to build our forts. The trees survived all that abuse with no problems. Of course back then we were real renegades. We rode bikes without helmets, rode in the car without seat belts or car seats, and climbed trees without safety harnesses (don't give the politicians any ideas). Maybe we were just tougher than todays kids. I think nature must have been tougher back then too. One thing to consider is how long will it be there. I've screwed a reflector to a cedar tree by our driveway to make it more visible at night. The problem is that as the tree grows it pushes the reflector right over the screw, breaking the reflector. The screw gets completely sucked into the tree over time. [This message was edited by 3fros on May 23, 2003 at 11:22 PM.]
  21. I saved a second waypoint file (GEOCACHES) using the Meridian card utilities which was loaded with all of the waypoints I already had loaded in the GPS (file named PERSONAL). I tried to delete a waypoint and it seemed to work. I went back to PERSONAL and the waypoint was there. I deleted it from that file and it was gone. I went back to the GEOCACHES file and it was back. I could not permanently get rid of it from the GEOCACHES file no matter how many times I tried. EDIT: OK, I figured part of it out. For some reason I have to save the file again as the same name and overwrite it. I'm not sure why I didn't have to do that to my original PERSONAL file. Also, I changed the name to GEOCACHE since the card reader showed it as GEOCACHE.S since it was more than 8 characters. Does anyone have a good explation on how to deal with these files? Can I modify just the Waypoint file I want using EasyGPS and load it as that file? EasyGPS saves it as a .loc, but the GPS files don't show an extension. Feel free to Markwell me. Also, after deleting a file, my second map file is now corrupted but wasn't before. I had something similar happen before. I think this issue is from deleting files using the card reader, but I'm not sure. Ideas? [This message was edited by 3fros on May 22, 2003 at 01:04 AM.]
  22. It's there. All I could find by searching the database was the US cities. I looked on my world atlas and found the approximate coordinates. After making a waypoint and having the GPS let me view that waypoint, I found it and marked more accurate coordinates. Make a waypoint at 55° 44.975N 037° 42.025E and you'll be almost right on top of it. Wasn't there a thread earlier about not bringing a GPSr to Russia or they would be following you around thinking you're a spy or something?
  23. I thought it was just something that people leave in geocaches for the kids to play with.
  24. I checked out my mapsend Topo. All of Kansas; Approx 11.8MB All of Kansas and Kansas city MO; Approx 13.5MB Just W of Wichita to just E of KC, MO; Approx 7.9MB West edge of Kansas to E of wichita (where hwys 35 and 335 intersect); Approx 8.2MB I hope this helps.
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