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  1. I believe Google's maps are provided by Keyhole, who they recently acquired. Can USAPhotoMaps really access these maps too? I thought that they just accessed the Terraserver images. The maps on Google appear to be only a year or two old, whereas the USAPhotoMap ones appear to be nearly 10 years old in some cases. Also, the Google maps are color at all resoulutions, where the USAPhotoMap ones are not. --RuffRidr
  2. I don't think this system will ever be implemented here. No one wants to tell the emperor that he has no clothes. A system like this would cause a LOT of caches to go away due to, well them being not star worthy. People who don't want their caches to disappear will rally against a system like this. --RuffRidr
  3. For those of you getting ready to jump GA, This cache is on university property and the grafitti is permitted by the university. In fact they have signs that tell you where you're allowed to express yourself. That was conveniently left out by the OP. Sounds like a unique and cool cache. --RuffRidr
  4. Crouching Hiker, Hidden Treasure Do You Know Geo?
  5. I'd like to make a cache that is somehow electronically locked, and the only way to open it is by performing the following on a keypad: up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-B-A-select-start I'm sure some others of you have this combo burned into their brains as well. --RuffRidr
  6. When companies have a monopoly on a commodity they tend to get complacent. Having competition is a good thing. It get sites to innovate and come up with newer, and sometimes better ways of doing things. New companies in an arena often will often take chances on edgier, untested ideas that an established company might not be willing to try. Like others in this thread, I have chosen this site as the place to list my caches. Right now I think it is the best. That doesn't mean I am married to this site forever. If any other site starts to approach the offerings of this site, I may have to take a good long look at switching. My $.02, --RuffRidr
  7. You can prolly do this now. I'd guess they probably wouldn't turn down donations. --RuffRidr
  8. Wow! That is very cool. I wish I had the skills to wire up something like that. --RuffRidr
  9. Hey buddy, this is a family oriented site! LOL! Nice.
  10. Again, as the originator of this topic, I'm sorry that this was ever brought up. I thought we'd all get a big chuckle out of the "threat". Hacking or not, I should never have published the URL. I'm glad El Diablo has accepted the apology. Since everyone has had a chance to respond, I'm gonna close this topic. --RuffRidr
  11. This has really gotten out of hand. When I posted this message I had no idea that people would get so upset about this. It was very obviously tongue in cheek. It was funny! As another member of this board is fond of saying, Lighten Up Francis! Puhlease! I wasn't mucking around on their server. I mereley changed mar to apr out of curiosity (I know curiosity killed the cats). You know, a good rule of thumb to go by is never publish anything on to a public webserver that you don't want anyone to see. But if its an apology from me you want, then "I am very sincerely sorry that I looked at this webpage. Can you please forgive me?" Now lets just let this drop already. --RuffRidr
  12. Yes, I think we do need to remind people to be civicly responsible. Some people need to use more common sense when hiding a cache. It turns out common sense is not as common as you'd think. --RuffRidr
  13. This topic has started to degenerate. I think everyone has had a chance to weigh in, so I'm closing it now. If anybody has anything serious that they wish to add, let me know and I'll reopen it.
  14. Somebody has to tell us slow people what was there... It was just something silly. The headline was something like "Buy our mag or we'll kill you..." then there was a pic of some dude chomping a cigar, then a picture of a bunch of furs hanging from a tree and then "...and string up your cats." Then there was like a very rough draft of an editorial. I'd post it here from my cached copy, but that would be "stealing intellectual property". --RuffRidr
  15. I changed the month in the URL for Today's Cacher magazine to see if I could get a preview of the next month's magazine. I was shocked to see their new tagline: Today's Cacher Good stuff! --RuffRidr
  16. What happens to the logs on the 'unapproved' caches? Are they unlogged? Really what happened? --RuffRidr
  17. Welcome to the forums! If there is one thing these forums are good for, it is sarcasm and one-sided opinions. Wait, that's two things. Anyway, there is an abundance of both. Anyway, for the record I also think a members only event is a bad idea. I don't think I would attend. Good luck with whatever you decide. --RuffRidr
  18. Its just a bad idea to put a cache near an ATM. Sure, it might not techinically be illegal. But why do it? Is there no other spot that could be found to place the micro? What are you trying to show people at the ATM? Why are you bringing them here? What's the point? Maybe the point is to make people look like a jack#$$ while searching for a cache. I dunno, definitely one I'd skip. --RuffRidr
  19. I do set goals for myself. I try to do a certain amount in a year. Its nothing outrageous, but it is a goal I have to work towards. When Dan's stats page was still around I had the goal of keeping in the top 20 cachers of my state. I've got a list of caches on my to-do list. My goal is to do all of them this year. I've got kind of a standing goal of clearing all the caches in a 30 mile radius of me. Lastly, I've got a goal where I'm trying to have at least 1 find for every post on the forum. Not doing so well with that one right now. I need to stop posting and get finding. --RuffRidr
  20. Think small. Sometimes really small. Microcaches are usually a film container or altoids type tin, velcroed or magneted to some fixed place. However they can often be breath strip containers, or even smaller. There are some containers that are as small as a pencil eraser. Imagine all of the possible hiding spots! It gets really fun when somebody places one of these in a rock wall or trash heap. Enjoy! --RuffRidr
  21. It's certainly not right. Sorry, couldn't help myself. Carry on. --RuffRidr
  22. OK, I'll Bite. Why? You'll be happy to know that that very question is answered in the FAQ under their forums. If you'd like to discuss it, their forums is probably the place to do it. --RuffRidr
  23. This is boggling. Is he really complaining about a program that is generating more demand for his product? I personally have shown people how to use pocket queries in conjunction with GSAK. Once they saw how easy it was to get maps, enter it onto their handhelds, and into the GPS, these users purchased a premium membership. I'm not so sure that would have been the case if they had to go through all the crap you had to before. You know, I normally don't need that many pocket queries. Hell, maybe only 2 or 3 times a year do I go on a roadtrip that spans multiple states. But when I do, that 2+ hours that I'd save would be much appreciated. Finally, we keep hearing about how the number of cachers has gone up 30+% in the last year, etc. Hasn't the data at least doubled since the 500 cache limit was put in place? If we now got 1000 caches in a query, that would mearly be keeping pace. A pocket query of your area would be roughly the same area as it was before. --RuffRidr
  24. I agree. "There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs. " --Ansel Adams
  25. I haven't seen them in a store, so I'm not sure if there is another name for them. I got one from Sissy-n-CR's online store. It came two days later. I know you wanted one same day, but that is pretty fast. --RuffRidr
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